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Tripawd Tuesday: Bo Stars in New Children’s Book

Tripawds are so inspawrational for humans of all ages. In today’s Tripawd Tuesday feature, meet one three-legged pup who has inspired a new children’s book, “I Can Play Too,” written by his mom, Sharman Martin. Here is Bo’s story as told by Sharman:

Tripawd Bo stars in new kid’s book, “I Can Play Too.”

Bo found me a little over a year ago. He used to live about 300 yards behind my house. He kept coming to “visit” so many times that I began to admire his perseverance . . . and I fell in love with him and didn’t want him to leave. I finally asked his previous owner if I could keep him and just like that he said yes. Before he came to live with me he was an outside dog who wasn’t shown much attention. He now lives the life of a king.

Tripawd Bo
Happy Bo living the good life.

I teach K-3rd PE and Bo often goes to school with me. The children love him.

Bo’s Story, I Can Play Too!

The idea of the plot of the children’s book, I Can Play Too, came to me when at first my other two dogs didn’t accept him into our family. Of course me being a teacher, I immediately thought it was because he was different. So I began to write about accepting others no matter their differences and using my 3 dogs and especially featuring Bo as an example. The children always ask me after I read them the book or after they’ve read it themselves if Bo and my other two dogs get along now. I’m happy to say that they do.

Tripawd Bo
Kids love Bo

The story is about acceptance and treating everyone the same no matter their differences whether physical or otherwise. He’s an amazing dog who is old, 3-legged, and been diagnosed with cancer just this summer, but is still loving life every day.

Bo’s second book should be in print by the end of August. If you want to follow Bo, please check out his Facebook page, Bo. I Can Play Too.

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1 thought on “Tripawd Tuesday: Bo Stars in New Children’s Book”

  1. BO BO!!!! I JUST FELL IN LOVE!!!!! What a handsome man you are with an incredible story tobtell!

    OMD!!!! Ju s t think of the lives you are and for generations to come! Every single chile in “your” kindergarten class wil k remember your inspirational story well into adulthood! I dare say some will be owned by a tripawd at some point in their lives!

    To know that you picked your human to spend your twilight years with has one believing in a bit of destiny going on with yoi!

    You are just a beautiful soul and clearly living a life of meaning and purpose. Thank you Bo!

    And thank you Bo’s Mom! Sending best wishes for continuing joy , happiness and lots of loving and spoiling!

    Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle


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