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Tripawds Coast to Coast

Back when I still lived in California, I heard from a Big Dawg named Finnegan, who lives in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Tripawd Wolfhound Finnegan
Finnegan and Jerry meet.

Finny is quite a big guy. He’s an Irish Wolfhound that’s towers way, way over me. Just when I thought I was a big boy, he made me look at small as a weiner dog. But the reason he’s so cool, is he is a tripawd like me. And he is absolute proof of the miracles that can happen even if a dog gets cancer — he is now fifteen months post-surgery! Yeay!

My Mom and Dad talked to Finny’s Mum, Andrea, way back in May. So when we got to Erie a week or so ago, they went all the way up to Erie, and I got to meet him. Even though it was raining and drizzly out, I got to run outside with him, sniff around and act cool.

Tripawd wolfhound Finnegan
“Wow Finn you are big!”

Our parents kept looking at us, waiting for us to bond or something. Heck, all we wanted to do was mark our territory and look cool, like the big dawgs we are.

So that’s what we did. We sniffed, we greeted, we sat on the grass and hung out while the grown ups talked on and on about our vets and our “treatment” and food and life with a three legged pooch. Dad took a movie of us.

I had such a great time meeting him, it really was so cool!

Thanks Momma Andrea for bringing Finny out to see us. I’ll always remember that day.

Tripawd wolfhound Finnegan
“Life on three legs ain’t nothin'” says Finnegan.

You are my hero Finnegan.

7 thoughts on “Tripawds Coast to Coast”

  1. Hi! I’m an FOF (Friend of Finnegan) and I loved the video of you guys together. You’re both totally cool and know how to do some quality male bonding.


  2. Jerry
    I’m a friend of Finny’s and he told me to come and look at you two enjoying youw’we a gowgeous doggie, and you suwe awe wun better than a lot of doggies with fouw legs..I loved youw video..stay well sweet Jerry and have a long happy life
    smoochie kisses


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