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3 thoughts on “Ouch.”

  1. Is gabapentin the drug it works best with? And I have been giving it to my dog per vet’s instructions However she doesn’t seem to be in terrible pain should I cut back on it?

    • According to veterinarians we have talked to, Gabapentin and Tramadol may work synergistically with one another. Before assuming your dog is not in pain, please review these pain signals in dogs and talk to your vet about how and when to reduce her medications. Keep us posted in the Forums.

  2. I believe that Bisphosphonates are a very useful alternative however our oncologist back then stated that they only seem to work on tubular bones such as in the limbs. It would be interesting to know what Dr. Kelly thinks about that.

  3. Whohoo..yay for more attention to this treatment.
    And thanks for mentioning my Neka..u guys made me smile ear to ear..I mean literally smile!!…I’m also open to any questions anyone has:)

    • I am soooo glad you saw it Steph! If it wasn’t for you and beautiful Neka this treatment wouldn’t have been on our radar. Thanks to you, we finally got to dive into this topic and hopefully others will investigate it if their vets didn’t present it as a choice. You are such a great pet parent, advocate and friend to the Tripawds community. Thank you so much.

  4. I’ve been please with Pets Best. I paid $1000 a year with a 10% copay and $200 yearly deductible. They don’t cover hyperbaric chamber or O-Zone therapy and I’m fine with that. Usually they wire payment into my checking account within five days of the claim. premium rises as pet ages at renewal

    • Good to know Luke. Our premium with them doubled for Wyatt when he turned 9. I think that their rates also depend on the breed. Glad you are happy with them!

    • For this one they are amputating to take the dog’s tumor in order to create the vaccine. I don’t believe they are turning to limb spare first.

  5. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to see Otis’ picture when I opened up the newsletter this morning! For those Tripawd parents going through this, I should also add that as Otis grew more stable, there were still times, generally on walks, when I used my leg to help him balance so that he could do what needed to be done. I was also very careful around trees – the mounding of mulch around trees can be difficult for a Tripawd male if you do not approach the tree from the right angle and let him lean against your leg if needed. (Yes, I know we should have found better trees, but it is hard to argue with a dog and a favorite tree).

  6. What a beautiful gift from you al! This is one of the most informative cases I have seen. It was majorly impactful and I am so grateful Spree made such a contribution with her life. Every tripawd owner (and not the case here but also owners of unfit pets at unhealthy weights) should see what osteoarthritis does to these poor pups. I’ve never seen this …and all most owners see are the examples of healthy plastic bones in our vets offices. A big thank you to Spree and her mom. Such. Valuable. Knowledge. Xoxo. My heart is with you.

  7. God Bless your heart Spree. Journey isn’t easy but we all need this inspiration. I too have a tripawd and she has been diagnosed with Hip Dyspepsia and arthritis.
    Therapy and diet are a must but along with that, the love of their humans is the best medicine of all…
    Thanks for sharing.
    Kathy and my GSD Aksel_Rose

  8. I did’t even think about raised feeders , Rocky seems to have no trouble but I’m all for making things even easier for him. So glad I checked this recovery shopping list out and I’ll be purchasing those asap.

    • Good job! Thanks for the feedback, so glad it helped. Yes, raised feeders are great for three and four legged dogs. Imagine trying to bend over and eat your food from a bowl on the ground, then do it with one leg. Rocky’s a lucky dawg to have you for a mama.

  9. Great information. It doesn’t work for me either but must help someone. Unfortunately our pets can’t tell us how they are feeling. Thanks for this article.

    • You are so welcome. And you’re right, it is such a test of our sensitivity to animals’ behavior when trying to decipher their pain. I hope you find a medication that does help you feel better.

  10. Hi, does any one know of someone whose dog was diagnosed with melanoma in the mouth and used the beads? My 8yr old chihuahua has a tumor on the side of his mouth. I went to an oncologist who suggested a vaccine but it’s duper expensive and not a guarantee that he will be ok after. I spoke to another vet who suggested the beads, I’m just looking for feed back, i feel so lost and helpless.

    • This post (and treatment) is rather old. You might consider looking into Electrochemotherapy…we have new video interviews and articles coming soon.

  11. Thank you so much for posting part 1 and part 2. I’m currently sitting in my living room while our greyhound is in her crate next to me – I collected her 12 hours ago following a front limb amputation for osteosarcoma. It has been the most harrowing thing I think I’ve ever done, given how dopey she was, yet how much she wants to stand up and move aboit. However, we just got back inside after a successful 4am hobble outside (with a sling to assist) to toilet. I think I can see the light. Nice to know I’m not alone in this!

    • Welcome to the club nopawdy ever wants to join, and best wishes for a speedy recovery! Start here for help finding the many Tripawds resources. As a Greyhound lover, you should especially enjoy the Be More Dog podcast from our keynote at the 2012 Greyhounds Rock canine cancer conference.

  12. My dog has just been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (back leg). The leg will be amputated the day after tomorrow and he will then begin chemotherapy. The vet will x-ray his chest first (I am so hoping it has not already made it’s way there). I’m so glad I have found this blog because now I know I’m not alone. What I can’t come to terms with are the statistics and the inevitably bad prognosis. My heart goes out to those who have lost their special babies to this hideous disease. I will take on board the “be more dog” mantra – thank you for this forum.

  13. 3 weeks ago my 9 year old Rottie was diagnosed with bone cancer. I’m devastated. The vet said it has already spread throughout his body because of the weight loss. He has his good days and he has his not so good days. Whenever I touch him, he flinches. WHY? Is it painful for him when I touch him. Taking him to an oncologist tomorrow. I think I need an expert to tell me what his quality of life is at this moment. I don’t want him to suffer any longer, but I’m so depressed thinking about losing my boy. I have another furbaby… Max, he is a black lab. How is this going to affect him?

    • I’m so sorry to hear this. We just learned that our 10 1/2 old English Mastiff has bone cacner – in her front leg. We are devastated and I’m just sick to my stomach trying to figure out what is the right path of treatment for her. Be strong for your furbaby. He is lucky to have you.

      • What are you sorry to hear!? Jerry loved life on three legs for two years, without chemotherapy, and this was back in 2007! Besides, it’s all about quality of life now, not quantity. Please listen to our Be More Dog podcast, to learn how to follow your pup’s lead on this journey. And sshhhhhh…she does not know she has cancer!

    • Ida I’m going through the same! Vet is saying she has suspicious Bristol femur cancer in her June leg she has been limping. I’m so lost and confused. Taking her to oncologist on Monday I don’t want to lose my baby girl but I don’t want her to suffer.

  14. Healthy Paws paid for everything they said they would from my girl’s xrays, bone scan, amputation with 7 day hospital stay, chemotherapy, the osteosarcoma vaccine, and, sadly, for euthanasia. I am very grateful for Healthy Paws and have enrolled my new dogs with them, too. They have been a godsend for my past dogs over the years, too. Ultimately, they paid out over $20,000 in claims over a 25 month period. They allowed me to give her a very happy and very healthy 25 months. Worth every cent of the monthly premium.

    • Wow thank you for sharing your experience! You’re not the first person to say great things about Healthy Paws. I’m so hoppy it worked out for your pack!

  15. Well to understate the problem this just sucks! We have made so many longtime friends because of and are so grateful to be part of this community. I try to post on FB links to the sight as much as possible. And always refer anyone who has a pet who is or will be becoming a TriPod. I will be ordering more brochure to give to vets office as well. I wish there was more we could do but we will continue to spread the word as much as possible.
    Thank you for everything you do! You guys see PAWsome!!

    Denna & TriPod
    “Living life to the fullest……one hop at a time”

      • Oh gosh don’t you worry about spelling or typos Denna! Thank you for your supportive message and all that you do to help us spread the word. We WILL get through and over this temporary hurdle thanks to the love and concern from great members like you. 3-paws up to you and the pack!

  16. Isnt this immunotherapy supposed to be used on Limb spare where the leg can be saved And the vaccine is made from the removed tumor?

  17. What is the signs of cancer spreading to the lungs. I did have Daisy who died of lung cancer. She started acting lethargic and coughing. That was 15 years ago. They said there was nothing that could be done.

    For now brownie’s chest xray came back clear, but was wondering if there are other signs to watch for?

    • The typical presentation is just as you experienced. And there are always things that can be done to keep a dog comfortable IF mets happen. We have an entire blog post about post-metastasis options you should check out. Also, you may want to check out how Otis presented with mets, many people chimed in on this topic in our forums.

      Most importantly don’t forget to celebrate those clear x-rays! YEAY!

  18. I thought it was kind of quiet in here… sheesh! What a terrible thing to happen. You would think with all the hits that the site has gotten over time would bring it up in popularity. I know speed is the issue here, but there are plenty of other slow sites (Verizon for example) that have awfully slow sites but they don’t appear to get blackballed for it.
    I will continue to advocate for this wonderful group in any way that I can. I don’t Facebook but I do Instagram. I will make some posts advocating for the site as I have a lot of tripawds on my list 🙂
    Jackie and Huck

  19. I am saddened to hear about the issues that Google is giving this wonderful site. When I adopted Jake at my local animal shelter I knew absolutely nothing about caring for him as he was only two days out from his back left leg being amputated. I looked at many places to find information but kept coming back to because the best information and dialogue was here. I will start beating the drum on FB as often as I can even though I’m rarely on FB anymore because of their policies. Jake is doing super well only one month out from his amputation and I feel comfortable having my new three legged critter in my life. This site, the blogs and forums have truly been a God send for both myself and Jake!! May my Lord and God continue to bless your gift to all of us three legged critter owners.

    Gloria and Jake

    • Gloria it is good to hear from you, how wonderful that Jake is doing so well! Thanks for caring and helping us get the word out, it’s greatly appreciated. Keep us posted on how your sweet boy is doing!

  20. Why don’t we build a really super duper speedy but bare bones website that’s really fast and pleases Google. Then we can refer or link to our wonderful website here that we have been using successfully for years! There HAS TO BE a way around this Google nonsense! As all Tripawds know, faster does NOT mean better! Thurston mantra!

    • Because it is the content that matters. We need all of our amazing resources to rank higher for the keywords they contain…and we’re working hard to make that hapen. 🙂

  21. Not sure if anyone is still following this thread but our Max is going on 9 and will have his hind right leg amputated next week. Chemo and than the new Vaccine. The Vet we’re going to is charging $1,800.00 per treatment. It’s a lot but it sounds like it will work and will be worth every penny.

  22. This is really upsetting. It is unfortunate how the world has changed so much in this way. I had zero idea Google did this kind of thing and always figured the most relevant information came up when searching. I wish there was more I could do. You guys have been so helpful to me and I’d like to see you at the top of the world.

    • Thanks you Shubeanie. Yeah there are things that go on behind the scenes that affect lots of websites’ visibility, it’s an ongoing struggle to stay visible. Thank you for the kindness and reading our post. Spreading the word is the best way to help, we greatly appreciate it.

  23. Thank you so much for posting about our beloved rescued dog Uran! I am his foster Mom and can say only good words abut him! He has super sweet personality!Not a barking type, housetrained, obedient, loves to be petted, friendly to anyone even strangers.
    Dire Straits Paws Rescue Team

  24. This sucks 🙁 I know you and Admin are working the best you can. I certainly hope the things your mentioned do not have to go away. They are important.

    Michelle, Angels Sassy & Bosch.

    • Paw shucks Michelle, you work hard around here too to help others, this team effort WILL get us where we need to be on the Google monster. Thanks for all you do. xoxo

  25. Hi from Nassau, Bahamas! Found you through a Google search while looking for ideas about how to help our Bruno ‘walk’ outside for bathroom breaks. Just home from the vet where he had his front right leg removed up to the shoulder. Bone cancer we only found out about last week. Still woozy and resting on his little bed. Had an EUREKA! moment when I saw the canvas shopping bag because I knew I had one from a a 1970s South FL shopping mall secured somewhere. Found it in the car trunk with the other shopping bags and it’s cut apart and ready to use. Awesome idea, thank-you 🙂

    • Aww Gina I’m glad we could help! Here’s to you and Bruno, we send all our love for a speedy recovery. Please keep us posted in our Forums, we would love to hear all about your boy.

  26. Luke4275–why is it funny? My pup goes in tomorrow morning for his surgery and they said that’s likely what they’ll give him in addition to his carprofen and gabapentin that he’s already taking

    • Hi Bekka, I think he is referencing how Tramadol has made news recently about how it wasn’t as effective at managing pain as vets thought it once was. However, this information is based on a study for dogs with osteoarthritis, and they looked at Tramadol when given alone without other drugs. When it comes to amputation, so far vets are still prescribing it along with gabapentin and a NSAID (carprofen) because the drugs are supposed to work synergistically. If you have questions tomorrow be sure to ask your vet OK? And good luck! Let us know how things go, we are sending lots of pawsitivity your way!

  27. Funny how tramadol is still listed as first choice of pain meds. I’ve never heard of the injection called nocita? Does anyone use this? I will investigate. Its sad when an amputated pet goes home with poor choice of pain meds

    • We used nocita for my dogs amputation. I feel it did work well. They inject it as they are amputating. They use it inside the nerves themselves. It wears off about about 3 days.

  28. Thank you for the interview as well. My oncologist was in agreement over a year ago that metronomic therapy didn’t do much. I know that when and if Simon gets lung mets, that I will look at radiation cyber knife or microwave ablation , and also consider high dose losartan with palladia. I wont consider surgery. .

  29. Also heartbroken to read your reply. I remember I placed a call about this program and was told it cost $11,000. Of course my dog was not appropriate because he had no tumor to access. And I thought I read that linb spare was the goal of this. But doesn’t seem to be the case from the talk

  30. My almost 11.5 year old Golden was born a tripawd and has proven that there is very little a tripawd can’t do. She participated in Obedience, Rally-O, Field, Tracking, Scenting, Agility, and also learned Flyball. She has had a breathing condition for over five years now and was just getting over a bout of pneumonia when bone cancer was discovered. It’s been 28 days since the ‘official’ discovery, but I had taken her in a few weeks earlier because she was lame in her hind leg … Our vets conclusion was it (the lameness) was to be expected because she was missing her front limb. This diagnosis didn’t sit well with me so I took her to a physiotherapist who gave use some exercises to work on … When she refused to even attempt to put weight on her back leg, I knew something else was wrong and made another veterinary appointment. It’s so frustrating that all the vets cared about was that they weren’t the ones to miss it. Because she is already missing a limb amputation isn’t seen as feasible and also the fact that the vet felt that it was an aggressive cancer based on the radiograph (although the lungs aren’t showing anything),. We were basically sent home with medication for 28 days and told that we would have to decide to let her go when the pain became too much. I’m sure like everyone else has experienced that initially being told you dog has cancer was a shock, but by the next morning we were researching figuring out how to beat this. The last few days have been the roughest … which is why I landed on this page … I have found so much information on how awful Bone Cancer is and all the statistics, but it’s difficult to find much on signs to look for as your best friend either beats the problem or progresses further. We have found the weather plays a huge role in pain levels, but recently there is fluid accumulating in her leg. The femur goes up and down in size … When it’s small we have hope the cancer cells are dying, but then there is a large mass again. It’s such a confusing thing to be working through with our girl. We hope to beat the ‘Big C’, but we also know there are many things going against us.

    • Sarah I am so sorry to hear that about your pup. I would recommend meeting with an oncologist, there are other options such as radiation therapy that can alleviate the pain and maybe even reduce the tumor, as well as new immunotherapies that can be tried. I hope you find something for her soon. Please keep in touch in our Forums.

