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Barney B. Parties Four Years After Histiocytic Dog Cancer Diagnosis

Histiocytic Cancer in dogs usually doesn’t have a great prognosis, but those odds meant nothing to Barney Baldwin, a three-legged Labrador from Houston, Texas.

In February, Barney celebrated four years after losing his leg to Histiocytic Cancer!

See how Barney celebrates this milestone with a healthy meal, and watch how he plays with Spirit Jerry’s Barney doll, who is nicknamed “Jerry” in the Baldwin household:


We had the privilege of meeting Barney after his amputation in February, 2009. We’ve tracked his progress through the years, and are thrilled that Barney has beaten the bone cancer odds.

On February 14, 2012, Mom Linda Baldwin wrote to tell us:

“Today we celebrate Barney’s 4 year ampuversary! I cannot believe how the time has flown, and how very blessed we are to have this beautiful boy still gracing our lives!”

Linda says “Jerry’s Barney doll . . is the ticket to eating or treats! He (Barney) brings ‘Jerry’ to us when he’s giving us a strong signal that it’s meal time, or he just thinks he can swindle a treat out of us. Therefore, Jerry is much loved by him, as well as all of us.

Barney Stays Healthy with Good Foods

Barney continues to enjoy life eating a healthy diet of home cooked foods and Fish Oil. Mom Linda shared his diet plan with us:

“We have been feeding EVO kibble since the cancer diagnosis and amputation because of the high protein, low carb nutritional value.

We supplement with fresh carrots, broccoli, green beans, squash, apples and such; either added to his bowl of kibble or as a treat. He and Floyd (his sibling) both get real salmon whenever we have it for our meals. We also give them both fish oil.

It is still a challenge to keep him from gaining weight because he has gotten lazier as he’s gotten older, which Labs are also known to do. I was happy to see the exercise for Tripawds article the other day. I’m going to see if I can figure something out for him to help strengthen the core, besides eating!”

Congratulations Barney. Here’s to a long, healthy, hoppy life ahead!

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4 thoughts on “Barney B. Parties Four Years After Histiocytic Dog Cancer Diagnosis”

  1. We are blessed! I’ve taken off a couple of days for “spring break” to spend time with my boys, Barney and Floyd. He did some exercises this morning. I need to post a video of that – it was pretty funny!

    Love to all!


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