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Name: jerry dawg
Bio: Jerry is the Founder and CFO (Canine Fun Officer) of Tripawds Blogs community and discussion forums. Read his story here.

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You've gotten great advice here, I just want to add that the signals Ruby is giving you indicate that she is in pain. See: It sounds like her pain was not well managed after surgery. That's just a guess, but I would get her assessed for pain management needs. If the vet says she doesn't need (More)
Hey it's great to hear from you! So glad to hear that life is good for Lego and the pack. Keep up the exercising, it's totally paying off! I LOVE the clothing, too cute :) (More)
Ohhh my gosh I'm so sorry for the accident. Please, try to forgive yourself. These things happen and she survived, and she will THRIVE! I'm so glad you decided to join and share her story with us. So many people go through what you are experiencing, and your courageous honesty can help them get through the trauma too. In the meantime, we are (More)
P.S. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us. Milhouse had a look in his eyes that beautifully expressed the love he had for you. Truly unforgettable. (More)
Ohhhhh no! We are so very, very sorry to read this, and thank you for your courage to share the sad news with us. I know your heart is aching and broken, and life feels black and white. It takes time, lots of it, to come to grips with your own new normal. As you figure it out, know that we are all here for you. And in the meantime, never forg (More)

3 Responses to “Ouch.”

  1. My Jaxson is 9 years old and very active. Playful, loves to run, hike and jump fences. He had osteosarcoma in his leg and was in very severe pain. But he just had surgery 3 days ago, amputating his rear right leg. He still has not started using his other rear leg or even putting weight on it. He acts as tho he can’t even feel anything back there. He even drags his butt sometimes. When we take him outside, in a sling, he just drags the leg. He went a long time before having the amputation. I would think he had enough strength to pick his back end up, but no. Is this normal? It sure does not seem that way at all. Maybe we are being too pushy? Trying to see results too quickly? He even seems discouraged and depressed. We are seeing the vet today about this issue. Just thought I’d get a little advice from someone who has been they this. Please, I’d love to hear any experiences. ❤️

    • Best wishes for Jaxson. Every dog’s recovery is different, and overdoing it too soon can certainly cause mobility issues. Confinemnt and moderation are key to a speedy recovery, and proper rehab is important. You will find plenty of tips in the Tripawds e-books or by searching the blogs and forums. And you can call the toll-free Tripawds Helpline anytime! Start here for help finding the many Tripawds resources.

      Our best advice is to consult with a certified rehab vet/tech for an orthopedic evaluation, treatment recommendations and strengthening exercises you can do at home. Visit a CCRT or CCCRP and the Tripawds Foundation can even pay for your first visit from the Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab!

  2. I am fostering a 5 year old dobe that was hit by a car last year. The rescue tried several surgeries to save the leg but we lost that battle last week. She has had a year to get used to having only three good legs but the amputation has definitely been a change. Any tips on how to help a big dog relearn how to get up, get around and how to potty will be greatly appreciated.

    • You will find many helpful rehab tips and videos by searching the blogs and forums, or save time by downloading Loving Life on Three Legs. The absolute best recommendation is to consult with a certified rehab therapist for an orthopedic evaluation, treatment recommendations and strengthening exercises you can do at home. Visit a CCRT or CCCRP and the Tripawds Foundation can even pay for your first visit from the Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab!

  3. My three year old Maltese was hit by a school bus and lost his leg because of it. He is taking pain medication as he had surgery just five days ago. I know the medicine makes them sleepy but he hardly wants to get out of his kennel. He has only slept in it a night, otherwise he has gone with me everywhere. Now that’s the only place he wants to be. Is this normal? When should I be concerned? Do you think he’s ok?

    • Hi coopersmom, sorry to hear about your pup but so glad that he survived the accident! Five days isn’t a long time after surgery but if he is behaving oddly I would ask your vet to adjust his pain medication. He may need more or less, but what you are describing sounds like he isn’t getting enough. Also please consider joining our Discussion Forums for more insight from the community. See you there!

  4. Darling Wyatt, you sure are a Wonder Dawg!! You know no limits my friend!! You really had your Mum and Dad scared though!!! Thank goodness there is no surgery in your future!!! Keep keeping well my darling boy!
    Hugs and love all around ♥️ ♥️ ♥️


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