  31. Alias Program
    My girl Sabrina (12 year old Rottie) was excepted in the trial program, we researched the program and it looked amazing. She had osteosarcoma on here rear leg. We signed up and schedule the amputation of her leg, very hard decision. The plan was to removed the leg and have the cell harvested then Elias would make the vacations and sent them back to my amazing vet IVO Phoenix. This was done and they contacted us to have the first one administered. We were very excited and later that day they again contacted us and said Elias contacted them and said that they did not have enough cells to create the 3 require vaccines. So we were no longer a part of the trial we were heart broken. The only reason we agreed to move forward with the amputation was to possibly extend her life by being in the program. My vet Dr Hershey being the amazing person she is was heart broken as well and offer the Chemo at no cost. There is nothing for sure in life I understand, my only comment regarding this is maybe they can improve the collection process in the future so that others will have the opportunity and success in their program. Alias program is so amazing and it provides owners to have their loved ones around longer, priceless! Great work keep advance technology!!

    • Patrick, thank you for sharing your experience with us, it’s so important for others to know about every possible angle of participation in a clinical trial. I’m sorry things didn’t work out. Your vet is truly an angel on earth for helping your girl fight cancer.

  32. That picture is so totally heartbreaking… and it is the grim reality of what happens when people are not responsible for their pets and treat them like second class citizens.
    I commend your attempt at responsible pawrenting… everybody that has ever chained a dog out should see what the outcome could be.. it could also be even worse.
    Having prior animal control experience I have seen everything from that to dogs getting themselves wrapped so tight around something that they could not breathe and nearly died.. to a little Scottie that was chained on to his owners deck and fell off the side while his owners were not home. These are things I will never be able to un-see.
    Wyatt, I am so glad your mom and dad found you!!!
    Jackie and Huckleberry

    • Jackie my heart aches for all that you went through in that role. You were an angel to those animals you tried to help.

      We have wanted to share this message for a long time now, just to let people know what can happen. I’m so glad you posted so that you can reinforce the message. Thank you for sharing your experience.

      Hugs & woofs back at ya from all of us but especially Wyatt!

  33. My dog had a rear leg amputated 5.5 weeks ago. He has been on antibiotics since because he has bruising in the area still. After 4 weeks I noticed that the wound site was very firm. I asked the vet and they think that he might have a slight infection and that is why we still have him on antibiotics. In the last week I have noticed that the would site seems to be swelling more and it feels like there is fluid build up in the area. I found your site talking about seroma, is this something that only occurs right after surgery or is this something that can occur in my timeline of 4 or 5 weeks post surgery?

    • Hi Tim. We have seen seromas develop a few weeks later, but since an infection is involved with your dog I would definitely have your vet take a look at it and culture the fluid to be sure the antibiotics are working. Good luck and keep us posted in the Forums!

  34. Thank you for this information. Still praying that we will not need it, tho. We didn’t realize Jerry had 17 months Tripawd before mets happened. We are almost to 10 months. Mom and I pray for Spirit Jerry when we say our gratitude prayers. Thank you for all you do for us Tripawds. Love THURSTON

    • Awwww Thurston and Gloria, you make our hearts so happy. And we pray that Thurston continues rockin’ and rollin’ on three for many, many more good times! We love you guys.

  35. Thanks for the informative interview.
    Curious why cats tend to do better and live longer than dogs woth bone tumors.
    Seems like Metronomics is still “worth a try” under the parameters Dr Sequin discussed. Jerry certainly would agree based on the extended bonus time he got

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too

    • You are so welcome! I don’t have an answer to your question about cats, but assume it’s because they have nine lives? ;0 And yah we and Spirit Jerry agree metronomics is worth a try if it’s in someone’s ability to provide it for their animal.

  36. Do you let your tripawd jump out of the car by himself? I always worry that it’s too much stress on the one remaining front leg by my three legged golden retriever wants no part of me helping him out.

    • No, we would never allow that, nor to jump up in, regardless of which leg is missing. Such high impact on single remaining limbs will cause damage over time, and can cause immediate injury. Use a harness to help your dog down. Use positive reinforcement and whatever training methods which work for your dog.

  37. Thanks so much for sharing your story. We are about to go through a THR with our tripawd buddy. He’s older than Murphy but still has a lot of “want to”. Seeing the videos you posted encourage us as well as give us a realistic timeframe to know what to expect when. I think we have the basics figured out. Lots of rugs around to keep him from slipping. Really good vet and rehab folks in waiting. Some boredombuster ideas.
    Is there anything that you can think of after the fact that you wished you’d thought of earlier or anything acquired wisdom that you can share now? Thansk!

    • Great questions! If Kathi doesn’t see this please post in the Forums where we can help you and your boy OK? Best wishes to you both, and cheers for a speedy recovery.

  38. Wonderful article – the seroma drainage was by far the most stressful and terrifying part of recovery for us! Thanks to you guys, we realized it was completely normal and found the best ways to care for our girl and keep her comfy 🙂

  39. Exactly one year since last I wrote. Two years tomorrow that my boy is gone. And two weeks ago I said goodbye to Koko, my Siamese cat, who was Connor’s “brother” and my main support after he left us. It was hard to say goodbye to the greatest kitty I’ve ever known and loved, but he had a long and wonderful life, and while I miss him, the loss is nothing like what I felt when I lost my six year old dog, the closest thing I will ever have to a child. My Con was so young, and taken too early. After two years, I am finally able to talk about my boy without breaking down. I still think of him every day, still hold him close in my dreams, and tonight and tomorrow I will spend some time looking at photos and letters and emails, and remembering…love you my baby, Mama loves you so much.

  40. Wyatt Ray!!! You sure do know how to keep a secret!!!!
    And, as usual, you are the the RockStar Celebrity of the “how to” video And the best part of the video (from your perspective), is you w1ere getting treats tossed uour way! You trained your hoomans si well….everytime you wiggled, you got a treat! You are such a smart voy!

    I’m sorry the injection didn’t work as well as hoped. But I’m soooo glad that you appear to see the cart as your friend! You certainly look happy in the photos. And I’m sure Ausrin Ray was glad to get rid of it!

    My illusion is that you had to stand and stay still a lot for the proper fittings. I can’t imagine the restraint you showed as all these “trial and error” details were worked out. Then again, maybe they had a treat bag tied around your collar

    The tips from Dr. Kramer were informative. I’m glad she was able to help you with proper fitting, usage, etc.
    Wyatt, we are all so happy that you have a tool to help you continue to be YOU! And goodness knows, you have two hoomans who will do whatever it takes to keep you being you❤

    Keep us posted Wyatt! Video next!!!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • Thanks Michelle & Sally! We’re glad you found it useful, as Dr. Kramer’s tips are applicable to four-leggers as well.

      Yeah you guessed it Sally, Wyatt ate WAY too much that day as we bribed him through the fitting and trial and error process. Now that we have it down we will be making some videos to share so stay tuned.

  41. In your description of the Ruff Wear Webmaster, you state, “Most people find it works well for their front or left leg amputee,…”. Does that mean it does not work for right rear amputees, or is that just a typo? My foster dog is a recent right rear amputee and, before reading your arricle, I had been very interested in the Webmaster for him after he heals.

    • The Web Master works very well for any front or rear leg Tripawd. Where did you see that quote Ann? It clearly isn’t in this blog post where you commented.

  42. This is such a fascinating interview! Thanks for Sharing. rhis woth us. And thanks to Dr Cahalane for all she is doing to raise awareness in her profession.

    The questions proposed brought out so much insight. Good job!!!!

    I love the way they embrace their dogs as family members without hesitation and without apology, jncluding how they handle their “funeral”, as well as overseeing their cremations. And having dogs enjoy their dining experience with their humans in restaurants, sweet!!!

    Looking forward to the next installment.

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  43. That’s really interesting, thanks! It is actually so good to hear other positive stories from around the world and not just the horror stories of countries where animal neglect and abuse is still the norm. I also always find it hugely fascinating how not just the way we treat and see our pets differ from country to country but also how veterinary norms and treatments differ.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Tina! Global members like you are the inspawration behind getting more perspectives from non-US vets. Perhaps it’s time for us to talk to a Germany-based vet? If you have one you think would make a good guest on the show, please let us know.

  44. oh darn…no cats huh. Probably don’t have room on the bed….and one of the cats is named Pepper!! Here is hoping the sweet boy finds his warm spot soon….he will miss the snow tho

  45. Well. Thank you VERY much for all of this, as I picked up one of my dogs (I have four) from the vet today. She is a 7 yr old GSD and she too had amputation yesterday morning. They removed all of her left hind leg due the horrid, all too common cancer we suffer in our world. I feel much calmer inside after reading all of these posts and will head to your forums next. Thank you again, so very much for all of this sharing! Happy New Year to everyone. =)

  46. Such a lovely way to express this journey And yes, the lessons learned are powerful indeed.
    Mr Jerry’s life lessons need to be a part of our daily meditation or empowering thoughts, etc. You’re a wise boy Jerry!!

    And Wyatt Ray, you look quite dashing in uoir Santa hat. And your Mom looks quite adorable in her hat. And your Dad looks quite…er…well….let’s just say that he wears that very unique Nelson tee quite well!

    The very best wishes for health and happiness back atcha’!

    Love always❤
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  47. Hoppy New Year. Thanks for being here when we need you. Wishing you the best 2019 possible. <3 the picture

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  48. My 12 yr old pittie boy had his right rear back right leg amputated. The stitches were not done correctly and look to be coming off. I sent pic to place he got it done and they want hom to come in and get it re checked. This will be his 2nd day since surgery. He is in so much pain from stitches, he yelps and crys getting up. He is on all his meds. I tried carrying him but is just too much for me. My hisband wrks all day and i have a 3 yr old smar baby. My question is how can i help him pee? Or poop for that matter? How much longer will hos recovery period be? Which harness may I buy?

  49. That picture is my girl Applesauce. I sadly lost her a month ago. She was 21 months post diagnosis for osteosarcoma and also a malignant melanoma under her tongue. Post 18 months amputation. We did hydrotherapy and cold laser and acupuncture every two weeks for the past 1.5 years and it helped her immensely. As well as supplements, herbs and CBD oil. She loved to swim and walks and playing. She made it to 11.5 years, almost 12. My heart is broken ❤️

    • Oh Nancy! I’m so sorry to hear that. Applesauce really spoke to me when I was searching for photos of beautiful senior dogs. My heart goes out to you. She had such a great life thanks to you, and I’m sure that her spirit is with you in so many ways. Please know you are always welcome to talk with us in Coping with Loss. We want to be there for you so hop on over OK? (((hugs))))

  50. My dog Maggie had her rear leg amputated 2 yrs ago. There is still an open wound. My vet said it will never heal because the bone keeps popping out of the skin. She also just told me a week ago that she had MRSA probably from the surgery. Is irt common yo have a none healing wound? Are we in danger of getting MRSA?

  51. I have a 3 legged dog, german Shepard akbash mix and hes struggling to use his back 1 leg at all. Any idea or tips to help me get him up on it to even start using it?

    • Yes. Please consult with a certified rehab therapist for a professional evaluation, treatment recommendations and exercises you can do at home to keep your pup fit and strong. Visit a CCRP or CCRT and the Tripawds Foundation will even pay for your first visit from the Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab! For help finding the mant Tripawds resources and assistance programs, start here.

    • And same to you Holly, Purrkins, Saxton & Mark! The word “thankful” barely scratches the surface of the gratitude we have for all you do here. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  52. My Jaxson is 9 years old and very active. Playful, loves to run, hike and jump fences. He had osteosarcoma in his leg and was in very severe pain. But he just had surgery 3 days ago, amputating his rear right leg. He still has not started using his other rear leg or even putting weight on it. He acts as tho he can’t even feel anything back there. He even drags his butt sometimes. When we take him outside, in a sling, he just drags the leg. He went a long time before having the amputation. I would think he had enough strength to pick his back end up, but no. Is this normal? It sure does not seem that way at all. Maybe we are being too pushy? Trying to see results too quickly? He even seems discouraged and depressed. We are seeing the vet today about this issue. Just thought I’d get a little advice from someone who has been they this. Please, I’d love to hear any experiences. ❤️

    • Best wishes for Jaxson. Every dog’s recovery is different, and overdoing it too soon can certainly cause mobility issues. Confinemnt and moderation are key to a speedy recovery, and proper rehab is important. You will find plenty of tips in the Tripawds e-books or by searching the blogs and forums. And you can call the toll-free Tripawds Helpline anytime! Start here for help finding the many Tripawds resources.

      Our best advice is to consult with a certified rehab vet/tech for an orthopedic evaluation, treatment recommendations and strengthening exercises you can do at home. Visit a CCRT or CCCRP and the Tripawds Foundation can even pay for your first visit from the Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab!

  53. I am fostering a 5 year old dobe that was hit by a car last year. The rescue tried several surgeries to save the leg but we lost that battle last week. She has had a year to get used to having only three good legs but the amputation has definitely been a change. Any tips on how to help a big dog relearn how to get up, get around and how to potty will be greatly appreciated.

    • You will find many helpful rehab tips and videos by searching the blogs and forums, or save time by downloading Loving Life on Three Legs. The absolute best recommendation is to consult with a certified rehab therapist for an orthopedic evaluation, treatment recommendations and strengthening exercises you can do at home. Visit a CCRT or CCCRP and the Tripawds Foundation can even pay for your first visit from the Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab!

  54. My three year old Maltese was hit by a school bus and lost his leg because of it. He is taking pain medication as he had surgery just five days ago. I know the medicine makes them sleepy but he hardly wants to get out of his kennel. He has only slept in it a night, otherwise he has gone with me everywhere. Now that’s the only place he wants to be. Is this normal? When should I be concerned? Do you think he’s ok?

    • Hi coopersmom, sorry to hear about your pup but so glad that he survived the accident! Five days isn’t a long time after surgery but if he is behaving oddly I would ask your vet to adjust his pain medication. He may need more or less, but what you are describing sounds like he isn’t getting enough. Also please consider joining our Discussion Forums for more insight from the community. See you there!

  55. Darling Wyatt, you sure are a Wonder Dawg!! You know no limits my friend!! You really had your Mum and Dad scared though!!! Thank goodness there is no surgery in your future!!! Keep keeping well my darling boy!
    Hugs and love all around ♥️ ♥️ ♥️

  56. WOW WYATT!!! Having to go from skydiving to couch surfing……..BOOOORING!!!! And jaci g to go through the indignities of poking and prodding, pulling and stretching, at the hands of Vets! Poor baby!!

    Thanks so much for chronicling every thing Wyatt has been going through to get to this point. Most importantly, really, really glad to know that some scary things have been eliminated.

    Sharing your game plan and why is really helpful. Unfortunately, what Wyatt is going through is what a lot of Tripawds will face. The fact that Wyatt has made it all these years without any “horrible” issues, is quite a testament to the care tjat handsome boy has received from you two.

    I’m coming back to click on the link about the injection. Sounds interesting. Did you feel like the injection had a fairly immediate noticeable result?

    Looking forward to more follow-up blogs AND pictures of Mr Handsome!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • Thanks Sally, I knew you would understand how hard it is for me to do this healing thing!

      Mom says “Thank you!” for saying she and Dad do a good job keeping me strong. And she says it took about a week before she could see that the surgery was going to help. In some instances it takes longer. but she’s gonna write more about that next week.

