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Tripawd Tuesday: Galahad’s Joyful Journey

The weekly Tripawd Tuesday celebration gives a standing ovation to the lives of our three-legged heroes, so please join us in applawding Tripawd Galahad and his amazing life on three legs! His beautiful story is accompanied by a fun video produced by his mom Yolanta and dad Robert.  Sit back and enjoy!

Galahad Goes for a Swim 17 Days Post-Amputation

Galahad had his leg amputated In May 2013 after being diagnosed with osteosarcoma. 17 days post-op he was swimming after his ball.

Galahad doesn’t seem to know he’s a Tripawd…his biggest challenge has been suffering the indignity of no longer being able to lift his leg to pee, after several vain attempts and taking a few tumbles early on.

Galahad’s goal in life is to spend as much time as possible chasing after his orange ball. Even when his body should be telling him to stop and take it slow (which we would expect for a 9 year old dog, Tripawd or not), his mind is forever focused on jumping at every opportunity to play. He has amazed us time and time again with his resilience and spirit. He compensates for his missing leg by using his tail to balance. As he runs towards us we can see his tail twirling like a propeller, and as he swims his tail slaps against the water, helping him swim in the direction he wants to go.

Galahad goes everywhere!

Galahad has scored some awesome stuff since becoming a Tripawd, to help him do the things he loves to do. His yellow life-vest helps keep him buoyant during his swims, and even though he can totally swim after his ball vest or no vest, we insist that he wear it because it really does make his swims much smoother.

Galahad used to accompany us on long, epic walks around Vancouver’s seawall, and though he was able to manage shorter excursions after his amputation, the lengthy seawall adventures he loved so dearly were too much for him. This all changed over the summer when he scored a sweet new ride…his very own DoggyRide Stroller. The first time we took him to the seawall he was so excited that he walked 2 miles before slowing down and considering getting in his stroller. Though he’d rather be walking, his stroller gives him the opportunity to go absolutely anywhere with us (Vancouver is very dog-friendly), with no consideration for how far he’ll be able to walk. When he gets tired he simply jumps in, rides for as long as he likes, and then jumps out and resumes walking to his heart’s content. Riding in the stroller is pretty great too, as Galahad can stick his head out and take in his surroundings with the wind blowing in his face, letting someone else push him and do all the work.

For the past few months Galahad has been dealing with an inoperable growth in his chest, but it doesn’t seem to be slowing him down. He still does all the stuff he loves doing, including getting to eat home-cooked meals made by his dad. Life is precious and uncertain, which is why we are so grateful for every single day we have with Galahad, and why we take every opportunity to allow him as much joy from life as possible, which in turn makes our lives more joyful. It’s win-win.

Our Tripawd in Vancouver from Yolanta Samus on Vimeo.

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1 thought on “Tripawd Tuesday: Galahad’s Joyful Journey”


    This whole story just warms mynheart…seeingnthe underwater pictures of his cute lettle legs just swimming away….his tail as a propeller…his “Subjects” pushing him around in his Royal Carriage…his love for playing ball….this is a very, very, very loved pup!

    And Galahad is sooooo handsome!!! His eyes just glisten with joy!!!! Kudos to you…all of you…for making the most out of every sacred second with this delightful soul!!! Clearly Galahd is the epitome of “Being Dog” and you have mastered the art of living in the NOW with himnjust beautifully!!!

    The love…the bond…it all comes shining through in your plst and the video!!!

    I have to say, I was exhausted just watching this little bundle of energy!!!

    Keep on keeping on sweet boy! We all just fell in love with you!!!!!!!

    Standing ovation indeed!!!!!!

    Hugs to all!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle


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