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Thee Legged Dane Dog Gets the Royal Reiki Treatment

Three Legged Great Dane Cancer Dog AthenaEvery day new Tripawd pawrents join us to gather information and consolation from other three legged dog families.

Earlier this year, one new member, Athena, came to us to share her story. Coincidentally, she also happened to live in the same area that we do, Fort Collins Colorado.

Fort Collins is home to Colorado State University’s Animal Cancer Center, one of the best canine cancer care clinics and research facilities in the world.

Earlier this year, Athena was given the devastating diagnosis of osteosarcoma. Luckily though, she lives just a few blocks from the Animal Cancer Center.

We recently caught up with Athena and her Mom, Esther, and learned about the allopathic and holistic treatments she is receiving, including Reiki therapy.

Athena’s primary care vet is one of the leading animal pain management specialists, Dr. Robin Downing, in Windsor, Colorado. This lucky Dane is also fortunate enough to participate in CSU’s Gene Therapy Clinical Trial (gene therapy uses specific genes that are carried into cells to fight cancer).

As you will see in the video, neither amputation nor cancer will stop this giant breed three legged girldog from enjoying life. Athena is larger than life, and absolute proof that even big dogs can make great Tripawds!

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3 thoughts on “Thee Legged Dane Dog Gets the Royal Reiki Treatment”

  1. I was just wondering how Athena is doing? I have a Great Dane who just turned 3 that has a tumor in her front leg. We getting a biopsy in two days. Please help me! We are devasted!

    • Thanks for asking Heather, unfortunately Athena passed away after loving life on three legs for over a year. Be sure to check out Nova’s blog, she is a blind three legged Great Dane who has beaten the cancer odds for nearly two years! You’ll find much more support and inspawration in the discussion forums. Best wishes to you and your pup.

  2. Hi there,
    I also have a great dane who has also been diagnosed with the same bone cancer and we are at the time of deciding whether we should amputate or not as we are a little unsure as have a big stair case that she would have to tackle to go out side so was wondering if you are still happy with your decision and how your dane is now going?
    many thanks


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