  57. Awww Wyatt. It is heck getting older. I sure am glad your procedure worked for you. I know your mom & dad take really good care of you. I just started giving Bosch adaquin injections for arthritis last week. So far seem to be ok with it.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  58. Wow. Wyatt Ray my Mac has chronic arthritis. We’ve only ever been given drugs to manage it – Metacam & Amantadine. I apply common sense & keep control of his weight and admit I have worried over “what’s enough exercise” for a tripawd with chronic arthritis. We’re today at the 11 weeks mark of amputation and half way through his chemo. I over worry about his capabilities but fret if we do damage the vets will insist on euthanasia. He tore his ccl last year which I think is what triggered the osteosarcoma (it’s been suggested by my vet), and was told he will probably do the other leg too (which is now his only hind leg). I asked about physio and got told nope, as “wouldn’t have amputated if didn’t think other leg would cope”. Looking forward to reading more about your journey. Thanks guys for posting!! Kerry & Mac

    • Kerry, you are a great pet parent. Thanks for sharing Mac’s story with us! And 3-paws up to you for remaining so vigilant about his activity. Yes, we have heard of cruciate repair hardware being a potential source of osteosarcoma, that link has been discussed for some time. As for physio, we really encourage you to visit a physio therapist on your own if your veterinarian isn’t supportive. ALL dogs can benefit from an evaluation, and especially three-legged ones. There are still some vets who aren’t familiar with the benefits of physio, so please reach out to one to help Mac live a long, happy life on three. If you aren’t sure where to start, join our discussion forums and we can help you find one.

  59. She’s absolutely beautiful! My tripawd GSD Angie lost her left hind leg at four months of age also-we adopted her from the SPCA at seven months-she can do everything her four-legged brother can do & she runs the house!


    Clearly Aksel Rose was born to be on this journey with Katherine….and vice versa!! The bond is delightful! Such exquisite care too!

    Thanks for sharing these two precious Souls with us…..and the wonderful photps!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  61. Thank you so much for this beautiful post honoring Hiroaki. We both are still struggling to fully accept that he is gone. It has been 2 of the longest weeks of our lives but we have to go on for us, his sisters and his memory. I see signs of my little boy everywhere.

    • Paw shucks, it’s the least we could do for being introduced to such an amazing kitty. How wonderful his energetic presence is so strong in your life. We have no doubt it will continue. Much love & hugs to the pride.

  62. I was not quite ready for this story and am sitting here completely choked up with tears in my eyes. What a beautiful story, I am so grateful to have found this site.

  63. I’d like very nuch to get these for my cat who struggles the same way. He’s a large cat, which doesn’t help. He became a tripawd in June of this year, taking his back leg.

  64. PS Okay, a bit blurry eyed over here too with that video. If only our dogs and cats could live with us eight up to tje day we transition, and then go with us into the next dimension.

    WOW! Talk about a life well loved and well loved! That Jerry enjoyed every moment veing with you!! That boy had a fun filled life!!

    I loved the tug of war part of the video. He was NOT giving up! And playing ball with Jim and bumping tje ball right back to him with great precision..BRILLIANT!!

    And hearing his bark again, his splashy sounds as he frolic in the water…..PRICELESS!

    Beautiful tribute

    • We are glad you enjoyed the video, Sally! Yeah, it brought back lots of good times with that dog. Giving him the adventures he so patiently waited for all his life was the least we could do to pay him back for all he did to help us be more grounded human beings.

  65. Yes, I agree with PETRA. We HAVE gotten to meet Jerry. It’s not “just” through the great pictures that tell his story or the fantastic banners that you share with us. Nope, that’s just part of his LIVING LEGACY.

    That “Wise Sage” continues to live on through you and continues his Soul’s Purpose through your Soul’s Purpose. Not “happenstance” at all. Destiny, guided, divinely driven, reunion of Soul’s…whatever you want to call it, JIM, RENE AND JERRY came together at this time to teach us all soooo many life lessons.

    And of course, let’s not overlook the lives of dogs and cats all over the world who have been given extended quality time because of the “little blog” you started ten years ago. And for those tragic cases where little, or no extended time is given, we are able to reach out with love and support that can only been found here from those who understand the journey like no others can.

    Jerry and his humans created a “Universe of Love” where there is no judgement, no right or wrong. There is an acceptance and support given to each individual for whatever “forced choice” they need to make.

    We all come together here because of our unbreakable bonds with our dogs and cats. Make no mistake about it, the bonds we form with each other are just as deep and just as unbreakable. Regardless of age, race, skinny, fat, differing political views, rich, poor, etc….LOVE brings us together and LOVE is what unites us and makes our hearts all beat in harmony as one.

    Yes, the lessons Jerry taught us, and continues to teach us, are timeless.

    When Jerry picked you, he knew you would understand his journey is more than “just” about thriving on three legs. His message of love and acceptance resonates through you two every single day.

    Thank you. Thank you.

    Love and light
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • Sally, your way with words is beyond anything I could ever write. You speak from the heart, with unmatched wisdom. Thank you for your kind words and taking time to honor Jerry’s life. Truthfully, all of what you see here is because of what he taught us, and all the lessons and love that followed through the wonderful people like yourself that he has brought here. Making Tripawds a judgement-free, pure love and support zone, is what we owe him and all the animals in this world who are unburdened by the human brain. We are honored to be paying back that debt through this community, with so much help from loving, brilliant people who happen to find themselves here because of a dreaded disease, accident or other reason. Thank you thank you for allowing us to continue paying it forward. xoxoxo

  66. You have paid tribute to Fran beautifully!! Every single word was so heartfelt. Lovely, an absolutely lovely expression of your relatuonship with Fran. ❤ You gave us such a vivid portrait of what a special Soul Fran is!!

    He must ve bragging non stop at the Bridge about what a great time he had with you while in his earth clothes! Fran got to know what it felt like to be loved and spoiled and no dog could ask for anything more. And the love you filled him with will stay with him forever. And make no mistake, the love he filled you with will stay with your forever❤

    Thank you sooo much for allowing us the privilege of getting to know this amazing Warrior with the “goofiest” face and the best snorer of all time!

    Love and hugs
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS When Fran was welcomed back home at the Rainbow Bridge, he was greet with a wheelbarrow full of purple toys!

  67. LOVE you Jerry! Now and furever. We will be eternally grateful to you for inspiring your pawrents to create such a wonderful resource and loving community! We were all so sad to lose you but we know you were needed over the bridge because they didn’t have a CFO until you showed up!!

    Codie Rae and the Oaktown Pack

    • Love you back CR & the pack. We couldn’t do Tripawds without your love and support. And we love the thought of Jerry G. Dawg, Rainbow Bridge CFO. Thank you!

  68. Jim and Rene, we got to meet a beautiful soul named JERRY through the two of you! I have watched his 10 year tribute video and even though I never got to meet Jerry, I cried tears for you both… it is obvious as to how much you love and miss your boy still, you have captured some beautiful moments that will be with you furever!
    Thank you Jerry for being the special soul that you are and special thanks to both of you for giving your life to Tripawds and all of us who have needed the support.
    Stewie is thriving on 3 and we never would have imagined it possible, but for! Thank you!!
    Lots of love from Super Stu and his ever loving Pack

    • Petra, we so appreciate your beautiful note and loving words, thank you. It’s almost like you have met him, because you embody the spirit of Be More Dog. Each time we look at Stewie we are amazed and so grateful that you and Paul took that brave step into Tripawdland. You are all a great example of what is possible on three legs for a giant breed dog. What a joy and honor to have met all of you!

  69. Tears for you and your beloved Jerry, as much as for me and my beloved Dreson who was also taken after battling osteosarcoma. Seeing my incredible boy struggling on 3 legs nearly broke me. I was therefore so fortunate to come across your organization and am so grateful for all the widom and knowledge and HOPE I took from it. It’s lovely of you to celebrate Jerry with such a loving tribute. Perhaps he and Dreson have shared a romp or two.

  70. Beautiful Tribute for a beautiful soul!
    The world IS a better place because of you three!
    Destined to change the world Jerry and his pawrents and they HAVE! We are all grateful for a place to land and find the support we need.

    We are all hopping on because you showed us all three is more than pawsible and to be more dawg/cat. We are furever grateful for everything you do and teach every one of us on this journey!

    Standing ovation to you three!
    Holly, Mark, Purrkins & Saxton

    • We are blushing Holly, thank you for the heartfelt note. The magic that is Tripawds happens because of great people and pets like you. We are blessed.

  71. I wish I had met Jerry, but I’m so very glad that I’ve met Wyatt (and of course, the two of you! <3). I just can't even imagine how what our journey with Murphy would have been like without this place. Jerry's legacy is truly that, a legacy. He has spread love, awareness, life-long friendships and more – wow. That's a lot to do in one lifetime!

    Love you guys!


    • Lots of love back to you Donna. What a joy to meet you, and so comforting know that Angel Murphy will always be part of the fabric of the community that surrounds newcomers with support. We are so grateful to be part of your life.

  72. Such a beautiful boy! and goofy which is always my favorite kind of dog.
    Love to you on this heartbreaking anniversary! You have truly saved so many of us and changed all of our lives!
    (is that “my” cathedral?)

  73. That is a beautiful tribute, Jerry was truly special and so are you Rene and Jim. Thank you Jerry for inspiring a place that helps so many people in need. Thank you also for the special friendships and bonds that were possible because of your story.
    Love you guys,
    Jackie and Huckleberry

  74. Echo Michelle & Angel Sassy’s remarks, especially as my GSD also diagnosed with osteosarcoma. 8 weeks today my 8 yr old GSD had his leg amputated. All the support and comfort I have received has been from this community. What an amazing & beautiful legacy Jerry leaves with us. So sorry anyone has to go through this, but so glad i’m not alone & have somewhere to turn to for support.

    Kerry & Mac thank you Jerry & co xxx

    • Kerry and Mac, we wish that you didn’t have to join because of cancer but are so honored we can be here to support you in your journey. May Mac kick but for a long, long time!

  75. He looked like such a fun dog! You hit the jackpot when he picked you, as did all of us when we found this site. Thank you for changing my life!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

    • It really wasn’t us Paula, it was all Jerry Magic that created this place. And it’s our honor to be welcomed into Nitro’s journey. We are better people because of your boy. So thank YOU.

  76. Hoppy Angelversary Jerry.

    You needed to give a tissue alert. Sitting here crying. Wonderful job on the memories on the video and on your post. Thank you Jerry if it weren’t for you we all wouldn’t be here together.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    • Just hoppy tears OK Michelle? Promise? Thank you for being here to watch the video and all your support. You are such a joyful gift to all of us. We so appreciate and love you, the girls, Bosch and unforgettable Sassy.

  77. Our poodle Sweetie is a rescue and had her back leg removed due to an injury. Have no idea what happrned just that it was crushed so we knew it had to go when adopting. We’ve only had her a year but have started looking into a cart from Eddie’s Wheels.

    If her remaining back leg goes because of a blown ACL then surgery is $4000. But a cart for her size is $325. Seems like a bargain to me and good preventative maintenance to help that back leg. Talked with Eddie’s Wherls yesterday and they are so nice and helpful. We are very excited to be able to take Sweetie on longer outings with a cart.

  78. My boxer Tysons front right leg was amputated today. This website Is incredibly resourceful .I’m looking forward to exploring some more ,as I could really use the support.

  79. oh darn it! Mom has made a note for future purchases.

    She is hoping that since she did order more stuff than just the book that the 1% smile might come out to be the same as the 10-20% from the book alone! =) fingers crossed.

    Can’t wait to read Miss Olive’s story!

  80. My mom thinks its very important for me to read. So she used the above link to purchase Miss Olive’s book and she is hoping that this purchase will benefit Tripawds, however, her big question is what happens if once she had the book in her cart (using the above link) she then switched to amazon smile (which she has Tripawds as our charity) will you get double the benefits? She struggles with technology and she is just hoping that Tripawds will benefit somehow and that by trying to use both the link and amazon smile she didn’t create a disaster and you end up with nothing! =)

    • …will you get double the benefits?
      🙂 No. Amazon does not offer affiliate commissions on top of Smile disbursements.

      Yes, The Tripawds Foundation will benefit from Amazon Smile purchases. The amount donated via Smile purchases, however, is approximately 1% of the sale. Tripawds affiliate commissions on the other hand, are anywhere from 10-20% depending upon the product category and item(s) purchased. Go figure… :-\

      This forum topic explains Smile vs Amazon affiliate links in more detail. Thanks for asking!

  81. Thank you for honoring Tate this week! His little sister Sam is now 7 and has gray hairs under her chin, hard to believe! She was a rambunctious puppy that looked up to her big brother and loved to play with him. Tate never met his little brother Zeke, who is 6 years old. They both have lived longer than our Tate, we never forget that every day is a gift. Thank you Tripawds for being there for me through that painful time.

    • You are so welcome, we will never forget your sweet boy. It’s hard to believe that much time has gone by, Sam is really 7? Wow. She and Zeke are no doubt the apple of Tate’s eye in heaven. It’s wonderful to hear from you, thanks for the sweet note.

  82. Thanks. We do not have a Board certified orthopedic surgeon here however we have a specialty vet surgeon who does lots of FHO but not on tripods of course as they are rare…especially small dogs! I have an appointment with him in 8 days. I have been doing research however not many answers.

  83. My six year old greyhound Zeke had a front leg amputation two months ago (this, after breaking a back leg on the track when he was two). He has had two of four carboplatin treatments and I have decided to move forward with the osteo vaccine. The oncologist at my local vet calls it a game changer. I understand that those of you whose dog is part of the trials are constrained in your ability to share your experiences, but anything you can talk about would be greatly appreciated. The oncologist is giving me a choice of being part of the study or administering the vaccine outside the study. Has anyone run into this situation? Connie, do I understand that Bowie developed more osteo after she completed the vaccine course? Thanks to all in advance.

  84. Here, too, this is such an important message!!! Our vet said Fallon was too old, tall, and arthritic for an amputation. We went further, to a greyhound expert doc and our surgeon–and Fallon will be at her one year ampuversary in October, so far cancer free!!!. I think, sadly, that too many people just take that first opinion.

  85. Our Sophie was 12 yrs when she was diagnosed with Osteocarcoma. Our vet did not see it on the x-ray, but offered us the option of having a radiologist read the films, which we agreed to, thank heavens. We chose amputation, 6 rounds of chemo, metronomic therapy, apocaps and Canine Immunity. She lived to 16 1/2, well over 4 years cancer free. She lived her life fully, and was just herself but missing a leg until the end. We lost her in April, miss her terribly, but are happy to hear your story. Good luck, and we would not hesitate to do it all again.

    • Oh wow Bill, what a story! Sophie rocked life on 3 thanks to you! We are sorry she’s an angel now, but what a victorious life she led. Thank you for sharing.

  86. YEP,

    When my Cookie was diagnosed by our regular vet he gave NO OPTION? , just your dog has 1 or 2 months to live. Well I decided to get a 2nd opinion. Here we are 6 months post op finished with chemo and about to start the vaccine and we are doing Great

    • Wow Doug has it really been six months? Incredible! You need to send your story for Tripawd Tuesday. PM me with it! Congrats and thank you for being a great advocate for your girl!

  87. Beautiful story about sweet Wrigley! We too have a stroller for our 11 yr old Tripawd Winston. I love being able to take walks around the lake just as we used to do. He always has a smile on his face when we start to roll!

    Thank you for sharing your story. ❤️

    Shelly and Winston

  88. My boxer of 7 1/2 years old just got his left rear leg amputated today, so I am looking forward learning as much as I can to help him live a giod life.

