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Web Server Upgrade Status Report

First and foremost, for all of you who have contributed to our current fund-raising campaign, we can’t thank you enough for your generous support. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Jerry and Jim Jeeping in Old Blue at Vickers RanchMy people have now completed our migration of this blog and the Tripawd Discussion Forums to our own dedicated server. This was no easy feat, but the upgrade was necessary due to poor website performance on our old shared hosting account.

As our community grows, so must we. It is our mission to help support those of you facing the difficult decisions of amputation and cancer care for your pups. With your support, we can continue to do so indefinitely.

It has been almost three weeks since we made the big leap to our new box. We believe we have worked out all the kinks. Those who remember all the mysterious Server 500 errors, shouldn’t be seeing them any more. If you do, or encounter any other anomalies, please report the details here.

Now that we have the bandwidth, you can expect more major improvements around here too. Our new random tripawd header images are just the beginning. The forums are finally working well, and our next project will be a better chat room solution. The big news, however, will be when we launch … we don’t want to give away too much about this yet, so stay tuned for some really exciting announcements.

All that’s left to do with this upgrade is pay for it. And thanks to many of you, we are making great progress toward that end. But we have a long way to go. As of this posting, we have raised 30% of our goal to cover the next full year of dedicated hosting and all our operating expenses. Just 20 contributors have made this happen. But consider this: we have more than 500 registered forum members and blog subscribers. If everyone gave just a few dollars, we could call this campaign quits.

If you have given already, please don’t contribute again. Let’s give everyone a chance to help out. If you think Tripawds is run by some big company, we are honored, but you are mistaken. Our campaign announcement includes more details and an itemized expense budget for those interested. And don’t forget Sasha’s generous offer to create custom tripawd poster artwork for every dog who donates.

Please know that we totally understand the costs associated with canine cancer care, and we do not expect everyone to Chip In. If you are not in a position to contribute, please consider helping by placing the widget above on your website or Facebook profile. Just click the <copy> link for details.

Thank you for your continued support.

3 thoughts on “Web Server Upgrade Status Report”

  1. I just hope everyone can find it in their hearts to donate something, even if it’s a small donation. Every little bit adds up and we need to support the way they have supported us; unfortunately, this takes money sometimes. Please see if there is some way you can pitch in so we can keep this very important site running. Love, Vicki, Blazer & Kitty Kimber


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