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Meet the Great Yellow Texas Tripawd, Barney B.

We love traveling to new places and meeting our Tripawd family members, especially after we’ve been chatting with them for a long time, in our Forums. Recently, we met up with Barney Baldwin, from Houston Texas, and his Mom Linda, and Dad Bob.

Barney is an 80 pound Lab who lost his leg due to bone cancer, back in February, 2008, over one year ago. What a survivor! His Mom Linda says:

From the moment I met Barney, when he jumped up and “hugged” me with his front paws around my neck and gave me a big, wet sloppy kiss, he has been a bright spot in my life, a constant source of love and happy memories.

He’s slower than he used to be, tires out more easily when he walks, and he’s definitely more affected by the heat and humidity since the chemo, but overall he’s doing great and we’re so grateful for each and every day with this beautiful boy.  I will tell you though, that he’s still quite spry when it comes to running toward the kitchen when he hear a bag rattling, or a cooking pot coming out of the cabinet.  His ability to steal food off of the counter has not been diminished either!

For a rescue dog who has not only battled histiocytic sarcoma cancer but other recurrent medical issues, Barney really amazed us with his energetic romps around the park. He wanted to play with every dog who crossed his path, and barked hellos to anyone nearby. He is the classic lovable, adorable Lab with a heart of gold. We sure love Barney, and feel especially fortunate to call his Mom and Dad our friends.

Here’s a special movie we made about our pal, Barney B:

5 thoughts on “Meet the Great Yellow Texas Tripawd, Barney B.”

  1. Thank you Rene, Jim and Spirit Jerry for posting this video and story. We are so honored to be on the “front page” of And we are blessed that we are part of this community of love and support.

    Wishing all of our tripawd friends love, grace, and peace,

    Linda and Barney B – Houston, TX


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