    • You’re off to a great start Lidia, let us know how he’s doing by coming to our Discussion Forums when you are able. Best wishes to your Tripawd hero!

    So uplifting to hear how well Romy is dojng. She is definitely a CHAMP. amd a ROCKSTAR too!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful dog with us. Your bond is such a delight to see!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  90. I have a year old pit/Jack Russel mix. He had to have his rear, right leg amputated before I adopted him from the shelter. It seems that after a long day of running around the house and up and down my stairs, he gets “ghost pains” where that leg used to be.
    I’m not sure if he is wheelchair ready, as he still gets along really well. But I’m afraid that he is putting stress on his spine and causing himself more harm than good. I already have him on nerve pain medication, and it does not seem to help much.

    What do you suggest?

    • Hi Erin! I’m not a vet but at a year old I’m going to bet that your doggie is not ready for a wheel chair. Your best bet is to get together with a canine rehab therapist who can evaluate him, his lifestyle and exercise needs and habits, and come up with a plan to alleviate any pain he is experiencing. The best part is that the Tripawds Foundation may even pay for your first rehab visit! Also, please come to our Hopping Around Discussion Forum so we can provide even more feedback. See you there!

  91. Today we picked up our beautiful 9 year old Golden Newfie, Tiffany, after having her front right leg amputated on Thursday due to Osteosarcoma. Since being diagnosed on Aug 8 we have been overwhelmed with emotion an have looked at your site daily for information and to find the courage to get through this. Thank you.
    Penny, John, Adam, Emma & Tiffany

    • Penny
      Sending prayers to Tiffany & your family as you get through this difficult time but you will get through believe me with the Tripawd community & the love you have for each other
      I lost my Angel Jackson in April 12, 2016 after 7 months post amputation & cancer treatment. He was my ‘fur baby’ & I’m forever grateful for him in my life. Be strong, cry when you need to, keep reaching out to the Tripawd community for support (they are an incredible inspiration & will help you in the toughest times) never give up & enjoy all the
      beautiful blessings you have with Tiffany everyday of her life. Just “BE”
      Andrea & Angel Jackson

      • Beautiful advice, Andrea. Thank you so much for taking time to offer support and share Jackson’s story. You are no doubt making him so proud. (((hugs)))

  92. Please tell me if there is any documented evidence that there is phantom pain for dogs that have their tails docked for arthritic reasons due to specific breed conformation. I have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and she aggressively chews on her tail to the point where it is now infected for the second time, and she’ll need to go to the vet for a shot of cortisone, a course of antibiotics, and a cone to keep her from reaching it. I’m very upset that breeders and the American Kennel Association are so behind the times, when many countries have banned the docking practice because it is considered cruel. How can this docking practice be deemed as illegal, as it is a practice only for the vanity of human owners? This horrific practice cuts off the end of a dog’s spine, which affects its balance, swimming abilities, and it’s ability to communicate emotions – to us and to other dogs.

    • Elisabet, I’m not a vet but it would make sense to me that she is feeling phantom pain. Even something like declawing is akin to cutting off thumbs, so my guess is that the tail holds similar sensations. I’m so sorry about her situation. Have you considered talking to a behaviorist about prescribing a SSRI or other calming medication? Oftentimes meds like Clomicalm and Prozac are used to help with anxiety and OCD issues, and perhaps that, along with Gabapentin, may help. It’s something to ask your vet about.

      Best wishes to you and your girl, she’s so lucky to have you.

  93. I just lost my girl yesterday. Amputation of front leg 7 days ago and was sent home with Prevacox. I noticed her amputated area tremoring, but I assumed the Prevacox would work. Then she developed a huge hole in her front elbow from slamming down on it because of her amputation. It was oozing and I called vet that day, told me to pick up antibiotics there next business day. I could tell there was something wrong with Sissy, but I was in denial. Yesterday will be a day I never forget because my poor girl was dying and in so much pain. I ran out of house to get help and got back in 5 minutes and she was gone. My heart is broken and I’m completely out of my mind right now. I just hate that she died and I wasn’t there for her.

    • Oh wow..Im so sorry. My jack Russel Macy was hit by a car had back leg amputated Friday …im so worried she’s not having BM and the 2 she did have Saturday was dark blood…put in ER call to the vet Sat night…no call back until after they closed last night…the vet only see’s $$ signs..unfortunatly I acted without thinking ran to get her out of the road and she bit me a few times breaking bones and arterial gash in my hand so I was taken by squad and she was taken by Sherrif to closest vet

  94. So very sorry for the loss of precious Gus. I’m crying, but trying to imagine him running free on his four legs at the Bridge. He will wait for you and watch over you. I could see his sweet soul in his face. God bless.

  95. Excellent interview!! A must listen or read for ALL cat owners!
    Yes, NO more short sticks for cats. I love Stephen addressed that cats and dogs are both mammals and feeling the same pain! YES, THE SAME and cats hide it more! Same and we don’t treat it the same! Subject drives me bonkers.

    Good options for cats and NO EXCUSE for lack of pain management for cats! We MUST advocate for our cats.
    THANK YOU! <3

    • Yay Holly I’m so hoppy you liked the interview. You inspire us to continue reaching out for more feline Tripawd information. They absolutely deserve to be treated the same!

  96. Hello! What great news that your kitty has beaten the odds! I would like to chat with you about the radiation. Did you proceed with this? I am wondering whether amputation is enough or must we do that along with radiation? Thank you! My kitty has only undergone her first limited excision.

  97. Absolutely grinning ear to ear reading about this delightful pup and his lovely hooman! Such a heartwarming story.
    I do believe Fox had Heidi’s named stamped on his heart the day he was born, as did she his❤❤❤
    Thank yoj for sharing your preciius Fox with us. He is sooooo darn cute! I just want to reach through the screen and snuggle with him!
    So glad you two found each other❤

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  98. I’m so happy to hear your story! My dog, Squish, just had patella luxation surgery yesterday on his remaining rear leg. His other rear leg was amputated a little over three years ago, due to injury from abuse. We adopted him and brought him home a few days after his amputation. He’s done great until about a month ago when his knee on the remaining rear leg started popping out of place. We just picked him up from his surgery this afternoon and I can already tell that going out to potty is going to be a big issue. He won’t put any weight on his leg yet. The vet said this is to be expected. We were sent home with a sling, but I’ve taken him out a few times now and he refuses to move. I’m hopeful that he’ll improve each day, but just freaking out a little bit I guess. Glad to hear that others have been through this.

  99. My 5 year old Yorkie had a leg amputated last week due to cancer. My husband sent me this article to read and I found it very helpful!!

  100. My Brittany, Chief, has completed 2 of the three rounds of the trial treatment after completing 4 rounds of chemo and amputation. Hoping for the best with it. He is a young osteosarcoma patient, just 3 years old, so truly hope it works and for all of yours. He is happy and playful despite it all. Best of luck to all of you.

    • That’s wonderful Carrie! Best wishes to Chief, may he #kickcancersbutt and show the world this disease is not a show stopper! Keep us posted.

  101. Another update on Bowie! She is still with me, doing well and very very happy. In early May she developed 2 soft tissue nodules that were determined to be osteosarcoma. She’s stable, happy, running and playing, with a good appetite, so that works for me. Every day she’s happy and healthy is a true gift. ❤

  102. Just a quick update. Bowie is still with me, doing well and very very happy. In early May she developed 2 soft tissue nodules that were determined to be osteosarcoma. She’s stable, happy, running and playing, with a good appetite, so that works for me. Every day she’s happy and healthy is a true gift. ❤️

  103. Trying to find information on wether it’s worth getting this vaccine for our dog who has not had chemo or amputation
    We are currently doing pain meds and some other eastern treatments and giving Zoledronate infusions monthly.. we are able to purchase the vaccine from our specialty veterinary center for $1200 each dose with 3 doses needed but are not sure of the benefit since we have chosen not to amputate or do chemo….any input is helpful but please we are not doing chemo and amputation so do not comment on our choice.. only benefits of the vaccine without chemo and amputation

  104. I’m not sure if this site is still active. My beloved golden doodle was just diagnosed with lymphoma which was discovered when she had to have emergency surgery (that thought she had a blockage). We were told that the chemo would only had a few months to her life so we opted not to proceed with chemo. We are starting her on prednisone but am questioning the dosage. Our holistic vet said to start with 20 mg and increase only if needed and our regular vet said to start with 20 mg twice a day for 7 days and then to decrease to 20 mg once a day. I am so confused and am not sure which protocol to follow. Our Fable will be 13 in October and up until a few weeks ago was super healthy, vibrant and active. Upon meeting Fable everyone thought she was a puppy. She is the sweetest dog and we are also doing holistic therapies such as acupuncture, reiki, and herbal supplements. Any help would be greatly appreciated since we are grief stricken.

    • So sorry to hear about your pup Debbie. Rest assured, the Tripawds community is still very active! Please consider searching the discussion forums or starting a new topic where you will receive much more feedback and support that you will via comments on this old blog post. For help finding the many Tripawds resources and assistane programs, please start here.

  105. Awesome news! So happy to read that and i must say Nikki is sooooo cute! Love for Nikki, Tessie and the whole family

  106. This was an ”Adorbs” as in ADORABLE story. So lucky she landed with you in that little pink dress. Super duper sweet. Made me smile big time.


    Of xourse yoj adore her! How could you not? We adore her and haven’t even technically met her!! But meeting her today through this post definitely makes us all fall jn love with her❤

    It was sich a treat reading avout this very, verh special little feisty gal. And her wardrobe…OOOOMMMMDDDD! I’M BLOWN AWAY I kmow she has to be the best dressed tripawd…or quadpawd…dog in the Planets!

    Thank yoj so much for taking thee time to let us fet to know Peaches. I think I can safely say we all fell n love with her at the first picture..

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS….She is a powerful speed runner for sure!!!

  108. A lady in the next county contacted me privately because if my love of Golden’s. She had a puppy born without his right front foot. She thought she could take care of him but recently had unexpected medical things happen. So, I took him in and we love him dearly. He gets around ok, he hops around, goes up and down stairs and even runs like the wind! But I worry about the damage it’s doing to his shoulder and joints and would like more info on maybe getting him a prosthetic. He’s not even a year old so he’s still gonna grow. I am in unknown territory and could use some ideas and help. Thank you!

  109. Such a GREAT story of hope!! Beautiful Nikki, keep on keeping on sweet girl! We love inspirational stories like yours!!!

    Lots of love!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  110. There’s a lot of what seems like very helpful advice but this seems to conflict with what I’ve read elsewhere, including on this website: initially your dog’s activity should be very limited. We’re day two after surgery and I hope I’m doing right by my girl by limiting her movement. If she was left to her own devices she would be doing everything she usually does. It’s tough limiting her but I suspect the right thing because the little she’s done (she’s fast and sneaky) seems to have caused her skin to become saggy. I think ultimately it will be fine but it’s not the ideal recovery.

    • Best wishes for your pup! Please point us to any information you feel may be contradictory. Confinement and moderated actic=vity are definitely key to a quick complete recovery. Then, focus on rehab exercises and conditioning before slowly work up to longer walks. FYI: Walks do not build strength, only stamina. Consider downloading Loving Life on Three legs, or better yet – consult with a certified canine rehab therapist for a professional evaluation and specific exercises to help your dog (once completely healed). Visit a CCRT or CCRP and the Tripawds Foundation can even pay for your first visit! Start here for help finding the many Tripawds Resources an assistance programs.

  111. That’s so awesome! Nikki, keep fighting and keep on giving the staff a hard time lol.
    Whenever I took Murphy to MSU, I knew they were bringing him out to me (there was a half wall, so I couldn’t see him) because I could hear him pulling the staff member down the hall! I could hear his 3 feet on the tile floor scrambling for traction and I knew it was him. Murphy had over 4 years with us. So see, being feisty is a good thing!

  112. This gives me so much hope for Rex. He had such a rough start to life he doesn’t deserve to have his best years behind him. I’m so grateful for this study being an option. We leave in about 3 hours to see if Rex gets into the osteosarcoma vaccine trial.

    Pray for him.

  113. I have a 7 month old basset/lab mix and his bones are growing the wrong way, they are curving in hjs front left leg. The doctor said surgery is the way to go and that he might need to be put on pain meds most of his life to stop arthritis. I would like to amputate his leg so it doesnt make us too much in debt but also so it doesnt make him in any more pain. Do you think i am doing the right thing?

    • Cheyenne, if you are in doubt, get an opinion from a board-certified orthopedic surgeon and also a canine rehab therapist. Seven months is a young dog, it’s good to get all your information together before making such a big decision. Amputation may or may not solve the problem, in fact it may make things worse. Don’t do anything until you consult with the experts. Good luck and keep us posted.

  114. I foster dogs for Paws and this time around we got a 3 legged( frontamputee)Great Pyrenees cross. They don’t know her background and off to vets on Monday. In the mean time she has dug herself a hole outside to lay in though I have 3 different beds inside. Just nervous for her


    Thank you so much for sharing Lawri, Muffin and Pangi with us!! I know Muffin and Pangi are watching over you and Lawri❤

    Lawri is such an inspirational story of hope! We loooover it around here when cats and dogs blow statistics amd “best guesses” of Vets out of the water!!

    Keep on keeping on sweet Lawri! We’re cheering for you

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  116. I need help! I have a newly front leg amputated dog. He’s big. The problem is he can get up on his front leg but his rear legs are not strong enough or something. He can’t all the way up and he falls forward.

    • Please consult with a certified canine rehab therapist for a professional evaluation, recommended treatment, and exercises and tretching you can do at home to keep your pup fit and strong. FYI: Walks do not build strength, only endurance. Hopefully he may just be overdoing it, but it could be something much worse–so limit any activity until you can get him checked out. Visit a CCRT or CCRP and the Tripawds Foundation can even pay for your first consultation from the Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab.

      Post in the forums or call the toll free Helpline for much more help than you will receive here in blog comments. Start here for help finding the many Tripawds resources and assistance programs.

  117. My Molly just had her back leg removed and died within 24 hours. She was a healthy beautiful lab who has now past away. The vets office didn’t have anyone with her which I wasn’t aware of. I regret my decision but yet she couldn’t continue with the pain. She had been hit by a car early in life before me and it finally gave her to much pain being fused together with nerve all in tangled. Devastated!! Ask questions, I only asked will she be ok and I was assured not to worry and now my dog is gone forever.

    • Rebecca, our heart breaks for you, Molly and everyone who loved her. We are very, very sorry for your loss, what a tragedy. Thank you for taking time to share your experience here. We hope that you will consider posting in “Coping with Loss” so that we can honor your sweet girl’s life and hold her even closer to our hearts. You are in our thoughts.

    • I’m so sorry. I left my girl for 5 min to get help and she died alone. My other two dogs were with her, but I am completely heart broken right now.

  118. Way to go Mary Jane! She certainly looks marvelous and sweet and strong! Love the green bows!! Heroic lady for certain!

  119. My cat just had his left rear leg amputated. They cut it at the hip joint to make recovery faster on him. Would he be able to use a prosthetic that is not a wheel?

  120. My dog ringo is getting ready to have this same surgery in a couple months. he got hit by a car and had to lose his front leg and has to have the fho surgery on his back leg on the same side as well. thank you for sharing the story so i can kinda know what to expect with this next surgery because there’s really no info on a 3 leg dog that has to have another leg surgery.

