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Seasons Greetings and Love to Our Tripawds Family

Call Tripawds Helpline for support any day
Holidays and every day, you can call the Tripawds Helpline for support.

The holidays are ruff for lots of folks here. And with good reason. Longtime members know that our community is no stranger to heartache. There’s plenty of coping with loss that happens throughout the year, but the sting feels so much worse during November and December.

Having your dog or cat lose a leg around this time puts added stress on the season, financially and emotionally. We know, because our Jerry lost his leg during Thanksgiving week.

If you are coping with the first holiday season without your beloved Tripawd, we understand how gut-wrenching this time can be. Our Spokesdog Wyatt Ray got his angel wings in November, 2020. The holidays were not hoppy for us that year.

Tripawds Community Support is 24/7, Even on Holidays

Reach out to Tripawds anytime if you want support.

If you are dealing with difficult emotions right now, we understand. And we are here for you no matter the day or date.

From the Tripawds Helpline to the Discussion Forums, you are not alone. Please reach out and talk to us. We will listen without judgement, and be here when you need us, even on Christmas and New Year’s.

Have a Beautiful Pawliday, Tripawds Friends and Family!

Hoppy Pawlidays, Tripawds Family
Hoppy Pawlidays, Tripawds Family! from Admin Guy Jim, Jerry’s Mom Rene, and Nellie B. Dawg

If you are one of the fortunate and happen to be celebrating the season with your merry and bright Tripawd hero, we are there with you too! Every Tripawd is an inspirational hero in their own right. We learned that the same year that Jerry lost his leg!

Jerry opens presents with one paw during our 2007 Florida RV travels.

Whether your Tripawd is with you next to the tree, or in your heart in spirit, the holidays are the best time to relay the message to friends and family that “It’s better to hop on three, than to limp on four!”

Wyatt’s last Christmas. Our 11 year-old Tripawd still acted so much like a puppy!

Honorary Tripawd Spoksedog Nellie B. Dawg Sends Season’s Greetings too!

Nellie hopes her joyful greetings finds you well this holiday week:

We thank you, Tripawds friends and furmily, for all you do throughout the year to help pet parents coping with their cat or dog’s limb amputation. Wherever you are, have a safe, warm, and loving holiday season everyone. We will see you in 2023!

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4 thoughts on “Seasons Greetings and Love to Our Tripawds Family”

  1. Merry Hoppy Christmas to you both as well! It’s a joy having you gals here supporting others and sharing your experience. You make the world a better place, we are so grateful!

  2. Merry Christmas! Thank you for all the help you guys along with Dr Pam gave Trixie and I this year.
    We needed the advice, assurance and gentle kindness of people in an animal loving online community. It is amazing how good folks living on an entirely different continent can provide support to someone living so far away and feeling quite out of her depth.
    God Bless,

  3. Have a Merry Christmas. I am glad Nellie found you guys. Love the picture of the 3 of you. Sending you all love and happiness into the next year


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