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Where to Find Help for Emergency Vet Bills

Are you looking for help for emergency vet bills? Don’t lose hope! A number of organizations exist to help pets in dire need of medical care that their humans cannot afford by offering vet bill financial assistance. 

A List of Charities for Emergency Vet Bills Help

emergency vet bills help
Scroll down for link to download Google Docs spreadsheet

If you are having financial difficulties and your pet cannot get the medical care needed for a good quality of life, or even to save their life, don’t panic.

Tripawds member Nancy, aka Brownie1201, generously volunteered to help compile a list of charitable groups that help out with emergency vet bills.

Tripawds Volunteers Make Things Happen!

Tripawd Labrador Brownie
Nancy and Brownie are quite a team!

Nancy spent hours researching the organizations, who they help, where they give and the application requirements. 3-paws up to Nancy for stepping up and answering our request for help!

The list is a Google Docs Spreadsheet (just like Microsoft Excel). To access it you will need a Google account. If you would like help downloading it, contact us.

Download the Tripawds Financial Resources for Emergency Vet Care
Google Docs Spreadsheet

Help Keep the List Current

Keeping this information current is quite a job. For example, many charitable organizations actually close their doors when donations dry up. Others may change their application requirements.

If you know of any organizations offering veterinary financial aid that are not on the Financial Help for Emergency Vet Care spreadsheet, or know of some that no longer exist, please let us know so we can update the information. Thank you.

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8 thoughts on “Where to Find Help for Emergency Vet Bills”

  1. Just wanted to add, that some of the organizations listed do not currently have funds. After visting their site, they will have funds after more donations are received, so I did leave them on spreadsheet.

  2. Thank you Jerry. But mostly all I did was take the information that was posted on this site and transfer to a spreadsheet, and I did find some additional ones along the way.

  3. Hi! Don’t forget Bandit’s BandAid! They help all dog breeds in emergency situations. I did a fundraiser for Charles’s one year ampuversary and we raised almost $250 for Bandit’s BandAid! Great folks over there!

  4. Oh wow thank you Dawn! I thought I had checked them all. Yes if you would like to send me a list of the links and updates that would be GREAT! Email me when you have a chance.

  5. This is wonderful, and so important but some links need to be checked for viability. The first in “Funds Pet Owners…” should be “Angels”, I believe, but I can’t locate a program there any longer. Banfield also leads to nowhere. We went through this list, or one similar 2 years ago and found some programs listed no longer existed, and came up otherwise empty because of income, disease, location or other restrictions. I am happy to click through links and provide updates as they are found.


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