Get ready. Things are going to look different around here real soon.

The genius behind the Tripawds Community infrastructure, Admin Guy (aka Whipping Boy), is working late into the night to bring a new website “theme” to life.

New, Easier Site Navigation

This new theme will make navigating Tripawds so much easier, and hopefully reduce load times for all of our pages. You’ll be able to more easily find current news, member blogs and the latest Tripawd products.

Out with the old, in with the new.  Admin Guy has created a new look and infrastructure that will hopefully create a more user-friendly experience for the Tripawds community.

Of course, with all great new technologies, there may be a bug or two that gets in the way.

During this makeover, some things may appear to be broken, or missing. Please be patient, as we will do our best to complete the transition as quickly as pawsible.

You can also feel free to provide feedback in this Tech Support Forum Discussion.

We can’t wait to bring this new look to you. Thanks for all of your patience as we prepare to flip the switch. Your support helps make these improvements pawsible.