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emilyrmartin wrote: Our Honeymoon
Devo is doing so well. Her energy and playfulness are back. She figured out how to shake off, how to stretch a la downward dog, and how to sit while begging for food from the table! Second dose of chemo (cytoxan) was this week and it seems fine so (More)
tlahaye wrote: Take That Cancer . . . Clear X-rays
Casey and Jet both had clear X-rays today.  Casey is nearly 9 months from diagnosis (Osteo) and Jet 3 1/2 months (Hemangio).  His vet calls Casey her miracle dog (she gave him 2 weeks to 2 months last December), but we knew that already.  So . . . Ho (More)
forholly2018 wrote: June 12, 2018
Hi Everypawdy! Holly here! Mommy and Grandmaw took me and my furbrother Ace today to sees the Nice Oncologist Vet Lady. My furbrother, Ace, wents first and he gots good news, he is nows in remissions! I'ms so happy for hims, he's been fighting hards (More)
Christine wrote: Gabby's Journey
I am writing this almost a  month after Gabby has passed. I wanted to start it from the beginning but there was too much going on in my house to do everything I wanted. We are heartbroken. She will be forever missed. But so you know before hand, s (More)
tlahaye wrote: Casey's Study Experience
Casey is officially part of the study we've all been discussing.  Unfortunately, as a condition of his participation, I'm no longer allowed to discuss it on social media. A few things I will say include: It was even more expensive than expected (More)
rikntracy wrote: Goodbye
"Trouble Oh trouble set me free I have seen your face And it's too much too much for me Trouble Oh trouble can't you see You're eating my heart away And there's nothing much left of me" -Cat Stevens Zato's breathing had been getting wo (More)
rikntracy wrote: Rough start to therapy but he's ok.
Our Hound girl Tink was scheduled for mast cell tumor removal surgery in Richmond and the surgeon's office is right beside the oncology folks, so Zato got an appointment for right after we dropped off Tink.   As awful as this whole thing has been, we (More)
jerry wrote: Tripawd Tuesday: Orinoco the Greyhound Beats the Osteosarcoma Odds
We love it when another member gives osteosarcoma the heave-ho! Today's Tripawd Tuesday celebrates the amazing two year ampuversary of Orinoco, a gorgeous bone cancer hero in the United Kingdom. Read on to celebrate with us and learn how this lovely (More)
jerry wrote: Metronomic Chemotherapy FAQs for Tripawds
After your Tripawd successfully completes chemotherapy, you might wonder, "What's next?" If so, you may want to ask your oncologist about metronomic chemotherapy. This low-dose, at-home regimen may help keep cancer away. In today's Metronomic Chemoth (More)
hester wrote: A new scan, but no real news
So Pofi had his CT scan today and his paperwork says he was a very good patient for them today.  The (sort of) good news: there are no clarion clear signs of remote metastasis to lungs or lymph nodes.  There are some bright white light points in the (More)
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