  121. Sally, we’re sorry we made you cry! 😉 Thank you for allowing us to touch your heart! Stewie is our inspiration for this song obviously, but most importantly all of our fur babies on site inspired us and helped us see that anything is pawsible!!!
    David, i know you and Rocky can appreciate the humour in this one!! Thanks for listening!
    Miss Holly, you know we appreciate that you love our music! We are honoured by the fact that you have both of our albums! Thank you!
    Whispering Purrrrkins, you are one of our inspirations too my friend! You show the world how Catssss adapt to being on three and many more who are here to inspire others! Thank you little big fella for all that you do!
    And finally many thanks to our Tripawd Hero’s, Rene, Jim and Wyatt-Ray-Has-Beautiful-Things-To-Say Dawg! If it wasn’t for you and Sensational Spirit Jerry, none of us would be here to honour our Tripawd Hero’s!!
    There is nothing more that pleases us and that is the fact that so many of you love this song! Thank you all!
    Lots of luvin’ from
    Petra, Paul, Super Stu, Spitfire Spikey, Chester Pester, Priss Miss Lily and Always Talking Ted

  122. BRAVO Allensong!
    It is quite a sight to see and wow when we can see what they can do! YES!! We attest CATS adapt as well as dogs and Maintain their dignity! We all thank for sharing our stories and helping us thru our days!!! That tune will stick with us furever!!

    Thank you, Petra and Paul Love the jingle & the video!! WHOO HOO
    Seeing Handsome Stewie and his people and Wyatt singing along !! The boys are not sure what Wyatt is saying, but they were interested:)!

    Everyone take a minute to check out the Allensong website you will love their music. I agree this tune barely scratches the surface of their music check it out you won’t be disappointed. I bought both albums & love them.

    BRAVO !!
    Holly, Mark, Whispering Purrkins & Sexy Saxton

  123. MARY JANE IS A BEAUTIFUL LADY!!! Absolutely thrilled to know she is doing so well and is so happy! Made my day!
    And her lovely, lovely “hat” with such dainty bows…. so darn cute! I’m head over heels in love!❤

    You are a wonderful beacon of hope for anyone starting this journey, but especially “mature” pups!
    And thanks for your “donation”! Very thoughtful of you!
    Love and hugs ❤
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  124. I really wish I didn’t have to search and find this site. But it gives me a little comfort having come across it. I just came back from the neurologist with my almost 10 year old baby boy Riley. Three weeks ago he seemed to be having pain in his lower back and back legs. Xray only showed arthritis but didn’t explain the pain he seemed to have. Pain meds and muscle relaxer weren’t doing much either. He was crying and whining a lot not wanting to get up to use the bathroom. Yelping if he moved to quickly getting off his bed. Went to an orthopedic surgeon last week and he didn’t find anything. Neurologist visit today and they did an mri and found a tumor in his vertebrae. They said they can’t do a biopsy because it’s too risky, same with surgery because it’s too invasive. So basically no treatment options…just meds and steroids, and possibly radiation, to help his pain. I’m devastated. Was not expecting this at all. I thought he was having pain that would go away or arthritis that could be maintained.

    • Delfina and Riley, we are so sorry to read about the diagnosis. Radiation therapy (especially Stereotactic Radiation Therapy) can often do a lot for palliative care situations, we hope that it can help Riley enjoy more quality time with you. We are keeping you in our thoughts and sending lots of love. Our hearts go out to you.

  125. Okay, am I the only one who’s a blubbering mess right now??? Not even sure why! I guess when something so beautiful and done wth such heart touches your Soul, sometimes the tears of gratitude flow ❤❤

    And then you chuckle about the bragging rights to being able to PEE ON THREE!!

    Love and appreciation
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • I hope you’re crying hoppy tears Sally! Glad you liked it. Imagine how we felt when we saw them do it live for the first time? Unforgettable!

  126. Rene, Jim and Wyatt Ray-Has-A-Lot-To-Say Dawg
    Thank you so much for all that you do!!! This song would never have happened if it wasn’t for your inspawration on Tripawds! This song is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what you guys do for EveryPawdy!!! We are truly grateful for all that you do!!
    We had tons of fun with you all and hope to see you again soon. Safe travels my friends!
    Lots of Love from Super Stu, Petra, Paul, Spitfire Spikey, Chester McSleepyhead, Bossy Miss Lily and Always Hungry Ted xxxxxxx
    p.s. Michelle, I’m really glad you loved it!! 😉

  127. Wyatt, you realky behaved yiirself and didn’t break the door down!! Good boy! Of course, your Dad probably had you in a headlock!

    OTHELLO!! OMC!! WHAT A KISSABLE KITTY!!! You just look so darn cuddly and squishy and loveable!❤

    I’m so glad you have such attentive hoomans who know how to treat you like the Royalty that you are!

    Look forward to seeing more posts AND pictures, okay? And you really do look like a kitten! Adoravle photos!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  128. Othello is an awesome cat, so chill and loves everyone and everything :). We look forward to meeting more tripawd pets!

  129. Othello, Leone and Greg!!! How wonderful to see you star in your own Tripawds Tuesday Blog!!!
    We are very fortunate to share the same lake as Brave Othello! Such a Cool McCool Cat!!! You guys seriously, this is one cool dude!!
    It was such a pleasure meeting them and we have met again around town, so we will definitely get to see Othello again!
    Im sorry you didn’t get to meet Othello officially Wyatt Ray, but you have done a brilliant job of show casing a really cool furmily!
    Hopefully Othello can start his own blog page, but it is possible he will make it into Stewies blog again…
    Rots of Ruvin from Super Stu, Petra, Paul, Spitfire Spikey, Chester McFiend, Prissy Miss Lily and Gopher Hunting Ted

    • We just couldn’t believe our good fortune at running into TWO tripawds living in the most beautiful place on the planet. What are the odds?!

  130. My dog had 3 acl surgeries in one leg .He got msrp.He had his leg amputated recently.Now his one remaining back leg which he has had tplo on is clucking and hurting him.My heart is breaking for him.I am now broke.

  131. You nailed it Rene:

    Meeting another Tripawds member is like running into an old friend. When you finally meet in person, you realize that the internet friendships formed in this community are as genuine as you had hoped. The conversation and laughter flows freely as you chat about everything under the sun, but always circling back to the incredible inspiration and love that a Tripawd brings into your life.

    And to meet Super Stus’ s pack, in person, in Paridise, well, let’s jist say I can FEEL the loce and connection of the gatherings all the way over here in Virginia!❤

    Petra and Allen really have carved out a piece of Paradise to share their lives with eaxh other and the gentle Soul Stu

    Hearing Wyatt continue to express his joy at being part of this lovely occasion was so sweet! And seeing him eyeing some of that good food….I was just waiting for him to jump in and help himself!

    I kmow this was magical for each of you! Thank you for sharing the magic…..and the love….and the serenity of being in Paridise!

    With love and light and appreciation,
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • Awww Sally you are so wonderful. We talked about you, were your ears burning? And how we wished you could have been there! One of these days we will do a global Tripawds gathering and pay for everyone to attend!

  132. Great article and very well written. I hope that Bender’s story can help other animals suffering from neuropathic pain pre/post amputation. Bender refused to let the pain win and fought with every cell in his body. I remember the vets were astonished at how much medication it took to knock him out. He was refusing to lay down and kept fighting to get on his paws.

  133. Oh my Gongases! Jim, Rene and Wyatt,
    It was such a pleasure meeting you all and the time went by far too quickly!!! You captured some fantastic moments that will be a part of our memory box furever!!
    I Ruv, Ruv, Ruv the picture of Wyatt on the dock and Stewie in the woods! They are frameable for sure!!!
    The Kitties Ruv their mouses and Stewie Ruvs his Noisy Hedgie, the other one is his good Pull Hedgie! 😉 Thank you so very much for all of your kind gifts and even more so for coming by and visiting us! It was truly and honour to have our Tripawd Stars hang out with us! We are absolutely looking forward to sharing a glass of wine with you on your trip back South!
    Much love and many hugs to you all and please tell Wyatt that i really do Ruv his singing voice. He can become a part of AllenSong anytime!!!
    Safe Travels and Hoppy Trails

    • OK well that photo you got of Wyatt “singing” is totally priceless! Now that I think about it, he would make a good backup singer for Allensong. OK he’s yours for the next tour! 😉

      Glad you and Paul enjoyed our company. I hope your hearing has recovered!

      You are so welcome for everything, it was great to meet you in person and a concert to boot! WOW!

  134. My almost 2 year old border collie has a nasty break in her back left leg. At first it was a simple fracture, but 7 weeks later, she somehow completely broke the same leg. There is a surgery that can fix it, but it’s so expensive and I don’t know how I can keep her calm for another 12-16 weeks post surgery. If anything were to go wrong after surgery, I don’t think I would have the funds to help her and have to euthanize her.
    After ANOTHER emergency vet visit because of getting past her E collar and now causing a nasty infection on her toes, the ER vet and I have decided that amputation is probably the best course of action, but my main vet doesn’t agree since it isn’t “necessary”. So now I am fighting this horrible guilt that I’m planning on taking her leg and it isn’t as a last resort. She’s so young, incredibly active, and I can’t put her through a surgery just to be completely restricted again, and then be financially strapped myself (we’re talking about a $5K+ surgery here..). My relationship with my husband is also suffering from this stress – we’re getting ready to buy a home, and a new car.
    Am I doing the right thing going the amputation route? Am I being selfish? Like I said, this has already been such a difficult, long road, and it feels like Cersei (my border collie) is also at the end of her rope.

    • Sorry to hear about your situation! You will find MUCH more helpful feedback and support in the forums than you will via comments on this old blog post. Start here for help finding the many Tripawds Resources and assistance programs or feel free to call the toll-free Tripawds Helpline anytime.

      PS: Far too many times we hear from new members who put there dogs through multiple painful expensive surgeries trying to “save the leg” who only end up amputating later anyway. Look at it this way…you are not removing the leg, you are removing the pain. And you are not doing it to her, you are doing it for her.

      • Thank you! I went ahead and created a profile. This whole thing is overwhelming to me, but just reading these forums and how supportive this foundation is has put my heart at ease.

  135. The next hurdle is stopping shelters from spaying and neutering pups while they are still just babies! Certainly understand the intention, but there has to be some balance. Early spaying and then bombarding shelter dogs automatically vaccine after vaccine….jist not in the best jnterest of the individual dog. Again, certainly understand the intent.

    Thanks Dr Kay, for all you are doing to help enlighten and educate

    • I totally agree Sally. I couldn’t even begin to address this other issue in this article, but I’m betting that Dr. Kay will certainly do it in her blog. I want our future dogs to come from rescues or shelters, and I have no idea how we will be able to adopt one who isn’t spayed or neutered. I hope this is all figured out by the time that day rolls around (and if Wyatt Ray has any say in that, which he does, it won’t happen for a long, long time!).

  136. I have a 4 yr. old chocolate lab that had a TPLO on his left rear leg that went awesome. Five months later he had to have a TPLO on his right rear leg, it has been a nightmare. Nothing went right. He developed a seroma, tore a meniscus and finally has tested positive for MRSA. Two years later, after multiple rounds of antibiotics and flushing of the joint, the ortho doc says the bone looks septic and it’s bone on bone. His leg has atrophied a great deal as well. She is recommending amputation of the right rear leg. He has been limping for 2 years and we know he is in pain. He is also a retriever that loves to duck hunt. It is killing me and my husband to do this to him. I know it will save his life. He is a large dog… 95lbs and not fat. My main concern is that he will have one back leg that is already compromised, having had a TPLO as well. The Doc says it has healed well and is well muscled, his hips look pretty good too. What if the hopping causes problems to the remaining leg….. anyone dealt with this?

    • Cheryl we are so sorry about your poor pup, and you! What an ordeal. If you haven’t already, do seek a second opinion with a board-certified orthopedic specialist. Yes, many members have dealt with this same situation. I encourage you to post in our Hopping Around or Beyond Cancer Discussion Forums and tell us more. We are here to help.

  137. My dog was just involved in an accident yesterday. After seeing the xrays the best option we have is to have his left rear leg amputated. This is not an easy decision for us to make. I just want to make sure I am doing the best thing for our pet. They can do surgery to repair the fracture in his hip but that will lead to awful arthritis and would put him in more pain. We made the decision and I just feel horrible for everything he is going through. I am told that after amputations dogs adapt very quickly and will get back to their happy selves in no time.

    • Ali, we are so sorry about your pup, but glad he survived the accident. Please don’t feel bad, you are doing the best you can for him. Follow your heart, you can’t go wrong. And do come over to the Tripawds Discussion Forums so we can help ease your worries OK? You have a whole community waiting for you. All the best to you and your boy, we send all our best for a speedy recovery.

  138. My 10 year old Westie cross daschund had all of the sudden gone blind and had been diagnose with brain tumor in Feb this year. Vet says she has to be on prednisone for the rest of her life and no other operations can be done (as the tumor is right between her brain and eyes). Within a week, the side effects took place, such as increased in appetite and frequent urination. But her sight regained. About 1.5 months into prednisone, she started to have pot bellied so I reduced her dosage by half. And now, 3 months into prednisone, she is having muscle loss on all limbs, unable to walk properly and blind again. I am in such dillema as I don’t know if I should continue giving her prednisone or drop completely. Because prednisone is really having very bad side effects on her. But if she stop taking it, her tumor will grow, and we should expect seizures soon. Any idea…?

    • Best wishes for your pup! Please consult with your veterinarian regarding your best options at this point or consider seeking another professional opinion.

  139. Yay for Eleanor! Warms our hearts seeing her so happy now and we are thankful she has found her loving, furever home 🙂

  140. What a wonderful, generous gift. I wish my dog Thomas was a candidate but unfortunately his imputation included the entire left leg including shoulder 🙁 Good luck to all candidates!

  141. GRINNING EAR TO EAR OVER HERE!!! LOVING THIS UPDATE ON WARRIOR BENDER!!! And make no mistake avput it, Bener is one tuff Warrior Bulldog! And a standing ovation to his hoomans who had the strength and determination to stay the course!

    I am sooooo happy to see our Bender lookjng cute as ever and feeling great! Sich an inspirational story of hope and never giving up!

    Love and hugs
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  142. Bender you ROCK STAR!! Just as handsome as ever, I am so glad you are doing well 🙂 You put a smile on my face every time I see that handsome mug of yours, way to go!!
    Jackie and Huckleberry

  143. I tried a syringe for water won’t take it and she reacts badly when I try to give her food (ground chicken) trying to get pain meds down as well as antibiotics. What I am really worried is the lack of water and I am at a loss. She had the amputation just yesterday morning, I brought her home the same day. Pain meds I was able to get into her by sliding it back on the inside of her mouth until I can get it around the back tooth. That was yesterday. Today she just spit it back out. Precious lost her leg due to a dog attack. She is not a fighter and ended up with left front leg amputated and an ACL repair once I get this healed. Any advice would be helpful as I am concerned. Will call the vet when they open. Have basically been awake all night caring for her.

    • Hi Margaret, we are so sorry to hear about Precious, and very glad she is going to heal. Did you try spiking her water with low sodium broths? Tuna water? Usually that does the trick. Please hop over to the Forums when you get a chance, you can talk to others in the community and find lots of feedback there. We look forward to hearing from you!

  144. My dog had cyber knife radiation instead of amputation. And as almost finished with the IV treatments of chemo therapy. I assume he wouldn’t be allowed on the trial but mighty hev get a vaccine elsewhere?

