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Tripawds Learns About Three Legged Cats at #WVC2017

The WVC conference has been so educational for us. Over the last two days we’ve met more people than ever who have Tripawds at home. All week long members of the vet community have been sharing recovery and health tips for three-legged animals. We’re especially learning a lot about three-legged cats. For example, Dana is a vet tech who adopted Sammy, a three-legged kitten with a defective rear limb. Dana thinks Sammy’s bad leg was damaged in-utero because the umbilical cord got wrapped around it.

Tripawd Cat DIY Support Suit
Dana and Sammy the Tripawd Cat

Learn About This Neat DIY Tripawd Cat Support Shirt

There’s no better resource than here at the WVC conference to learn more about how to keep Tripawds healthy. Vets and vet techs have such huge hearts. Many of them have Tripawd dogs and cats because they rescued these critters from bad situations. Some in the vet community have had multiple Tripawds through the years!

When Dana told us she made a DIY Tripawd cat support suit out of a t-shirt sleeve, we had to hear more. Her cat Sammy has a back leg with a missing paw. But the leg drags on the ground and that causes problems. Dana wanted to do something to keep the deformed limb from being damaged. So here she is explaining how she made her Tripawd cat a support suit out of a simple t-shirt sleeve.

This is just a tiny snippet of all the cool things we’ve learned by exhibiting at the WVC conference. We can’t wait to share tons more tips for Tripawd cats and dogs from the WVC conference. Stay tuned for much more.

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1 thought on “Tripawds Learns About Three Legged Cats at #WVC2017”

  1. Good tip!! And Sammynis ADORABLE!!

    So glad to hear how many in the profession have taken tripawds jnto their hearts and homes 🙂

    Be safe out there in Vegas Land!

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