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Tripawd Tuesday: Stompie the Adorable Domestic Rat

It’s a Tripawd Tuesday celebration of a species we don’t often see here. Meet domestic rat Tripawd Stompie, an adorable little three-legged exotic.

Domestic rat Tripawd
Stompie the Tripawd rat was given a chance by The Rat Lady

This sweet fella is lucky enough to be loved by South African domestic rat advocate and enthusiast, @luvtinytoes, and fans around the world! Here is Stompie’s story

Meet Stompie – The gentle and busy Domestic Rat Tripawd

Stompie was rescued by a Cape Town based Rodents’ Rescue named Boggle & Brux (@boggleandbruxct) when he was only 3 weeks old. His first foster and carer Monique affectionately called him Stompie. An Afrikaans word that roughly translates to Stumpy.

Domestic Tripawd Rat Stompie
“Stompie” is an Afrikaans word that roughly translates to Stumpy

He came into the rescue along with his mother and siblings from a horrible backyard breeder situation. The conditions they were kept in were awful. Stompie’s front paw became tangled in cotton-wool-like bedding. (Please don’t use this for rodents!). Due to the unhygienic conditions this quickly became infected and necrotic. Unfortunately, it was too late to save his limb by the time he was rescued.

Stompie went in for his amputation at the Cape Exotic Animal Hospital when he was only 4 weeks old.

three legged rat rescue
He handled the operation and recovery so well for his tiny age.

Due to the extensive damage and infection, he needed a full amputation of his front left leg. The team at CEAH were amazing with his care and pain management throughout this process. He handled the operation and recovery so well for his tiny age. He was showered with love from the vets, nurses, Boggle & Brux members and the public. Thanks to donators all his vet care was covered too!

three legged rat rescue
Stompie is seeing a physiotherapist

At 5 weeks old Stompie, and his same-age friend Echo, joined Boggle & Brux Board Member Brenda’s home for after-amputation care. She is also his owner and humom now. At the same time Sarah, a registered vet physiotherapist Sarah Oxley did a consult to advise on exercises for Stompie to assist in his adjustments as a tripawd.

domestic three legged rat
He is a little zoomie and loves playing and wrestling

 Stompie has shown so much care and love for all the humans and rats around him. From the day he was rescued despite the first human he knew being so cruel. He is a little zoomie and loves playing and wrestling with Echo. The two babies will soon be joining the rest of Brenda’s mischief who already consists of 9 ratties.

Rats flourish best in groups since they are very social animals.

Due to Stompie’s extra needs however, Brenda has decided to wait until he is 12 weeks old before he permanently resides with the mischief. In the mean time him and Echo are having daily playdates with the others.

Domestic rats are often misunderstood and judged.

domestic Tripawd rat Stompie
Rats make truly wonderful pets to those willing to look after their needs.

They are genuinely caring and intelligent little companions.

Despite their bad reputation they are also very clean and just like cats use a litter box and groom themselves constantly.

They form strong bonds with their humans and rat friends

Rats make truly wonderful pets to those willing to look after their needs.

The only downside is their short average lifespan of 2-3 years.

However, thanks to his generous donors, folks like Boggle & Brux, Cape Exotic Animal Hospital@luvtinytoes and vet physiotherapist Sarah Oxley,  Stompie will have the best care, adventures and opportunities for his years to come.

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  1. Aww Thank you for telling my sweet boy’s story As an update he has now officially joined the whole mischief and is happily living with all his older adopted siblings ♥️


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