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Tripawd Awareness Day Wrap Up Stories

With so many stories that came in for Tripawd Awareness Day so close to the deadline we had to briefly summarize them. Please scroll down and follow the links below for the full stories and more photos of these amazing Tripawds!

And a BIG thank you to everyone
who has made today such a pawesome day for our three legged heroes!

Bart’s Story

…So to anyone who has had the distressing news that their dog has osteosarcoma, please, i beg and implore you to amputate, there is so much support from people on this site, i know i couldnt have survived or made the right decision without the reassuring stories i read on here. Your dogs time is not up. Not by a long shot. Once the pain of the cancer is gone you will be richly rewarded. Far more than you can ever imagine. At least give them that chance, you owe it to them… [Read more.]

Hawks Mysterious Journey

This story was submitted in the form of a video on the Tripawds facebook page.


Winter Warrior Jackson

…The limp didn’t bother him or slow him down or get worse.  Sadly, mid Dec 2012 he finished the job and totally tore his ACL. We debated about doing the ACL repair surgery, but finally decided to go for it.  It was in those pre-op xrays that the vet found the tumor.  Obviously, there was no ACL repair surgery done, but instead amputation a week later… [Read More.]

Tripawd Awareness Day – Zeus

…No one is ever prepared for a diagnosis of cancer. No one is ever prepared for a treatment plan that removes an appendage. It literally takes your breath away and leaves you unable to comprehend the simplest of thoughts… [Read More.]

Austin Ray Needs a Home!

Austin Ray is an indomitable spirit. He came to us 20 pounds underweight, with a systemic yeast infection, and oh yeah, three legs. Now his sores have healed, his hair has grown back in, and he becomes sweeter each day. Everyone he meets loves him. Austin is a true tripawd warrior, nothing can keep him down! [Read More.]

Austin is looking for his forever home–could it be yours? Please contact Codie Rae.

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We’d like to extend a great big three-legged thank you to all Tripawds members and Facebook friends who submitted stories for us to share on o3/03 – the first official Tripawd Awareness Day! We sincerely apologize if anyone was or feels left out. There are just so many amazing stories to share, there’s no way we could tell them all in one day.

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