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Tripawd Tuesday: BP the 3-Legged Sled Dog Blossoms!

Today’s Tripawd Tuesday celebrates the beauty of being a foster failure to BP the 3-legged sled dog! And it also shows that even a shy, easily spooked pup can learn to trust others again. So take a break and celebrate the miracle of the human-animal bond. Here’s the story of BP the 3-legged sled dog, as told by his human, TC Wait.

Shy, 3-Legged Sled Dog Finds His Way Home

Remember this guy? Pepper the 3-legged Husky came to us as a foster a year ago. He was out of shape, overweight, and very shy. We fostered him and looked for a good home for him. Several people came to meet him, and he even went on a home visit for several weeks, but just didn’t find the right fit.

Tripawd Husky Sled Dog
Mr. BP enjoying a summer hike

Or maybe he did! After several months with him, we came to realize that our pack had exactly what Pepper (now known as Black Pepper or Mr. BP for short) was needing. He was most comfortable outside with a pack, and needed someone who understood his Husky mind and could help him overcome some of his shy hesitations and develop some trust.

Tripawd Sled Dog
This lucky 3-legged sled dog found his furever home.

Sure enough, with a lot of patience and daily work, he has turned into a delightful guy who has a brilliant sense of humor, loves to play with other dogs, and has learned to trust humans.

Tripawd Alaskan Husky on the Team
Mr. BP watching the sled preparations for the Solstice Fun Event with several other teams.

I still remember the day this past summer that Mr. BP made the decision to initiate touch. He always tolerated me touching him, but one day he just trotted over and put his head in my lap, asking for my attention. That was different. That was the day he told me he trusted me.

He is still a spooky dog, but he also has turned a corner and understands that I will not put him in harms way and will respect him. It was the beginning of a partnership, and now when new people visit he comes out to see them -from a distance- and doesn’t hide in a dog house.

Tripawd Sled Dog in Alaska
Mr. BP (on right 2nd up from sled) in action.

Even Shy Dogs Can Develop a Bond with Others

Recently, we participated in a solstice Fun Event for sled dogs and mushers to celebrate the coming of winter here in Alaska. Mr. PB, who was not excited about being touched a year ago, ran on the team and hung out with several dozen mushers and their teams. He was in his element! Cold snow, barking dogs, people who spoke Husky, and a night to enjoy howling at the moon! It was wonderful to see how much progress this dog has made in a year.

Three-legged sled dog Mr. BP
Mr. BP wearing his happy face!

Thanks to everyone who expressed interest in Mr. BP, spread the word about him, and sent him happy wishes. And for those of you out there dealing with dogs that are shy or skittish or having trouble bonding with you, please keep patiently working toward your goal. Know that it will happen, and there is no such thing as an “instant pet”. Be calm and quiet, appreciate each little step that is made, and remember that the deepest bonds don’t always happen quickly – it takes time to develop deep roots.

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