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Why You Won’t Find a Tripawds Facebook Group

Many people wonder why we have a Tripawds Facebook fan page but don”t have a Tripawds Facebook group. Here’s why:

Advantages of Tripawds Community Discussion Forums
Over Facebook Groups

As of today, the Tripawds Discussion Forums have:

  • 21 Different Discussion Forums About Dog and Cat Amputation, neatly organized by topic.
  • 9,673 Unique Topics About Dog and Cat Amputation, Pet Cancer, Rehabilitation Therapy, Life on Three Legs, Pet Loss and more
  • 128,782 Individual Responses to these topics, all posted with love, compassion and concern by the pawesome members of this community
  • These numbers grow every day!
Tripawds community meet-ups happen world wide.

Facebook Groups value is limited, because they are:

  • A continuous stream of chatter, solely organized by the most recent comments.
  • Hard to search for specific information; search functionality is very limited
  • An endless stream of unrelated comments and duplicate information

Sure, it can seem like a chore to leave the Tripawds Facebook Page and hop over here for information, but it’s worth it . . .

We guarantee that the Tripawds community will
provide more in-depth, thorough, accurate and heart-felt assistance
than you’d ever find in a Facebook group.

The Value of the Tripawds Nation

  • Active Tripawds community members have a vested interest in this community.
  • We understand the value of receiving helpful information when you need it most, as opposed to simply receiving the usual Facebook “Likes,” emoticons and two-second responses to your pleas for help
  • Devoted Tripawds members take valuable time out of their busy days to help others, knowing how much these kind of thoughtful responses helped them during their search for information about dog and cat leg amputation.
  • We provide accurate, trusthworthy information from veterinary professionals.
Senior dog Ajax recovers from amputation.

I just wanted to thank you for all u do. My husband and I had a rough week with what decisions to make and if we should put an eight year old bloodhound through this major change. Your website helped us out so much and got us ready for the post surgery thoughts and the nervous wrong or right choice dilemma. You were a godsend and we thank u so much…” — 

Now, what’s not to “Like” about that?!

Got questions? Visit the Tripawds Discussion Forums today!
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4 thoughts on “Why You Won’t Find a Tripawds Facebook Group”

  1. Oh…and did I mention Happy Hannah’s spectacular banner just popped up? Yeah, she’s mighty grateful for the extra time she had for ice cream and M&Ms too!!!

  2. YEAH!!! EXACTLY!! DITTO! And I was just going to add……amd I’’s hard to believe, but not everyone in the world is even on Facebook!!!

    I see Alison already pointed that out…and right back atcha’!!!

    I was speaking with Guardian Tahoe’s Dad. He asked me if I could imagine being on this journey WITHOUT the support of this site.and I shuttered at the thought…it to my core.

    We are a continuing “education class” for each other. Almost every scenario we come to the forum with brings us new insight that’s not taught at vet school or not found in anyother forum.

    We celebrate.wit h each other. And goodness knows, our hearts break for each other. But we ALWAYS have each other because of this site. We ALWAYS have people who UNDERSTAND like no others possible can, unless they’ve been on this journey. It a Universe of Love, a Universe of Information and a Universe of Support like no other.

    And if Tripawds had just been on Facebook, not only would I.have been on this journey literally alone, not only would I have missed out on the most enlightened friendships a soul could possibly have,.but my Beloved Happy Hannah’s earth journey would have ended in amatter of weeks from diagnosis…instead if gracing me with her presence for an ADDITIONAL YEAR AND TWO MONTHS! Fourteen months of the most blissfully happy loved filled.moments I shall treasure forever…and a day!

    Just wanted to add my reasons why “limited”!!!

    With heartfelt gratitude for this site and the kindest souls in the world who gather here…

    Sally and my Eternal Light, Happy Hannah…and Merry Myrtle too!

  3. As someone who lives/breathes/loves Facebook I am VERY glad that Tripawds doesn’t have a group page. I have ‘liked’ the Tripawds fan page but rarely do I go to it since it’s heartbreaking to see that come up in my feed about babies that have passed or are diagnosed. I like to control what I see in my feed.

    Also, I 100% agree with the statement about quality over quantity. I can’t just ‘like’ a comment here and I enjoy that. I have to be thoughtful with my response and sensitive. There is so much more support that can be had from these forums!

    So I applaud and support the Tripawds org for keeping the worlds separate. And also, not all your members are on FB. I would have never met so many amazing people (aka Happy Hannah;s mom) if you were only on FB since she doesn’t do the FB. 🙂

    But I am thrilled to have some of my Tripawds friends become my FB friends and hopefully we will all meet one day! I would love for a Tripawds retreat – dogs or no dogs!


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