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Dr. Selting Leads Breakthrough Care at University of Missouri Animal Cancer Center

If you’re lucky enough to live near a university vet school, consider utilizing the incredible resources available at your nearest veterinary teaching hospital when your animal family members need specialized medical care. Veterinary teaching hospitals have some of the world’s brightest minds working to make the world a healthier place for the animal kingdom.

As we learned with Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray’s recent Texas A&M hospital stay, these institutions are the place to go when your regular vet doesn’t have the answers. From uncovering breakthrough cancer therapies to high-tech ophthalmology services to rehab therapy care, your animal will have access to the newest methods and treatment protocols currently in use, oftentimes at a fraction of the cost of private practice treatments.

Wyatt with Dr Selting at MSU Vet Med Teaching HospitalFor Midwest pets, the compassionate care found at The University of Missouri Veterinary Teaching Hospital is a great place to start. During October, we visited with their lead oncologist, Dr. Kim Selting, DVM, MS, ACVIM Oncology, at the school’s Animal Cancer Care clinic.

Each day, Dr. Selting is working with an incredible team of residents, interns and students to uncover cancer treatments that will help manage and eradicate this disease.

On one of her typically busy days, Dr. Selting took a few minutes to tell us about some of her most exciting new projects, including clinical trials she leads, like:

  • C. novyi-NT for the treatment of melanoma, soft tissue sarcoma or select carcinomas in dogs
  • Development of Artemisinin Compounds to evaluate the ability of artemisinin to sensitize B-cell lymphoma to doxorubicin chemotherapy in dogs, compared to a placebo.
  • Tavocept to mitigate nephrotoxicity associated with cisplatin and piroxicam.
Mizzou’s clinical trials are a great way to help veterinary science advance, while providing your dog with the newest, most promising therapies available. Oftentimes you can even save money on your vet bills by participating in trials, and many times your regular vet clinic can collaborate with the university to minimize the number of required visits to Mizzou’s clinic.

Find Clinical Trials Near You

Dr. Selting’s enthusiasm and energy for helping pets with cancer seems endless. In addition to her breakthrough work at the university, she also maintains a website that features a large searchable database of cancer-related clinical trials currently being performed at over 15 different university and clinical locations throughout North America. This website,, can help anyone find a clinical trial that might be right for their dog cancer hero.

In our next blog post about our visit with Dr. Selting, we’ll discuss some news about how she is working with Gemcitibine and inhalation chemotherapy research.


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