  145. Having been through this with Pele, I read through this and did a mental checklist of “yup”, I did/used that…to every item except the cone…I was lucky enough to be able to take time from work for her recovery. The only other thing I needed for Pele in the first few days of being home when she was so heavily drugged was a seringe to give her water without her having to move. I used the ones that came with her Metacam…it worked perfectly. Just use a small one like that and dispense slowly (with a bib or towel under your pup’s mouth because you don’t want your dog to choke.

  146. My cat Sam was diagnosed just today with osteosarcoma. The lesion is bug bump coming off his shoulder blade.

    I’m interested in learning more about leg saving surgery as his amputation is scheduled for this Friday.

    • Michelle, we are sorry to hear about the diagnosis. OSA in cats is so rare, but we’ve had quite a few with it here, including Jill the Cancer Fighting Kitty. Your oncologist should be able to tell you if scapulectomy is a possibility. Unfortunately we don’t know of any animals with osteosarcoma who were able to have the procedure, but anything is possible. Let your oncologist know you want to find out if your cat is a candidate and if not, know that cats do very, very well on three legs. We are here to help no matter what you decide.

  147. Our 60# pit bull/lab mix has osteosarcoma of her right front leg. She has had cruciate surgery on one back leg and is developing arthritis in that joint and had a hip replacement on the other back leg. We are concerned that having a front leg amputation would place too much additional weight bearing on the back legs causing increased pain and advance her arthritis. This would not be quality of life enhancement Any experience with this type of decision making dilemma?

  148. My 10 year old healer mix had to have a rear leg amputated due to chondroblastic tumor on April 2, 2018. Her lungs were clear at the time of amputation. The vet she had seen was an oncologist but he couldn’t conclusively diagnose cancer. She is now on a raw diet but is not inclined to want to get up and walk around. Her legs quiver when standing and she looks like she’s depressed because she can’t get around like she used to. She seems weak although she has a great appetite and eats well. Anything I can do to help her along ? I’m not ready to give up the fight!!

  149. I’m picking Sass up this afternoon from her surgery (Front left leg). I’ve cut down the sides of the tote, and also a hole for her Front right leg. I’m hoping it will help to keep the sling forward and sturdy. I’ll let you know how it goes

    I think it will be a better option for the first few days rather than the harness. I might wait for some more healing before I put her in that.

  150. Thank you so much for rescuing Bo. He looks like a very loving dog. I am sorry that he had to experience the life he did before finding you. He looks very happy now.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  151. Our 10 year old Border Collie/Lab mix was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (cancer) after months of thinking she had developed bad arthritis. The vet put her on chemo (Melphalan) and Prednisone and said she would take these meds the rest of her life. She immediately began urinating in the house which she had NEVER done before. After a month of this the vet switched to Mythlprednisilone and she stopped peeing. She is now doing great; is enjoying walks, playing, trips to the dog park, etc. We feel fortunate that we can afford the drugs (found through Diamond Back at 10% of pharmacy cost). Eventually the vet said the chemo will stop working. We are hoping for a couple of good years before then…. I see lots of posts about using prednisone short term which I agree with but for the myeloma there isn’t another choice.

    • Bonnie, thank you so much for sharing your dog’s story. We had no idea that dogs could even get MM (we know two people who have it). This is very good to know. We hope you get many, many more happy times with your pup! Thanks for being a great advocate for her.

  152. CLEARLY GERTY LOVED A LIFE OF PURPOSE AND CHOCK FULL OF MEANING!! You’ll never know all the lives she touched and all the ways people were inspired as she went about her job on three legs

    Hahaha! I love your co-workers comment about photoshopping her leg! Too funny!
    Thank you for sharing Gerty with us…with everyone. This is a beautiful tribute! Gerry is quite a Beacon of Hope for anyone starting this journey. In fact I’m going to reference her in a post to a newbie just starting this jkurney. The Vet gave the dog a “statistic” of four months. Gerry will tell her otherwise!

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too .

  153. And YAY for Dr Rosati for recognizing the need to understand this subject and the fortitude and determination to do something about it! I remember when the survey was first put out and glad to hear that the Triawds community had valuable input 🙂

    Very interesting to find thst pain care, in some insurances, should continue long after the initial wound recovery (stitch removal).

    Sooooo glad to know that progressIS being made!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  154. Any thoughts/advice on off-label use? that is, perhaps going the vaccine route instead of chemotherapy? I know the study is focused on those who’ve undergone amputation and chemo, but I wonder if it could be an option, or worth considering… My precious Buster had his left hind leg amputated and I’m struggling with the decision of chemo.

    • Johh, as Dr. Vaughn mentions in the video, nearly anything is possible in the future about how the COV will be used in different treatment scenarios, but for now this is how it is being tested while it is still in the controlled study phase. Best wishes to you and Buster.

    • Why are u struggling with chemo? Cost or side effects? If side effects my dog has done 3 rounds with zero side effects

      • Luke, vaccine trial participants are not at liberty to discuss their participation in great detail. Please consider posting in the forums for much more feedback from others than you will receive here in blog comments.

    • They are allowing dogs who don’t fit the criteria for the expanded field study to get the vaccine, it’s just a bit more expensive as certain things aren’t covered as they are in the expanded field study.

  155. My dog George is 11 months a tripod last week. The cancer has moved into his lungs. We found tumors about a month ago. He is special diet, herbs and we do acupuncture every 2 weeks. These things are helping but he now has a horrible hack/cough that I am trying to treat. He is lot more tired now. Slowing down daily. It is 1 year since I found out he had cancer. His back leg muscles cramp up in the morning. We do our stretches and exercises. He has had 3 hip surgeries on the remaining hopper hind leg already. So, I am just happy it is still working. Thoughts on how to help his hack without any big drugs to purchase?

    • Wow George is quite a survivor. I’m sorry about the lung mets, it’s a tough situation. Your best bet to help him feel better is to consult with your veterinarian, who can guide you with an inexpensive medication to alleviate the symptoms. As we mention in the article, How to Help Coughing From Lung Mets, many of these remedies are inexpensive and over the counter. But please don’t give anything without talking to your vet first. Best wishes to you and George.

  156. Hi, Stu
    Licorice loved meeting new people, especially those who instinctively knew the goodness of a wagging tail! I’m sure that she would have loved to meet you, too.

  157. It certainly looks like Gerty lived life everyday to the absolute fullest! What a very brave job she had!
    And such a brilliant picture! Thank you for sharing your beautiful girl with us!
    All the very best from
    Petra, Stewie and his Kittens.

  158. The sweetest and most gentle dog- My 8 yo femal Fila- was diagnosed last Thursday- next week we are going to the oncologist for further test and possible treatment. I truly hope we can sign her up for this program!

  159. My cat had its front leg amputated at 6weeks old because of an accident, I got her at 12 weeks old, she is 22 years old now and takes thyroid tablets for several years now, she takes bladder medicine too, now her stump is swelling up over the last 2 weeks, it’s lost fur, go bigger, went pink/red, now it’s purple/ red and looks like it will burst soon. Who can offer advice of a similar experience please (of course we are attending the Vet but it’s not looking or sounding good)

    • Best wishes for your kitty. Senior Tripawds Rule! Please consider posting in the discussions where you will get much more helpful feedback than you will here in blog post comments.

  160. I need to watch this. I have it but was waiting 🙂 I will love. I have the first one and it was a great movie.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    • Since this post is nearly nine months old now, you would need to contact the CSU Rehab Department directly to check on Tuffy’s current status. See link in the post above for details. Please feel free to comment again with whatever you find out! 🙂

  161. My 2yr 9month old red heeler has just been diagnosed with bone cancer, we are devestated, willow is way too young to have cancershe is booked in on Friday to have her back leg amputated! I hope that after surgery she will be pain free and live a normal life with three legs and be her normal self

    • Bleeding is not normal. Contact your vet ASAP if you suspect any blood. Some leakage of fluid is to be expected from a seroma, but it should not be dark red. Swelling and bruising are very common. Check out some of the suggested reading links above for helpful information or post in the forums for much more feedback than you’ll in comments here.

  162. My kitten had a rear leg amputated at 4 months. He has been home with us for about 2. He is doing amazing except for the pooping issue. He almost always falls into it. He has gotten over the baths and is starting to like them, but poop all over the house is a different story. Any tips would be appreciated

  163. My dog, Cody, has a consultation for inclusion in this study. I am interested in what to expect if e are eaccepted. Mostly how the dog felt during the trial.

    • Melanie, we hope Cody gets in. As we mentioned earlier, however, Connie (and all other study participants) are prohibited from disclosing any more details, so as not to skew the study results in any way. Thanks for understanding.

  164. My dog , Cody , is scheduled for a consultation in 2 weeks . I am curious to hear how your dogs tolerated the treatment

    • As part of being in the study, participants are not allowed to publicly comment on many aspects of the study so that the final analyses are not skewed in any way.

  165. Jerry, you are absolutely right; I signed paperwork today that greatly limits my ability to discuss Casey’s experience in the field trial.

    One interesting thing . . . Casey was to be one of four dogs receiving the vaccine this Friday. The other three have dropped out, they believe due to cost. To my oncologist’s knowledge, there is one other participant in the country right now and I think we know who that is.

  166. This post is late but I’m hoping for some input. Our pup also has angular limb deformity in his front legs and we just got a great cart from Eddie’s Wheels a few days ago. I see Ziggy is using his like a champ.

    Any tips on how you got Ziggy to accept the cart and feel comfortable using it? We’re using lots of treats and praise but our dog keeps trying to jump out. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time but would appreciate any advice.

  167. I sure wish there was financial help with this. After the almost 10,000 cost for amp and chemo, the immunization feels so financially out of reaach =(

  168. Cool!

    Casey is scheduled for pre-study testing a week from today and his first of three vaccinations a week from Friday.

    Can you share what your clinic is charging for this trial? Known costs in Casey’s case are over $4,000 for pre-study tests ($460) and the three vaccinations at $1,200 each.

    • Good luck with Casey!

      Please be aware that like anything in veterinary medicine, costs will vary from place to place. Also, as part of being in the study, participants are not allowed to publicly comment on many aspects of the study so that the final analyses are not skewed in any way.

    • Thank you so much! We’re praying it works, too. <3 Bowie is taking a beauty nap right now, she's upside down on her dog bed! It's hard work being an osteo butt kicker!

  169. I found Jake’s story while researching cancer in the spine. We have just had the devastating news that our beautiful 6 year old girl has cancer in her vertebrae and we need to put her to sleep. How can this happen, a couple of weeks ago she was jumping in the waves and playing with her sister. Now she can hardly walk. Two weeks ago we noticed she couldn’t jump onto the bed and the vet thought she had hurt her back. Even with medication she has not been improving and today an xray provided the diagnosis. There is no treatment we can give her to make her better or to even extend her time with us. We are not ready to say goodbye today, maybe tomorrow will be easier.

    • Ruth we are so very, very sorry. This is such a rare condition and it’s devastating. I hope you are able to get some good pain medication to help your pup while you prepare for her transition. Remember that no matter how sad this is for you, she will leave this earth knowing she was loved and treasured. No dog could ask for more. Our hearts go out to you.

  170. Our dog, Sarah, had osteosarcoma in her back leg. She had the leg removed in November, and has been getting around well on 3 legs. She had chemotherapy. Well, a few weeks ago, she had a follow up and lung X-ray which showed Mets to her lungs. I’m so sad, I thought/hoped we’d have more time. She does seem more tired, and is sneezing/coughing some. She is still eating. I can tell she’s different. I just don’t want her to suffer or struggle to breathe. We are taking it day by day, but it’s so sad. The oncologist said she may have 3 months, but could not say for sure, depending on how aggressive it is. She did say there is some oral medicine called Paladia, but it’s $600 a month, and it may only give her 1 more month. We’ve already spent $5,000 on surgery and chemo.

    • Ssshhhh…don’t tell Sarah! She does not know she has cancer. And she will follow your lead, so it is important to remain strong and balanced around her. That is why we say it is important to Be More Dog. And that is not just some silly saying. Listen to the podcast, post in the forums for MUCH more support from others and feel free to call the toll-free Tripawds Helpline anytime.

  171. This is incredible news, what a wonderful breakthrough! There are so many of us who have gone through the pain and horror of losing our beloved animal friends to this terrible disease – and now there is some real hope on the horizon. Even though I still mourn for my precious Connor, and upon hearing this could not help but give a bittersweet sigh – oh, too late to save him! – I mostly just want to shout and dance and sing, to think that this may be the start of the end of this nightmare, one that nobody should have to go through along with their precious pup. Furthermore, though this particular video did not mention it, in following the news I have learned that the positive results from this vaccine may in time lead to wonderful new breakthroughs in HUMAN cancers, specifically some cancers in children (evidently the canine and human child immune systems have strong similarities). How wonderful is that?!? Hooray for Dr. Mason, three cheers for Dexter, and may we – and our beloved fur-friends – live to see more and more happy endings in the canine osteosarcoma drama.

    • Thanks for reading Nina, we are also hopeful that this is the start of the end of that awful disease. There’s no doubt that sweet Connor is proud of the good work everyone is doing!

  172. My seven year old Leonberger, Vikahn was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma a couple of weeks ago in right radius area. He had his leg removed up into his shoulder and today is nine days post op. He’s 165 pounds and is incredibly athletic throughout his life, but that isn’t translating to his recovery. He had a little infection and temp spiked to 103.5 a few days after surgery and we brought him back to the hospital, but after a course of IV antibiotics and oral it came back down quickly.

    He’s had two physical therapy appointments to help him get his balance and core strength going but it’s been a rough go. It’s hard for my wife and myself to get him safely up and out to pee, but he’s gone at least once a day outside with a few accidents on his pad inside. He hasn’t had one bowel movement with us and the vets manually expressed his bowels twice at the hospital on two occasions.

    I know we’ll get through this rough period with optimism and determination leading the way but I’d be less than genuine if I said it’s easy. Small victories each day is what we hope for. Vikahn is a certified therapy dog who works with kids with cancer so I’m hoping he will be an inspiration when he’s wheeling himself down the hospital’s hallways some day…

    • Vikahn and family, we are glad he’s doing better but you’re right, it has been a rough road for your whole pack. Not every recovery is smooth and some have ups and downs. Yes, it will get better and your boy will go back to helping others in the hospital. Please consider coming to our Discussion Forums where you can find lots of great people you can lean on throughout your journey OK? We are here for you.

  173. I just want to know if the dog will make it if they take his leg off, without getting chemo. He’s 147 pound mastiff and the vet says they have a lot of trouble big dogs like that with only three legs. And if it’s futile to take the legs off if it’s not gonna help that’s kind of what I want to know.

    • Every dog is different. Unfortunately we have no crystal ball to help determine the outcome for each one. Yes, giant breed dogs can have a more difficult time, but with proper rehab and weight management they can live a long happy life on three legs. You will find many success stories in the forums and blogs, including Great Danes, 225 lb. Mastiffs, and many more. Search the Size and Age matters forum, browse the blogs, or feel free to call the toll-free Tripawds Helpline anytime!

  174. Our dog was just diagnosed with bone cancer, it’s in his wrist. If we had the leg amputated would we still need to do chemo? We just found out yesterday.

    • Chemotherapy is always optional. Many members have found it beneficial, while other dogs have had extreme difficulties. Please consider posting in the forums and searching the blogs for much more helpful feedback. Start here for help finding many Tripawds resources and assistance programs.

  175. My dog was diagnosed early March, we choose limb sparing. Removed 2/3 of the ulna bone. We will be doing chemo in Madison followed by the vaccine injections at Iowa state university animal hospital. My dog is not eligible for the trial, since we didn’t amputate, but we are still doing the vaccine. From what understand, he’s probably the first dog to do this without amputation. If anyone wants to keep info on how he does post vaccine (3 injections and a booster after 6 months), please email me, I’d love to have him help pave the way for knowledge and decision making for other owners of dogs with this terrible disease.

