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Colorado Tripawd Rescue Wants That Special Family

Are you in Colorado or Wyoming? Seeking that special Tripawd rescue dog to bring into your home? If so then Tuffy the Tripawd Rescue may be the perfect pooch for your pack!

Tripawd Rescue Tuffy

Colorado Tripawd dog with prosthetic limb seeks ideal adoption family.

We met this sweet boy yesterday at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Dr. Theresa Wendland, DVM, of the CSU Small Animal Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation department introduced us to the affectionate Tripawd you’ll ever meet. The CSU team fell in love with Tuffy when a local rescue brought him in. Tuffy had a broken limb that couldn’t be saved. In this video Dr. Wendland explains his situation:

Tuffy has some vision loss but you’d never know it. Even when he was in excruciating pain before the partial limb amputation, he kept on giving kisses and love to the whole team.

Tuffy the Tripawd Rescue Dog

You’d never know this Tripawd has some vision loss.

Since he has so much leg left, Tuffy is the ideal prosthetic candidate. As a result, Dr. Wendland and her team are fitting him for a prosthetic limb and enrolled him in the CSU Tripawd Prosthetic Study.

Tuffy the Tripawd Rescue Dog

Even when he was in pain, he was always sweet.

As we reported earlier, all enrolled dogs will receive a free prosthetic limb, fittings and follow-up care at no cost. Tuffy is a lucky dog!

Tuffy the Tripawd Rescue Dog

He’s getting the best care any dog could ever want.

The ideal adoption family for Tuffy should live within driving distance to Colorado State University, so that Tuffy can get trained to use his new limb and tracked as part of the study. 

Tuffy the Tripawd Rescue Dog

You will fall in love with Tuffy, guaranteed!

If you are in Colorado or Wyoming and want to adopt this special pup, please contact us for details.

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  1. What a sweet, sweet sweetheart of a dog!! To endure so much and still ve so loving and gentle and, apparently, very appreciative!
    Hope this precious Tuffy gets the loving home he so deserves.

    Thanks for helping to get the word out!

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