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Comments By Jerry
Paw shucks, it's the least we could do for being introduced to such an amazing kitty. How wonderful his energetic presence is so strong in your life. We have no doubt it will continue. Much love & hugs to the pride. (More)
Hi KaryAnn! For small breed Tripawds we recommend the Ruffwear Front Range Harness. Let us know if it works for you! (More)
Hey handsome, hoppy ampuversary! Of course you can do what you want, look how far you have come! Heck you can sleep on our bed, drool on our furniture and shed all over our place any time you like. Glad to see you here again! Your mommy is becoming quite the proficient blogger! (More)
I'm so sorry I missed this latest update. How is he doing? My heart goes out to you, this step of the journey is not easy. (More)
Hey Shari! Good catch, that is kinda confusing isn't it? I think you use fresh apples more for texture than anything, then add the applesauce as a liquid binder. Yeah I believe it's correct. I plan on making them this week. Stay tuned! (More)
Sweet victory! YAAAAY Belle! You are a rock star and with each new day shining brighter and brighter. Keep it up! (More)
((((Hugs)))) Dawn you are SO NOT crazy. You are normal, you are grieving and you just need time to raise that baseline. The ampuversary milestone had to have been incredibly hard. I am so sorry that she didn't get to see it. My heart hurts for you. The beach photos are beautiful, I'm so glad you guys were able to go. Follow Maggie's lead. She is (More)
Wheeee! Hoppy Ampuversary Stewie! Each new milestone is so remarkable, so wonderful, so special we are THRILLED that you knocked another one out of the ballpark. Best. Thanksgiving. EVER! Hoppy Turkey Day! Glad you got to enjoy! I'll bet it's sooooo pretty where you live right now. Too cold for us but you have so many trees that I can only imagi (More)
Dash, we are glad you found us too. Thank you for the sweet note. Let us know how we can help you in your own journey. (More)
Sally, your way with words is beyond anything I could ever write. You speak from the heart, with unmatched wisdom. Thank you for your kind words and taking time to honor Jerry's life. Truthfully, all of what you see here is because of what he taught us, and all the lessons and love that followed through the wonderful people like yourself that he ha (More)
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