    • Hi Jon, where did you get the little limb sparing surgery?. My Dane may have bone cancer in her right front leg so looking into the limb sparing options and would like to know where it is available..

    • Jon. Please keep me updated with how your pup is doing. Ours was diagnosed April 13th, underwent amputation April18th. We are leaning towards not doing chemo and just the vaccine. Has anyone else tried this? Please let me know the results as I would be curious without the amputation.

      • Please keep in mind, as noted in the post and many of the comments, chemotherapy is required for this controlled study and participants are limited to the amount of information they can share.

    • Hey Jon, We live in Iowa and just had a diagnosis. Wondering if you can provide any insight into the process you took/about the vaccine.

      • Sorry for the diagnosis. Please be aware that as mentioned in the post, participants are not allowed to publicly discuss their dog’s experience in the study.

  176. Dear Jackie,
    Thank you for sharing your story of your beautiful girl, she sounds just wonderful, and my deepest sympathies go out to you for your loss; I too can relate to feeling a pang of sorrow that the new drug came too late to save my darling boy, but I rejoice with all my heart that it has arrived. It is the dawn of a new day of hope for dogs (and, let us pray, children) who now have a better chance to beat this terrible disease. How wonderful to think that in time, there will never again be a situation where we are told, “It’s osteosarcoma, and there’s very little we can do. You must prepare to lose your precious baby”. Thank God for this news, and three cheers for Dexter!! Meanwhile the beautiful moments and the love that our precious pups gave to us will live on in our hearts, and we will see them again, of this I am sure. Hold fast to your memories of your sweet and lovely girl, and may they help you, along with your dear Wally, get past the pain, until only the love and joyful memories remain.
    with warmest aloha, Nina -(Connor’s Mom)

    • Hi, Nina
      Thank you, so much, for your kind response to Licorice’s story – and I am so sorry about your boy, Conor, too! It is such an amazing heartbreak when we lose them. Your words help with the healing, and so I am ever-so-grateful to you for this — yes, dogs are the way people should be!
      All the best,

  177. Chuck, how old was Gracie when she was spayed? There are studies underway regarding age at neutering and subsequent cancer diagnoses. As I recall, Casey was neutered at six or eight months. My younger Golden, Jet, was neutered before six months and shows clear signs of early neutering, unusually long legs, an elongated snout, and extremely deep chest. It is believed these characteristics are attributable to the absence of certain hormones that would, in the normal course, “turn off” the growth process. I will never neuter a dog again before puberty.

  178. Chuck, the Oncology Service in Springfield VA is where Casey is scheduled to participate. They are accepting dogs with metastasized osteo for treatment, but they are not eligible for the study itself, and I was told the cost would be significantly higher than what I indicated previously.

    Penn is starting a new study, with a modified vaccine, but they require they do the amputation and chemo there. There is another study underway at the University of Florida. I’m unsure whether either study would accept a dog with metastasized osteo.

    Wishing you and Gracie the best.

    • Hi,
      Does anyone have a list of the clinics that are participating in the field trial of the vaccine?
      I would appreciate any information you can offer. My vet and myself are in Singapore (our oncologist is in Australia and is somewhat useless) and we desperately want to get our hands on this vaccine – even if we have to fly to the US and hand carry it home. Please let me know if any of you have any ideas. My baby, Rooibos, has been dealing with osteosarcoma for 5 months and has just finished chemo (epirubicin lastly, carboplatin first) and is now on palladia. He has mets in his lungs that are visible on CT (reason for switching to epi) but not yet on x-ray.

      • Barbara, new clinics are being added but the only way to get the most current list is to contact Aratana via the phone number listed in our article, they can tell you where the closest one might be. We hope you and Rooibos get to participate. Best wishes to you both.

    • We received an amputation but are not sure about chemo. Would the oncology service in Springfield still allow us to do the vaccine do you think? We work in Springfield.

      • As Dr. Vaughan stated in this video, completing a round of chemotherapy is a requirement for participation in this controlled study. There may be other trials in the future with different control groups.

  179. Did they provide any info regarding cost in their clinic? Casey is scheduled to participate in this extended field trial, and will undergo a comprehensive exam next week before his first “vaccination” on April 6.

    They called five weeks ago to advise that his three treatments would be $1,000 each. Yesterday, we were told that the initial exam, with X-rays, will be $460, and each treatment will be $1,200. They didn’t quote a price for follow-up exams.

    With $ thousands already invested in amputation and chemo, we’re really questioning whether we can proceed with this wonderful (but expensive) opportunity.

  180. Gracie, 7 yo, Great Pyrenees, spayed, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma day before yesterday, Monday, March 19, by Palmetto Veterinary Medicine & Surgery located in McConnells, South Carolina. The cancer cells appear around the lung and were first noticed the day before by a large bubble formed on her left front leg around the wrist. Would Gracie be a candidate for this vaccine? As the cancer has spread from lung area to leg, Vet Dr. Ashley Armstrong indicated no need for biopsy or amputation. He prescribed prednisone and tramadol. Please advise.

    • Sorry to hear about Gracie! Please watch the video Chuck and review the transcription above, in which Dr Vaughan describes the ideal candidate for this vaccine trial – dogs must have already undergone an amputation for osteosarcoma diagnosis and completed a chemotherapy regimen.

  181. This is awesome news. I hope it continues to show longevity and these pups participating live long lives 🙂

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  182. What a lovely tribute to a Lovely Licorice Girl! She sounded like the type of girlie that i would have crossed the street to meet! Thank you for letting me see just a glimpse of your girl!
    All the very best
    Super Stu, his pawrents and his Pride of Kittens. xxx

  183. I found your article because my Roxy had to undergo surgery for what turned out to be a foreign body that caused a MRSA infection. Surgery hasn’t solved the problem, now we have more draining tracts. Rifampin didn’t seem to help. Now we will begin using Amikacin injectable. I wounder if the Amikacin Topical Spray would help to heal the wounds? Can you give me info on the vet in Texas or the recipe? I’m in Austin, TX.

    • Best wishes for you and your pup! It is unlikely that the member who submitted the information in this article will read your comment. Consider searching and posting in the forums for much more feedback from others.

  184. We have a golden retriever, who has had a xrays, blood report and biospy done to confirm/eliminate bone cancer. He had no other signs, than sudden pain in leg when he took off running one day. The distal tibia xrays showed a lytic bone lesion, suspected of osteosarcoma. However, a week after the biospy, there is a slight, but painful fracture of the leg, the biopsy came back inconclusive – “some spindle cells atypia and some bone matrix, possibly osteosarcoma, but it is not definite”.
    We’re in a Jam and need to make a decision urgently, vet says better to amputate now, as bone may not heal. Though they’re not conclusive it definitely is osteosarcoma. We did the biopsy to hopefully avoid amputation if it wasn’t osteosarcoma. Now, we’re faced with having to certainly amputate because of the fracture.
    Would appreciate any thoughts/suggestions..

  185. I have a quite large male tripawd whippet. Back leg amputated. Could you please advise as to which harness would be most suitable. He wears a soft coat when it’s cold so would a harness fit on top of this?.

  186. Hello. My dog Santo just got diagnosed with Osteosarcoma on his front leg. He is 6 years-old, it seems that he is a good candidate for amputation.
    My biggest concern is the overall cost. We may be able to difficulty manage the amputation cost. But there’s no way we can do chemo and amputation.
    I read everywhere that if don’t do chemo right after it most likely be a “waste” of money and trauma.
    Any thoughts?

    • Azul and Santo, welcome. We’re sorry about the diagnosis but please don’t listen to the people telling you that amputation only is a waste of time. It is most definitely NOT and it’s one of the best things you can do to help Santo. Amputation gets rid of the pain and gives him a chance at a good quality of life. Chemo is OPTIONAL, never forget that. Our own dog Jerry (founder of Tripawds) lived TWO YEARS with amputation only and we’ve seen many other dogs who also didn’t have chemo go much longer.

      Santo doesn’t want you to be stressed about money. If amputation is what you can afford then that’s OK by him. All he wants is to feel better and for you to be happy.

      Please join us in the discussion forums for help from members OK? We are here for you both.

  187. My dog is 16 years old with severe arthritis in her legs. We tried carprofen without success. She is now on Prednisone and she is able to walk. She has been on 5mg every other day for 6 months. I have her bladder support supplements for leakage. The medicine has prolonged her life. She licks her legs frequently, and has developed sores on her lip and her left hip that have grown. She also gets blood blisters on her tongue. Has anyone else experienced these side effects with their dogs on long term use of Prednisone? I have made an appointment with the vet. I fear I’m facing a hard decision soon, but it’s about the quality of life. She’s still bright eyed and likes to go for short walks.

  188. May have to have our Boerboel’s left front leg amputated…she has a tumor that has grown, and if it’s not bone cancer we were told we could have it amputated and she would adapt. Thanks for your story, this gives me some hope concerning our Remi.

  189. My puppy is about to get her stitches in two days, she has been doing really well and has been going longer without her meds. Here today she was sleeping and out of nowhere jumped up yelping. She calmed down and even though she wasn’t due for her pain pill for 30 more minutes I went ahead and gave it to her. Is this phantom pain or could it be something else?

  190. Not sure that you are still replying to comments but I’ll try. My dog, a 12 yr old mixed english shepherd breed with TPLO in 2010 and 2012, was diagnosed with OSA oct 30th 2017. I had his tumor (leg) amputated on november 1st 2017 and we started carboplatin on 11/15/2017. 450mg dose at 3 week intervals. Today is Feb 27 2018 and he’s had 5 chemo doses. Rocco is 60lbs.

    As of Feb 6th (about 12-13 days after Rocco’s 4th carboplatin injection) he developed paralysis in hind limb which spread to his shoulders. He stayed in the vet hospital for fluids and steroids, and started to improve, and then I brought him in a week later for chemo on 2/14/2018 (one week later)

    He’s been getting acupuncture and is not showing signs of improvement. He has energy and appetitie and eats and rests, but he does not look like a “dying dog” to me. On saturday, 2/24 he had a nose bleed for an hour in the morning, I’ve never seen this before and it scared the hell out of me. But it subsided on it’s own after an hour.

    I’ve been seeking input from everyone I can, and all vet medical people have suggested the cancer has spread to his spine. Xray and bloodwork show nothing abnormal.

    From what I’ve read I think it may be related to the chemotherapy, dose and frequency. He’s getting edema in one leg and a bedsore on his hip, so he’s on amox and cephadoxime as I taper his prednisone started on feb 6th.

    Do you have any suggestions or advice?

    • Best wishes for Rocco. Please consider searching the forums and starting a new topic for much more feedback from others, or feel free to call the toll-free Tripawds helpline anytime. For help finding the many Tripawds Resources and Assistance Programs, start here.

    • Hi my GSD is experiencing the same! He was fine until he came out of chemo a week ago and now has suspected nerve damage in his hind leg (he too is a rear hind amputee). I will look to see if you posted elsewhere and got a response, i’m Worried sick

  191. I tried I heart pet head oatmeal raw butter paw cream, but it made her paws slippier. I have gone with the runners and a yoga mat. I am thinking of getting some no slip shoes so that we can go to other peoples houses without any problems.

  192. Sammy is absolutely adorable!! Love reading about all his unique personality!

    Tha k you so muc for giviw him love and happiness…..and hus favorite treat…FOOD! 🙂
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  193. Started my 11 year old German Shepherd/Collie mix on Prednisone 3 days ago after being diagnosed with Lymphoma. Although this is highly stigmatized, I will say that two doses (AM/PM) of CBD oil has helped with the side effect tremendously. He is not panting and bloated like he was on day 1 without the CBD. Remarkable. I’m a firm believer in natural cures and waiting for my package of supplements to arrive: fish oil, milk thistle and turmeric treats. Going to do my best to keep his immune system supported while on Prednisone. I’m journaling every day to document our journey as it seems there is a lack of information on CBD benefits. We are 3 days in and I’m actually very hopeful. The absolute worst part of this is, unlike people, they can’t tell you what they’re feeling so you become a helicopter Pawrent who is obsessing about watching their every move. Wish us luck and I hope this helps those who are dealing with the unpleasant side effects. ✌

    • Hi Michelle. Firstly, I hope and pray your dog is doing well. It’s so hard going through these things. I just lost my 15 year old dog, and as if two days ago, my 7 year old is being treated with prednisone for potential brain tumor. I don’t want to do brain surgery ( after speaking with several vets who didn’t do it in their own dogs) so we are in this protocol. It came on so suddenly. He is doing better already but licking a lot. Etc. my question is about CBD oil. Where do you recommend buying it? I’m in Tennessee. I don’t want to go online and buy an inferior product. Thank you in advance. Bless your baby.

      • Debra, we are sorry about your senior dog and the ruff time your 7 year old is going through. We hope he continues to do better. Regarding CBD oil: please, please please work with a veterinarian to find a quality product that is right for your dog. There is a LOT of false information and inferior products out there being sold and you can waste a lot of money on them. A good vet who is open to the idea of CBD to treat pain can help you find a good product. Meanwhile please see our article “Realities and Myths About Cannabis Oil for Pet Cancer.

  194. I’m in love!! OMD! That face!! Those eyes!!! That smile!!

    Thank you soooo much for sharing this very special boy with us. It is a true privilege ro get ro know him.

    My tears are bittersweet. The sad part is for you and the sweet part is because Doobie had the best life ever with you!! Yes, he was loaned to you and has now rerurned home, healthy, vibrant and young and free! You gave him that firft when he needed it most. He knew you would not let him down when he told you he was ready for the next chapter.

    Please share more of this love bug when you can…and with picturees! I @ove his coloring…I @ove everything avout him! 🙂
    You take care. We know this is not easy. We also know he has, or will, make his presence known to you.

    Love to all
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  195. ADORABLE DEXTER!!! You are a WARRIOR OF HOPE!!! 🙂 🙂 Thank you andnyour hooman for sharing your VICTORIOUS noirney with us!! FIVE YEARS VICTORIOUS AND STILL COUNTING!! 🙂

    With appreciation to all!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  196. Hello-I have a tripawd with a missing front left leg, she’s 11 now and I am worried that her right front leg is failing. What would you recommend for a dog who’s surviving front leg may go at some point?

    • Best wihes for your pup! We highly recommend you consult with a certified canine rehab vet tech for a professional evaluation and exercises you can do to help keep her strong to prevent any potential injury. Visit a CCRT or CCRP and the Tripawds Foundation can even pay for your first visit from the Maggie Moo Fund for Tripawd Rehab. They can also prescribe and fit the appropriate brace if deemed necessary.

  197. FREYA, YOU ARE A GODDESS INDEED!!! 🙂 My heart is melting all over the place!! Looooove this story!!
    And Bryce, you are a HANDSOME fella’!

    Seven feet of dog!-”PRICELESS! :-)*

    Tha k you so much for sharing this beautiful story and your beautiful SEVEN FEET OF DOG!! 🙂

    Hugs ti all!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  198. That is truly a beautiful story. You are special people for giving her a chance. Your love and nurturing along with the help of your adorable quad gave Freya a true chance to find herself and find love.
    Jackie and Huckleberry

  199. Our almost 8 year old boxer went to the vet for coughing. We came out with a cancer diagnosis in the lungs but it has metastasized from somewhere else and didn’t originate there. They gave her an antibiotic and cough suppressant but said if we weren’t going to do any other treatment to come get prednisone. I called the cancer specialists but don’t have an apt for another two weeks. I’m so sad. I’m not sure if I should go back to our vet and get the prednisone or not?

