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Tripawd Tuesday: Two Dobies, Three Legs and Forever Love

It’s Tripawd Tuesday everypawdy! Today we’re celebrating those very special foster pawrents who open their hearts and homes to “special needs” animals. Tripawds member Sandy Early is one of these incredible people, and today we’re sharing her story about how her rescue work ended up bringing two very special Tripawds into her life, Tulo and Blake.

“I have been rescuing Dobermans since 1980. I work with Colorado Doberman Rescue (CDR). People get puppies and don’t realize what they are getting into. Dobermans MUST be trained. These are working watch dogs. They want to please you and protect you. When people don’t want to put in the training time they end up with a very large furry problem that does not take “leave em alone” as an answer, so they give them up.

My first, Brownie was a starvation abuse case. I fell in love with him and went on from there. He was so smart it was scary at times. Then came Tak who had lived in a muddy pen till I got him at age 6. Jamie Scot was a 90# baby at age 10 months who had no training. Yikes! Then came Tulo who was never let inside so was not even house trained at 12 months.

Tulo and Blake
Tulo and Blake, Tripawd heroes

One day in 2009 when delivering some paperwork to CDR on an adoption home visit I met Blake, a big red Doberman missing his right hind leg and the inside toe on his remaining back leg- probably from a traffic accident. He was malnourished when he came to Special Needs Dobermans and was going twice a week to aqua therapy to strengthen his muscles. He is a calm thoughtful dog that joined my ADD Doberkid Tulo and his tabby cat buddy.

We were a big happy family till December of 2013 when I suddenly noticed Tulo’s glands being very swollen. He was diagnosed with Lympho sarcoma. We have gone though months of keeping Tulo as healthy as possible and pain free. Then in June suddenly our tabby cat also got sick. She was suffering from heart failure and we lost her great company. Then 4 weeks ago I had to say good by to Tulo at age 7.

Now my beloved Tripawd Blake and I are moving forward. He was not supposed to outlast all the rest of his buddies but he did and I am so grateful to be here with him. He never gives up. Clearly he was not 8 when I got him as he is still going strong showing few signs of age.

Life is not easy for him but he wakes up every morning and tells me how happy he is to wake up with me. He walks with me, camps with me and is a true gentleman. The first past of his life was not great. His ears are cropped badly and one goes up and one goes down, but to me he is perfect. It is now unclear who rescued who. Here is to Blake and all the Tripawds out there!”

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2 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Two Dobies, Three Legs and Forever Love”

  1. I loved reading this story…of course it’s because I love Dobies!! It takes very special people to foster and I’m so glad that they are out there.

    It breaks my heart to hear the awful conditions these magnificent dogs are exposed to at the hands of humans. Dobies can be so loyal and loving to their human pack and for the humans to turn around and abuse and neglect them makes me so angry.

    Thanks for sharing this story. Prior to getting Leland we had attempted to adopt from a Dobie Rescue out of Northern VA. That experience was not so good and we were “denied” as adoptive parents….we couldn’t believe it. The sole reason we were denied was because we didn’t have Lucky on a heartworm preventative (because it was never explained to us by the vets exactly what heartworm was or how dogs got it).

    I had to follow up with the rescue because we never heard back after the home check. I told them they really missed out on a wonderful home for one of their rescues. They’re response “we couldn’t take the chance that you wouldn’t follow through with keeping the dog on heartworm prevention.” I guess there was a greater force at work because that’s when Leland came to us and that boy should did not our love and support.

    I know I went off on a ramble but I hope there are Rescues out there that won’t turn there backs on wonderful homes.

    Sahana and her Angel Leland

    • Oy vey Sahana that is CRAZY why they would turn you down. Some rescues make me bang my head against the wall, some are so quick to judge instead of educate. But like you said, there was definitely a greater force at work. Leland’s legacy continues always. xoxo


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