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Bowie’s Canine Osteosarcoma Vaccine Experience

Last week we discussed the Canine Osteosarcoma Vaccine facts, but there’s so much more say! The biggest dog cancer treatment breakthrough in decades is underway. Many brave Tripawd parents and their canines play a role in this important new cancer therapy, like Prakash and Dexter, and Connie Kruzan and her beautiful Greyhound, Bowie.


We are sad to report that as of 12/20 this vaccine is no longer available. Dr. Sue Ettinger explains why:

Their Canine Cancer Osteosarcoma Vaccine Experience Gives Hope to Many

canine osteosarcoma vaccine experience
Bowie and Connie wait for the vaccine.

Connie and her retired racing Greyhound Bowie (aka “Bella Run Softly”) are from Southern California. Last year, Bowie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. Vets gave Connie the usual depressing prognosis. Most dogs affected by this cancer live about one year after being diagnosed. Rates are slightly better if dogs undergo chemotherapy.

Connie felt sadness but a surge of hope too. The new canine cancer osteosarcoma vaccine seemed possible. Maybe she could beat the disease if Bowie lived long enough to receive the vaccine.

Her dreams came true. Bowie is in good health one year after her diagnosis. She’s part of the extended field study of the Canine Osteosarcoma Vaccine made by Aratana Therapeutics, Inc. As a patient of Dr. Andrew Vaughan DVM, MS ACVIM (Oncology) of the Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center, Bowie is receiving three injections. She gets them three weeks apart. In return, her immune system fights off osteosarcoma metastasis.

We met up with Connie in Las Vegas to discuss her clinical trial experience:

Being in the trial is a win-win for everyone. For example, Bowie gets the latest treatment intended to prevent metastasis. And now, more dogs can live longer with this disease as it becomes a normal osteosarcoma cancer protocol. Eventually, humans with the rare disease may benefit too. It’s all because of the brave canines and their humans who participated in the Canine Osteosarcoma Vaccine clinical trials and field study.

Ask your vet to find a Canine Osteosarcoma Vaccine field study near you. Or, call Aratana’s Customer Care team: 1-844-ARATANA (272-8262).

Learn More About the Canine Osteosarcoma Vaccine

Get the Canine Cancer Osteosarcoma Vaccine Facts
Vaccine holds promise for treating osteosarcoma in dogs


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22 thoughts on “Bowie’s Canine Osteosarcoma Vaccine Experience”

  1. Not sure if anyone is still following this thread but our Max is going on 9 and will have his hind right leg amputated next week. Chemo and than the new Vaccine. The Vet we’re going to is charging $1,800.00 per treatment. It’s a lot but it sounds like it will work and will be worth every penny.

  2. My six year old greyhound Zeke had a front leg amputation two months ago (this, after breaking a back leg on the track when he was two). He has had two of four carboplatin treatments and I have decided to move forward with the osteo vaccine. The oncologist at my local vet calls it a game changer. I understand that those of you whose dog is part of the trials are constrained in your ability to share your experiences, but anything you can talk about would be greatly appreciated. The oncologist is giving me a choice of being part of the study or administering the vaccine outside the study. Has anyone run into this situation? Connie, do I understand that Bowie developed more osteo after she completed the vaccine course? Thanks to all in advance.

  3. My Brittany, Chief, has completed 2 of the three rounds of the trial treatment after completing 4 rounds of chemo and amputation. Hoping for the best with it. He is a young osteosarcoma patient, just 3 years old, so truly hope it works and for all of yours. He is happy and playful despite it all. Best of luck to all of you.

    • That’s wonderful Carrie! Best wishes to Chief, may he #kickcancersbutt and show the world this disease is not a show stopper! Keep us posted.

  4. Another update on Bowie! She is still with me, doing well and very very happy. In early May she developed 2 soft tissue nodules that were determined to be osteosarcoma. She’s stable, happy, running and playing, with a good appetite, so that works for me. Every day she’s happy and healthy is a true gift. ❤

  5. The sweetest and most gentle dog- My 8 yo femal Fila- was diagnosed last Thursday- next week we are going to the oncologist for further test and possible treatment. I truly hope we can sign her up for this program!

  6. My dog , Cody , is scheduled for a consultation in 2 weeks . I am curious to hear how your dogs tolerated the treatment

    • As part of being in the study, participants are not allowed to publicly comment on many aspects of the study so that the final analyses are not skewed in any way.

  7. Jerry, you are absolutely right; I signed paperwork today that greatly limits my ability to discuss Casey’s experience in the field trial.

    One interesting thing . . . Casey was to be one of four dogs receiving the vaccine this Friday. The other three have dropped out, they believe due to cost. To my oncologist’s knowledge, there is one other participant in the country right now and I think we know who that is.

  8. Cool!

    Casey is scheduled for pre-study testing a week from today and his first of three vaccinations a week from Friday.

    Can you share what your clinic is charging for this trial? Known costs in Casey’s case are over $4,000 for pre-study tests ($460) and the three vaccinations at $1,200 each.

    • Good luck with Casey!

      Please be aware that like anything in veterinary medicine, costs will vary from place to place. Also, as part of being in the study, participants are not allowed to publicly comment on many aspects of the study so that the final analyses are not skewed in any way.

    • Thank you so much! We’re praying it works, too. <3 Bowie is taking a beauty nap right now, she's upside down on her dog bed! It's hard work being an osteo butt kicker!


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