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Triumphant Tripawd Tails: Mackenzie

Nobody can predict exactly what will happen when a dog is diagnosed with canine cancer, and many pups like me will outlive even the most dire prognosis.

Some who exceed expectations were given chemotherapy treatments, while others didn’t have any. Some Tripawds changed their diet and started taking supplements, while other survivors did not.

The stories are all different, and despite our best efforts to find similarities and survival patterns, through things like the Tripawds Amputation and Cancer Care Survey,  none of us can say for sure that one thing will work better than another when treating canine cancer.

About the only thing we all share when it comes to cancer, is holding onto the hope that we can beat the odds. Keeping a pawsitive attitude and hoping for the best is one of the most important things we can do when coping with cancer.

Introducing Triumphant Tripawd Tails

We’d like to help you maintain your positivity, by introducing you to Triumphant Tripawd cancer survivors who exemplify the phrase “Living with cancer, not dying from it.”

In the first of many more profiles to come, we’d like to share Mackenzie’s story with you. Mackenzie is an eight year-old Golden Girl from California, who was diagnosed with bone cancer almost one year ago.  As she approaches the incredible one year post-amputation and diagnosis anniversary, her Mom shares the details about her journey:

What kind of cancer does she have?

When was she diagnosed?
Sept 5, 2009 – amputation on Nov 6, 2009 (front leg)

At what age?
7 1/2 years old

What kind of chemo did she have?

How many chemo sessions?
5 treatments in total

When were lung mets discovered?
June 28, 2010

What treatments has she had since chemo?
Cytoxin, Lasix, Palladia (just started when her lung mets were discovered), Metacam, Power Mushrooms, fish oil, Glucosamine

Any side effects?
None yet

Describe her diet.
Kibble (Natural Balance, Taste Of The Wild & Canidae mixed), cooked hamburger, turkey or chicken mixed with mixed canned no salt veggies, and a little bit of canned (Paul Newman’s Organic) plus other little goodies from time to time, not to mention some human food from time to time.

What are the three things you feel has contributed to her longevity?
This is a tough one but I would say Love first, amputation (definitely for quality of life) 2nd, followed by her chemo treatments (even though she had a rough time of it) and the Palladia/Cytoxin maintenance (metronomic) protocol

What advice would you give to someone facing a cancer diagnosis?
Take it one day at a time, follow your instincts, do your research and keep all treatment options open so you can decide what’s best for you and your pet.


Read more about Mackenzie’s incredible story, by visiting her blog, Mackenzie – So Beautiful, and stopping by the Discussion Forums to say Hello!

If you would like to submit your Triumphant Tripawd’s story, contact us today and answer the questions above. We can’t wait to read your tails!

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10 thoughts on “Triumphant Tripawd Tails: Mackenzie”

  1. I am very proud of Mackenzie! Smart move when the ball was thrown earlier to encourage her to jump in…….she walked over to the steps. That made me laugh. Later she just jumped in when the ball was thrown. I know medicines do wonders, but love seems to be 90% of the recovery.
    You go girl!!!!!

  2. Awwww, beautiful Mackenzie we love seeing you here on the main page!

    You are such a strong girl and loved by so many and I think that you are going to beat those stoooopid odds.

    I can’t wait until the 1 year celebration – it’s going to be a doozy!

    Love ya sweetie pie,
    Auntie Ge’Lena

  3. Beautiful, beautiful Mackenzie! So happy you’ve been showcased like this – ditto on the great blog idea!

    One year – that’s HUGE! So happy for you and Kami (and Kobe).

  4. Ahh Mackenzie, you’ve turned into a celebrity! Way to go you gorgeous girl! Post pictures of your ampuversary party you know your mom is going to throw you.

    Angel Ruthie’s Mom

  5. what a motivational story for all of us. kami, you and mackenzie really show us how to ‘walk the walk’ in kicking cancer’s butt!! one year – quite a feat, but only a start for this beautiful girl. can’t wait to read more inspiring posts!!!

    charon & gayle

  6. Wow! I had no idea you were going to be posting this! Thanks so much for featuring my beautiful girl. We have a big ampuversary coming up in 2 weeks – 1 Year – whoo hoo!! Can’t wait to celebrate – Mackenzie continues to do great and that makes us very happy :). Thanks so much for all of your support – it’s truly amazing!

  7. Hooray for Mackenzie!! So nice you got a special blog post in the general tripawd blog!!! Certainly a cause worth celebrating, I mean one year, woohoo!!! Keep it up Miss Mackenizie!!!

    -Chloe’s mom


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