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Three-Legged Cat Cyprus

When one special nine year old feline from the UK was about to lose a leg, his mom Julie was so worried! But it didn’t take long for her to see that her three-legged cat Cyprus could still have a full, rich, life doing what he loves! Check out today’s latest Tripawd Tuesday profile as part of our ongoing celebration of stories sent to us in 2023!

Cyprus still explores.

How old is your Tripawd?

  • 10

When and Why did your Tripawd lose a leg?

  • He had front right leg amputated July 2022 due to a soft tissue sarcoma in his paw.

How did your Tripawd adapt to life on three?

  • He’s done so well; he has been amazing.
Cyprus keeps on loving life on three!

What are your Tripawd’s favorite things to do?

  • Going out in the garden, watching the birds and the world go by, cosying up to the neighbours, defending his territory!, ambushing me, eating dreamies!

Was there any special gear that helped your Tripawd?

  • No, he’s a cat so completely ignored the little steps I bought to help him 😂.I just leave wheelie bins in strategic places for him to help him get down from 6 foot fence etc.
Tripawd cat Cyprus wearing the cone of shame during amputation recovery.
Tripawd cat Cyprus wearing the cone of shame during amputation recovery.

If you went through amputation surgery recovery with your animal, what did you think would happen after surgery? Did your worst fears happen? How did you cope?

  • I was very worried Cyprus at the age of 9 would find it difficult to adapt, would hardly be able to walk or run, and be very down and maybe not want to go out and lose interest in the things he used to do.
  • He’s a bit of an alpha male (he is neutered!) in the street and I was worried he would be nervous of other cats and become withdrawn. I was supported by the vets, oncologist and tripawds who all advised me that cats adapt very well and he has done. Also I wanted to give him the chance of living.
  • I am so pleased at how well he has adapted since the op. He is his old self, going out a lot, he can run fast and get about and has no qualms whatsoever about letting other cats know he’s in charge! 😹 He can even get on the garage roof now, which involves a big jump then walking along a narrow trellis then another big jump up – this is really impressive
Three legged cat Cyprus relax on stairs.
Cyprus learns to adapt.

What is the biggest lesson you learned from your Tripawd?

  • Life is precious. Don’t worry about comparing yourself to others and feeling down; cats don’t do that. They adapt and get on with life as best as they can. They are amazing creatures.

What is your best advice to someone who is about to go through amputation with their pet, or someone who is thinking of adopting a Tripawd?

  • Your pet can survive and thrive on 3 legs, so if amputation is best for them then do it – they will adapt. And absolutely adopt a tripawd, they will amaze you and live a life and have their own personality just as four legged pets do.
He still enjoys a safe life outside on three legs.
He still enjoys a safe life outside on three legs.

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2 thoughts on “Three-Legged Cat Cyprus”

  1. I’m happy to read Cyprus’ story because we are going to be scheduling amputation surgery for our 5 year old tortie cat Luna. She also has a sarcoma on a front paw and we have decided amputation is her best option. Cyprus’ story gives me hope that Luna can adapt well and have a great life.


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