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Find Your Tripawd’s Best Pet Insurance Company

A dog or cat’s amputation surgery and recovery gives us an education we never wanted, especially when it comes to the cost of veterinary care and the importance of having pet insurance. Finding a plan is even more mind-blowing, but the Consumers Advocate experts are here to help us find our Tripawds’ best pet insurance plan.

Experts Help Find Your Tripawd’s Best Pet Insurance Plan

Tripawds Best Pet Insurance
This article is easy to understand and so helpful.

When a dog or cat loses a leg for whatever reason, it’s not cheap. The costs of amputation surgery for dogs and cats, cancer care and other amputee pet treatments is incredibly expensive.

But no dog or cat should ever be lost to economic euthanasia because their human cannot pay for care. Today’s pet insurance plans are the best way to avoid that terrible situation. 

Unfortunately choosing pet insurance plans feels like throwing darts on a map, blindfolded! It’s hard to know which policy is best and relying only on friends’ recommendations is not a good idea because all pets and budgets are different. 

Thankfully Consumers Advocate has cut through the confusion for us in their new article, “Best Pet Insurance Based on In-Depth Reviews.” 

Tripawds Best Pet Insurance

The article breaks out pet insurance research into key areas we need to consider before enrolling in a plan:

  • What pet insurance usually covers (or won’t cover)
  • How to understand conditions covered and benefit limits
  • Which kinds of plans and coverages to avoid

We appreciate how it’s written in simple language and is easy to understand. It’s more helpful than other pet insurance articles because it compares the top pet insurance companies’ plans and premiums to one another, whether you’re in Canada or the United States.

Most plans allow you the ability to customize your deductible, reimbursement percentage, and benefit limits. Tinkering with these three factors determine what you are going to be paying monthly. 

How We Found the Best Pet Insurance Plan for Our Wyatt Ray

No, pet insurance premiums are not cheap, but neither is a vet visit. In fact, just this morning I was complaining that our Wyatt Ray’s monthly pet insurance premium costs more than our auto insurance! But after reading this article I felt better when I learned that Trupanion is giving us the best and lowest rate for the coverages we want (accident, illness, rehabilitation therapy and prescription coverage to name a few).

Don’t put this off for another day. Pet insurance is a critical emergency safety net for all of us. Our furry family members are worth the effort it takes to find a plan. Hop on over to 

Best Pet Insurance Based on In-Depth Reviews

Compare pet insurance plans with these companies.*

pet assure

embrace pet insurance


*Tripawds receives a small commission if you enroll via certain links above. Thanks for your support!

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8 thoughts on “Find Your Tripawd’s Best Pet Insurance Company”

    • Hi Deborah. Yes, as mentioned in the interview, ask whatever insurance company you are considering, to do a full medical record review of your dog. That way you will know in advance what will or will not be covered.

  1. I’ve been please with Pets Best. I paid $1000 a year with a 10% copay and $200 yearly deductible. They don’t cover hyperbaric chamber or O-Zone therapy and I’m fine with that. Usually they wire payment into my checking account within five days of the claim. premium rises as pet ages at renewal

    • Good to know Luke. Our premium with them doubled for Wyatt when he turned 9. I think that their rates also depend on the breed. Glad you are happy with them!

  2. Healthy Paws paid for everything they said they would from my girl’s xrays, bone scan, amputation with 7 day hospital stay, chemotherapy, the osteosarcoma vaccine, and, sadly, for euthanasia. I am very grateful for Healthy Paws and have enrolled my new dogs with them, too. They have been a godsend for my past dogs over the years, too. Ultimately, they paid out over $20,000 in claims over a 25 month period. They allowed me to give her a very happy and very healthy 25 months. Worth every cent of the monthly premium.

    • Wow thank you for sharing your experience! You’re not the first person to say great things about Healthy Paws. I’m so hoppy it worked out for your pack!

    • We use Healthy Paws for our Tripawd, too. They covered the cost of her amputation and now they are covering her chemo. I chose a $250 deductible and a 90% reimbursement.


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