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Tripawd Tuesday: Gerty the Golden Angel

Unstoppable. It’s a perfect way to describe today’s Tripawd Tuesday hero, Gerty. This sweet angel spent her life making a difference in and around the beautiful mountain community of Chester, California, with her mom Sandy. She’s an angel dog now, but her spirit is stronger than ever. We hope you enjoy Sandy’s inspirational story about her heart dog as much as we do.

The Unstoppable Tripawd Gerty 

Tripawd Gerty the Golden
Today we salute a dog who made a big difference in the world!

Gerty was a Tripawd. Not sure what kind of cancer she had but it was in the joint back left leg. This cancer was aggressive but only effected her leg so cutting it off, no cancer. This was in 2013. Gerty passed away in May of 2016 and was unrelated to the cancer in her leg.

Gerty had a spirit like no other dog. She was my search and rescue dog certified in area, cadaver and water with California Rescue Dog Association. At the time of her amputation she was certified in water and cadaver.

The Tripawd web site helped me so much. I was so worried Gerty would lose her spirit with her leg but that didn’t happen at all.

Picture attached was our first trip to Fort Bragg and my Gerty running on the beach. NO stopping her. Every day Gerty lived life.

At work I have this picture on my computer. A co-worker asked me why I photo shopped Gerty’s leg out of the picture… I replied I didn’t… She couldn’t believe Gerty could run on three legs but she didn’t know my Gerty.

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2 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Gerty the Golden Angel”

  1. CLEARLY GERTY LOVED A LIFE OF PURPOSE AND CHOCK FULL OF MEANING!! You’ll never know all the lives she touched and all the ways people were inspired as she went about her job on three legs

    Hahaha! I love your co-workers comment about photoshopping her leg! Too funny!
    Thank you for sharing Gerty with us…with everyone. This is a beautiful tribute! Gerry is quite a Beacon of Hope for anyone starting this journey. In fact I’m going to reference her in a post to a newbie just starting this jkurney. The Vet gave the dog a “statistic” of four months. Gerry will tell her otherwise!

    Sally and My Chunky Spiritual Being Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too .

  2. It certainly looks like Gerty lived life everyday to the absolute fullest! What a very brave job she had!
    And such a brilliant picture! Thank you for sharing your beautiful girl with us!
    All the very best from
    Petra, Stewie and his Kittens.


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