Maintaining the Tripawds community takes time and money, but in the spirit of supporting pawrents in need, we don’t charge a membership fee.

Long time Tripawds members recall that we hold a yearly fundraising campaign to help offset our out-of-pocket expenses. But this year, we’re doing something different. There will be no weekly appeals, no Chip In Widget, nothing.

Instead of a fundraising campaign, we’re asking you to do whatever you can to help us avoid future fundraising campaigns. There are many ways to help your community:

Direct Support

Give Tripawds Gifts

Start Your Internet Shopping Here

Spread the Word

We hope these suggestions can help us reach the amount we raised during last year’s fundraising campaign. We don’t like asking for help, but keeping this community going takes money and time that affiliate advertisements alone don’t support.

Remember, your generous gifts of any amount will keep the lights on in the Tripawds doghouse. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support, Tripawds wouldn’t exist without your help!