    • Michelle, get the oncologist to review his case before starting something like Prednisone, which might not work with what the oncologist recommends. I know two weeks seems like an eternity but that second opinion from a cancer expert often makes a huge difference in the outcome of a cancer diagnosis. Try to call the practice back and let them know your dog is showing signs of lung metastasis (this sounds like osteosarcoma?), and you want him to get help asap with his symptoms. See if they can squeeze you in, it’s worth it. And do join our Discussion Forums where you will find lots of support from others who have been there.

  200. I don’t know how I missed this. He did great with this surgery and glad to see that he was enjoying his run

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    • Contact Dr. Nicola Mason’s office at the University of Pennsylvania Vet Medicine. Many facilities are opening additional trials now. Reach out & best of luck to you family.

    • Casey is “enrolled” for the extended field trial, but we need to come up with about $3,000 as this trial is minimally funded. We are working with the Oncology Service in Springfield VA, and they expect the study to begin mid to late April. To be eligible, your dog must have no evidence of metastasis after completing standard carboplatin therapy. Casey will complete his chemo mid-March or early April depending whether we do five or six rounds.

      They will also accept dogs with evidence of metastasis for treatment, but they will not be part of the extended trial and the cost will be higher.

  201. Andy,
    Stewie and I would like to extend our sympathies and caring thoughts your way! Doobie sounds like a very special fella! You have all been very blessed to have had him in your life! Doobie was there for you in your darkest hour and he will continue to be at your side! These beautiful souls that we love so deeply here on earth, will always be with us and are waiting for us when we are ready and will help guide us to where we find our own wings!
    Doobie is with your beloved late wifes spirit now and may i offer my deepest condolences for this great loss in your life! Your newly wed was clearly sent to you at the right time. She got to know Doobie and fell in love and now she knows how great your loss is!
    God Bless all of you!
    Petra, Paul, Stewie, Spike, Chester, Miss Lily and Ted ❤️

  202. Thank you for sharing your story about sweet Doobie. No matter how much time we have it is never enough. Thinking of you in your time of sorrow.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  203. I would like to start by saying thankyou to Dr. Boston for her time and incredible expertise! What an incredible procedure it is that you have developed! A lot of dogs are going to thank you all over the world, it may take time, patience and possibly a lot of trial and error, but isn’t that what life is all about?! WEll done!!
    But i would also like to say thanks for being so honest! It is very refreshing to have such an open minded and insightful person to listen to! You made it very easy to understand you, rather than hearing a lot of vet lingo, i heard things in terms that I could understand. Thank you.
    I have often wondered about how insurance could have possibly helped us in this situation and now I am armed with more information and questions than before.
    I realize once again, the huge challenge that Dr. Bill Sones and Dr. Laurie Page took on when we asked them to do Stewie’s surgery for his front left leg amputation. And then to take on the Chemotherapy for Stewie, it really was a big deal in hindsight. And I now know this, because of all of the insight I have gained through this site.
    So I take my hats off once again to our incredible vet team, in our very small village! But also a huge thank you once again to Jim and Rene for offering all of this incredible information to be shared! Knowledge is power right!
    All the very best from Super Stu and his Pride!

  204. This is fantastic!
    Way to go you guys ! I wondered what happened to this topic it secretly disappeared
    Thanks Tina & Manfred;), Teresa & Miss Cow & Amy & Izzy !
    This will help so many people !
    Love to all ❤️

  205. This is WONDERFUL!!!
    And we are sooooo lucky to have the best of the best helping with the translations!!! Thank you TINE, TERESA AND AMY!!! Manni, Eurydice and Izzy are somproid!

    Love to all!
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  206. Dear Rene, dear friends,
    A year has passed since my darling boy breathed his last in my arms. To say that I have missed him would be the greatest of understatements. There has not been a day when I have not thought of him, whispered to him, held him close in my mind and heart. The first half of the year, in fact up until August, seems like a blur to me now – looking back it seems like I did nothing but grieve. I would spend entire days and nights howling with pain, to the point where family and friends worried about my mental state. To some it just seemed weird and excessive. Others advised me to go on antidepressants, or “Just get a new dog”. But Connor deserved all of my tears. Now, as the full cycle of the year turns, I see that my grief, though still present, has changed. Outbursts come, like a sudden rainstorm; I let them take me, give in and sob and cry my eyes out, and then the storm passes after a while, and my life goes on. He seems further away now, and while I see the inevitability and the rightness in that, see that it’s part of healing and letting go, yet there is a part of my heart that is fighting this, still wants to hold on, is saying, “Oh please don’t go, I will bear the pain, only don’t go!”. I know that I will move through this painful stage, and gently let time and distance bring an end to the struggle. In any case, his memory has not dimmed – it is clear and bright; in waking hours I will picture our happy times, his happy grin – oh how that dog could smile! – I will see before me. In sleep, he comes to me in joyous, ecstatic dreams, that leave me warmed for days. And I thank God, daily, for the gift of my dog, who taught me what love is. I think back on his illness, the decision to go ahead with surgery, and even though we both suffered, and there were dark days and nights of sickness, worry, fear and exhaustion, even though I am now struggling financially as a result, yet if I had to do it over I wouldn’t change our course. I am convinced that the surgery bought us time, not very much, but a few more weeks; each and every day of these brought us moments beyond price. And it gave me time, too, to accept what was happening, to have the chance to give my all to try and save him, and at the last, to somehow find the strength to bid that Dark Angel, who I had fought so hard against, to come – yes, come, Blessed Friend, you are needed – and take him from my arms into yours and gently release him from his pain. Thank you all for your kind and loving comments, they meant a great deal to me when I first read them a year ago, and they mean a great deal still, and telling our story here has been a huge comfort to me. Give your pup a kiss on the nose, for me and Connor, and do not let a day go by without gazing into the adoring eyes of your best friend. They are our loving Creator’s kindest gift to us.
    Nina Hettema 2/1/18 Covelo, CA

    • Nina, you so beautifully articulated what it’s like to grieve the transition of a forever dog. Connor is proud that you have come so far in this past year, and grateful too. For only in allowing ourselves to move through the grief transition and see it for what it was, are we able to open our hearts to other creatures and give them the love that they deserve. Connor will always come to you in spirit and never be far from your side.

      Thank you for letting us know how you’ve been. What a beautiful letter to us all. I promise you we are giving our critters extra smooches in honor of your unforgettable boy.

  207. If we use the link above to purchase from Amazon – will this benefit Tripawds? My mom is known for using the wrong link to purchase tripawd merchandise and she wants to make sure she does it right! Let us know.

    Thank you,
    Hannah B Dawg

  208. This was great! We met with Dr Marcellin-Little last September when he consulted on our puppy and her missing back paw with her UC Davis specialist Dr Jamie Peyton. His expertise was so appreciated. We had her first fitting today and I sure hope he gets to see her again.


    We are absolutely pawtying with Gayle and sweet Sessy 🙂 🙂 🙂 This calls for stea, cake and ice cream
    Tha ms for letting us celebrate such an I inspirational milestone with Sessy and her human! 🙂 we love them both!! 🙂

    Extra hugs and a bid dose of love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too y

  210. My min pin Tripawd has been on Galliprant for just over a month. While his pain is decreased, his appetite is also decreased and he sometimes feels poor enough to refuse his other meds. I also hear occasional sounds of gastric distress. Will take him for a follow-up this week to see if it’s the Galliprant and if so, what other alternatives are available.

  211. Emerson is a gorgeous boy with a big beautiful heart, and humans who love him to bits – right from the get go he’s always been a puppy with a can do- attitude, just like his humans Dee and Jez. Thanks for sharing his story – and the video – wow! he is one very happy doggie, I cried buckets when I saw it, it’s beautiful to see him running free (and up his usual mischevious self no doubt!)

    Thinking of you all, big hugs from us xxxxx
    Carrol, Wayne, Mitch, Sophie and Diesel

  212. Thank you all, and to Tripawds again! Sunday morning and we’re just back from Curl Curl again – a 34-degree Sydney morning, mind you, so a little hot for a black Labrador, half bouncing around and meeting other dogs, half slumped in the shade! In the last week he’s entirely regained his pre-op personality, and yesterday was so enthusiastic to go walking that he made it down all the 70 steps we have from our front door to the road (coming up them is still one of the goals to be overcome). Best of all, his biopsy has come back as being on the less aggressive end of the osteosarcoma scale, with a low chance of metastasising. Who knows, of course, but he’s certainly happy and pain-free at the moment, and back to focusing on when he might next be able to get food from us. Love to all – Jez, Dee & Emerson!

  213. This is the second time in my life with my boy, Jagen, that I have waited after a limp to bring him to the vet. I’ve had rotties since the 80’s and it seems that I spent more wasted time at vets then not. So in my great wisdom-twice-I waited hoping it’ll work its way out. First cost me a second ligament tear on the opposite leg
    and misery for my boy and now delayed bone cancer diagnosis. If I’d of brought him in sooner…….they are so stoic! He doesn’t act like he’s in pain. I will never, ever do anything like that again. With the bone cancer, he started limping and I thought his nails were the problem. He’s super active and a jumper. No other signs. If I’ve a forever rottie owner like I am, I will now no better. Once he wouldn’t put his foot down and he wasn’t going towards better the answer to get to my vet was clear. So, now I’m posting on the post page for Tripawds. Thank you and also my thoughts are with all of you who are working through this along with my baby boy and I . I’ve learned a lot and we’re finding help during this unusual time. This is a new hiking trail we’re on. He’s with me and I’m sure we’ll experience some pretty interesting and life changing things here too. The Best to Everyone and your Babies. Jagens mom, Sherri

    • Amazing.. I have a Boston Bulldog, had been favoring his left hind leg for the last couple of weeks, thought it just his hips hurting, he is 11. Took him in for an exam and x-rays and they said it is cancer in his lower left back leg. X-rays are at surgeons today and should know if he is a candidate for amputation, baring finding any other signs of the cancer in his system. I keep praying for the best, he is very active, and don’t act like he is any pain at all. Even the vet said he couldn’t believe how much he runs around.

  214. I pick up my 7 year old baby boy today at 11:00. This boy, the love of my life is a rottie who rescued me when he was 6 months old. He “had” bone cancer and is now a special Tripawds like all the other wonderful babies I’ve been reading about these past few days. All of you and your Tripawds have helped me so much with your stories. I don’t have to tell you how difficult this decision is with so little “expected”. Thank you for helping me believe its a good thing and understand more why. I’m home finishing this post, Jagen is sleeping. He walked into the vets exam room after crying for me in the kennels as happy and normal looking as if he’d been boarding there. I’m amazed how he can manage. I’ve got to get some weight off of him. It is the right decision. Soooo, I’m on my way with my boy on this Tripawd journey. Never did I ever imagine this. I’m overly blessed by my boy and the support I see for us on this site. All of you and your furbabies have made a big difference in mine and Jagens life. Today, Day 1

  215. It sounds like Jerry was one very special spirit who adopted you at the purrrfect time in both your lives! Bless your heart for giving this beautiful boy a chance to live out his true nine lives! He will be your guardian always!

    All the very best to you and your fur babies
    Petra, Stewie and his Pride Of kittens >^..^<

  216. I am so thankful to have found this resource! Our 7 year old rottie was scheduled to have a cancerous tumor removed yesterday and ended up with a front leg amputation. We just brought her home today and now I know what we really need that our vet did not mention!

  217. I met Emerson when he first entered the household of Dee and Jez, observed him in doggie school, watched his wonderful interactions with other canines, felt joy when he went swimming at Dee Why , so my utter sadness when he became ill was quite unbearable so to see him now and the videos of him gallivanting at the beach, and his sheer determination is an example to all of us. I have been a registered nurse for 55 years and can honestly say that Emerson is an example to all humanoids that may face physical obstacles–having a loving family and support system is also paramount to ones recovery. I get updates weekly , and know that each day is precious and should be embraced wholeheartedly. All my love from North Carolina!!!! Arf Arf

  218. Thanknyou for sharing the backstory od our delightful Jerry and how he came into your life…..and how “she” became “he”! 🙂 🙂

    Seeiy these lictures makes me smile. He’s just so darn cute! 🙂

    As I’ve said many times before in other posts, Jerry is, and always will be, an INSPIRATIONAL HERO to everyone starting this jkirney. Jerry had a live to live and would not be denied! Of course, having you and your family as his humans, made his life that much more special.

    Jerry was loved every moment of everyday. You did everything possible for that kitty.
    I think when Jerry inexplicably transformed k to a “cuddly cat”,it was because he truly now knew in his Soul what being @oved felt like!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  219. OH….AND BEST OF ALLL….THAT VIDEO BROUGHT TEARS OF JOY TO MY EYES!!! REALLY!!! The “Rocky” lead-in music…the silhouette of him running happy up kn the hill…WONDERFUL VIDEO!!!

    This needs to go in our TRIPAWD VIDEO GALLERY!! Please email Rnen!

    Soooo glad to hear how well you are doing and liviw life to the fullest!! 🙂

    You and your humans stayed strong and got through thst rough recovery period! And seeing a post like this with thst great video is EXACTLY why we do what we do!! Extended time with NO pain…Just fun and loving and spoiling!! 🙂 🙂

    Thanks for the great update! Continuing to send you best wishes for a gazzillion more beach days…and couch days…and tummy rub days….and rubber chixken days……and treat days….etc

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  221. Interested in helping, possibly adopting a 10 month old lab mix who was born with front leg deformity. His legs are folded up like chicken wings and he currently scoots using his head. Would someone please advise if there’s anything we can do for him? I have many pictures available.

  222. Just starting our journey with our sweet rescue, Riley.._..( Havanese/Poodle X ) He had his R front leg amputated this morning due to an old injury ( abuse & neglect in his former life ) and did very well during the surgery itself and so far so good post surgery ( we haven’t seen him yet ourselves post -surgery …that will come tomorrow morning ) Not sure what to expect once we pick him up tomorrow morning and head home. ?? He will have had 3 laser treatments to help speed up the healing process and will have 4 more treatments over the next few days. We will be restricting his activity and closely monitoring any time spent with our other Rescue dogs and cats. I imagine he will still require pain meds for awhile longer as well. Looking for tips and advice to make especially our first week back home together the best it can be for Riley . Backyard bathroom tips etc would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou. XO

  223. Such a beautiful wedding picture and family. Your boy is adorable. I just found out the news and have to schedule my boys right front leg….I’m petrified. Any help or words of wisdom. Does Bentley do ok getting around? This decision is so hard. I pray your trial works and you get plenty of time with Bentley. My boy Jagen is my big buddy. We’re so blessed!

  224. Misha certainly was in tune with her mission in life, as is Dana. Quite an inspirational team!! Pawsitivity pushes away the fear and shows everyone how to focus on the present! And Luna certainly helped everyone to do that roo! And the art work is delightful.

    Your Mish is a stunning girl! She has aa stronw Warrior Spirit (as does her Mom) and will continue to inspire and touch lives furever arpund here!
    Lpve and light
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    • hi Benny55! I’m just getting around to seeing these comments. I don’t know how i missed them, Thank you for your words! They are wonderful!! I am hoping you can do me a favor and go on Amazon to give the book a 5 star review with your thoughts above. With every 5 star review, the book climbs up the ladder of, well, books!!!
      Thank you so much
      Love and light to you!!