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Fun in California with Our Original Tripawd Heroes

When docs told me I had bone cancer, my pawrents were devastated. They were unsure that amputation was right for me, a big, healthy active dog. But then they looked up “Tripod Dog” on the Internet, and saw this video:

Moose became our instant hero. If a big dog like him could love life and hunt gophers on three legs, so could I! We went through with my amputation, and never looked back.

Moose battled osteosarcoma like a hero, for just over two years. He fought valiantly, and in the end, it wasn’t even the cancer that took him. When he passed away, my pawrents shed many tears, for it was a reminder that my time was also limited.

Hazel and Her PackThroughout my own osteosarcoma ordeal, Moose’s pawrents, Joel and Ross, were always there for us, ready to help with information and moral support.

What a joy it was to finally meet these Tripawd heroes in person. They paved the way on the Internet and showed the world what tripod dogs are capable of. If it wasn’t for them, Tripawds would not exist.

At their home in central California, Joel and Ross are now busy raising Hazel, Hula and River, an 11-year old  fibrosarcoma cancer survivor. They also have a small band of horses and even a donkey!

Meeting them was like coming home to family. As people that have been through osteosarcoma and canine cancer, we had lots to talk about.

Brindle Staffordshire Terrier RiverJoel told us about River’s amazing recovery from fibrosarcoma. His cancer has been in remission for about 1 year after being diagnosed! Joel attributes this to the supplements River gets, by Genesis Pet Products; an immune support supplement, CAS Options, and Joint Support Plus. If River’s spunk is any indication of how well this stuff work, you may want to see if they’re right for your own Tripawd.

We had such a great time with this crew. Please join us in giving a great big “WOOF!” to Joel and Ross, for providing the inspiration that now gives every three legged dog a chance at proving to their humans and the world that “It’s better to hop on three legs than limp on four!

1 thought on “Fun in California with Our Original Tripawd Heroes”

  1. Joel & Ross – Your Moose, as well as Jerry, were big inspirations to us as we contemplated amputation for our lab, Barney. Best wishes to you both, and to the rest of your pack – Hazel, Hula, and River!

    Barney B & Linda


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