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Triday 2024 Is Coming! Please Help Spread Tripawd Awareness

Every day is Tripawd Awareness Day throughout the Tripawds community. But Triday 2024 is coming up on March 3rd, and the message this year is share, share, share!

Triday 2024 ideas to share Tripawd awareness day
You can make a difference for this community!

Everyone can raise awareness about the amazing resilience of all three-legged dogs and cats.

Share photos of your amputee pets to help show the world that Tripawds rule.

And, by starting and sharing a Triday fundraiser for the many pet amputation resources and assistance programs that help Tripawds and their people everywhere.

Keep reading for tips on how to get started!

Join the Worldwide Triday 2024 Celebration

March third (3/3) is international Tripawd Awareness Day. While we celebrate the strength and love of our three legged friends every day, Triday is the one day each year we encourage everyone else to do the same. And the theme this year is: Share to help Tripawds everywhere!

Share and help Tripawd dogs and cats on Triday 2024
Here’s how to help Tripawd dogs and cats on Triday 2024

On the 3rd day of the 3rd month, we honor animal amputees and the people who care for them by celebrating pet amputation awareness among pet lovers and the veterinary community. Why? Because three is a magic number. And, every amputee animal deserves to live a long happy life on three legs.

  • Share the message that it’s better to hop on three legs than to limp on four.
  • In the days leading up to 3/3, join the pawty with these fun ways to spread the word.

Help Celebrate Tripawd Awareness this Triday.

Download sign. Print. Share photo. Tag #Triday and #mytri.

Share Your Tripawd Story

Share, share, share! That’s the idea behind every Triday celebration. Share photos and video of your Tripawd heroes and angels. Share your recovery experience, or share the challenges you’ve over come. Better yet, share how the Tripawds community may have helped you along your journey. Ever received a Tripawds grant? Share how it helped and link to the programs page.

i love my tri
  1. Download memes and stickers to jazz up your sharing. Visit to get some! Find Triday or Tripawds GIFs on Giphy, or in the Instagram app and Facebook comments.
  2. Be sure to tag Tripawds. Tag the official Tripawds social media accounts.
  3. We will share your posts. Together we can get Tripawds trending everywhere!

Let’s get Tripawds Trending! Use the following tags this year when sharing your Triday Love everywhere:





Start and Share a Tripawds Fundraiser

Three paws up to everyone who has ever created a birthday fundraiser on Facebook or Instagram to support the Tripawds Foundation. It’s just as simple to create a Triday Fundraiser. Follow the simple steps below to create a fundraising campaign on your favorite social platform.

How to Start Facebook Fundraiser

How to Start Instagram Fundraiser

  1. Select the Tripawds Foundation as your charity.
  2. Consider setting a goal of $333.
  3. Share your fundraiser with friends and family.

Let people know that all proceeds help support the many free pet amputation resources and assistance programs which directly help Tripawds and their people everywhere.

Share the Tripawds Community Fund

Don’t want to start your own fundraiser? We get that. Please share the current Tripawds Foundation Community Campaign to help support all our resources and assistance programs.

Share to Support the Tripawds Foundation

All proceeds help keep the community online. In addition, charitable contributions help fund grants that help pay for amputation surgery or free rehab sessions. The toll-free Tripawds Helpline, Gear Fund, Kaiserin Pet Cancer Care Packages and more are all made possible with your support.

Organize a Tripawds Party in Your Town

Want to make an even bigger impact this Triday? Consider organizing a Tripawds Gathering in your area.

  1. Start a topic in the Tripawd Parties forum or post in your favorite Facebook group.
  2. Confirm the time and location for a local get-together on March 3.
  3. We’ll create a Tripawds Facebook event to help spread the word. We’ll even send you a Tripawds Ambassador Kit and try to get some local media coverage.

So…there are many ways to celebrate Triday 2024! How are you going to share the love?

Sharing is Caring!

2 thoughts on “Triday 2024 Is Coming! Please Help Spread Tripawd Awareness”

  1. Trixie Tripod would be thrilled to share her story with LA media folks for 3/3 TriDay coverage. She is the Ambassadog for Wonder Dog Ranch, a dog daycare & boarding business, but she is best known in the community as a reading partner for children at the Monrovia Public Library and the schools of Monrovia Unified School District and Citrus College where she regularly visits for stress relief and humane education events. She was injured as a street dog in Tijuana, rescued by Hand in Paw, and a foster fail with me, now certified with Therapy Dogs International. I wish I could attach a photo! Call us at 626. 205-2501.


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