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Name: jerry dawg
Bio: Jerry is the Founder and CFO (Canine Fun Officer) of Tripawds Blogs community and discussion forums. Read his story here.

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What Hong Kong Pet Parents Can Teach Us About Dog and Cat Family Members
Did you know that Hong Kong pet parents are some of the most devoted dog and cat guardians anywhere on the planet? We didn't, until we chatted with Dr. Alane Kosanovich Cahalane, the first board-certified veterinary specialist in small animal surgery (More)
Tripawd Tuesday: Pepper the 3-Legged Husky Needs a Home
It's the first Tripawd Tuesday of 2019 and today we are calling all Husky fans! We just heard about a three-legged Tripawd husky in search of his furever home. His (More)
Three Games for Tripawd Cat Exercises
Keeping a Tripawd fit is even more important than it is for four-legged animals. This is especially true when it comes to three-legged cats. Less excess weight means less joint stress, which equals a better quality of life over time. These three game (More)
Honoring Our Tripawds in 2019. Hoppy New year!
Most of us didn't join the Tripawds Nation because we wanted to. But you may have noticed that once you're in, life starts to look different. No, it's not because your animal lost a leg. But rather, it's what you gain from the experience that changes (More)
Hoppy Christmas and Season's Greetings to Tripawds Everywhere!
All of us are at different places in our Tripawd journey. But the one thing we share in common is the life-changing experience of watching our three-legged cat or dog live life to the fullest in the face of adversity. There's nothing else like it! Th (More)

Recent Comments (All Comments)

Wow she was soooo good with her leg all bandaged up. What a pawesome doggie. I'm so sorry that the procedure didn't work though. She tried hard, so did you! (More)
Awww those photos just make me smile! You guys have a lot on your plate right now but are pulling it off like pros. I'm sure the pupperz are also looking forward to warmer digs. Hang in there! (More)
Simon is a lucky dog to have a dad like you, Luke. We'll keep our fingers and paws crossed it continues to give him pain relief and maybe even help fight the cancer directly. (More)
Cancer. Ugh. So unfair you guys are dealing with this again. I'm sorry! Angel Nixon, you have the best people in the world. Cookie has made it clear what she will and will not do in her earth clothes, and they listened. That is all dogs want from us right? To be respected for who they are, to abide by their instinct to do what makes them happy. (More)
Ohhh my gosh that was not what I was expecting to read, I'm really sorry and send my deepest condolences to you and your family. This couldn't have been easy to write, I know your heart is shattered to pieces. But you did it to help someone else, and that speaks volumes about what awesome pet parents you are. THANK YOU for giving such details i (More)

3 Responses to “Ouch.”

  1. In your description of the Ruff Wear Webmaster, you state, “Most people find it works well for their front or left leg amputee,…”. Does that mean it does not work for right rear amputees, or is that just a typo? My foster dog is a recent right rear amputee and, before reading your arricle, I had been very interested in the Webmaster for him after he heals.

    • The Web Master works very well for any front or rear leg Tripawd. Where did you see that quote Ann? It clearly isn’t in this blog post where you commented.

  2. This is such a fascinating interview! Thanks for Sharing. rhis woth us. And thanks to Dr Cahalane for all she is doing to raise awareness in her profession.

    The questions proposed brought out so much insight. Good job!!!!

    I love the way they embrace their dogs as family members without hesitation and without apology, jncluding how they handle their “funeral”, as well as overseeing their cremations. And having dogs enjoy their dining experience with their humans in restaurants, sweet!!!

    Looking forward to the next installment.

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  3. That’s really interesting, thanks! It is actually so good to hear other positive stories from around the world and not just the horror stories of countries where animal neglect and abuse is still the norm. I also always find it hugely fascinating how not just the way we treat and see our pets differ from country to country but also how veterinary norms and treatments differ.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Tina! Global members like you are the inspawration behind getting more perspectives from non-US vets. Perhaps it’s time for us to talk to a Germany-based vet? If you have one you think would make a good guest on the show, please let us know.

  4. oh darn…no cats huh. Probably don’t have room on the bed….and one of the cats is named Pepper!! Here is hoping the sweet boy finds his warm spot soon….he will miss the snow tho

  5. Thanks for featuring Pepper! He deserves a loving home with caring people!

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