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Tripawd Tuesday: Una the One-Legged Chicken Proves ’em Wrong

Every day in the world an animal teaches silly humans that being “different” from the others is not a big deal. For a long time we’ve seen cats and dogs thrive as Tripawds, but rarely does another species rock our world the way Una the one-legged chicken does. Today’s Tripawd Tuesday is dedicated to Una, her amazing people and one-legged chickens around the globe.

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one-legged chicken Una
She stands tall and proud on one leg.

This very special family went against the grain of other backyard chicken farmers. They didn’t “cull” little Una from the flock because she was born with one less leg. Instead they registered in the Discussion Forums as chippy99th to ask if Tripawds members had experience with one-legged chickens. We’re so glad they did! Since December we’ve had fun watching Una grow into a fabulous unipawd. Here’s her story as told by her human mom.

Una the One-Legged Chicken Unipawd Grows Up

“I feel a little awkward posting on a site that is geared towards dogs and cats, but I’m desperate. You see, on Saturday (12-19-16) I had a baby chick hatch with just one leg . . . I’ve posted on some poultry forums and the general response I got was, “Aww poor thing, guess you’ll have to put her down.” Some people were not even that gentle about it. One lady told me cull her because “it’ll never be a real chicken” and “You should save your efforts for the best chicks. . . “

one-legged chicken foot
Una’s special foot.

“If a dog can learn to walk on two legs, a chicken can walk on one.”

Una continued to amaze us through December and January.

one-legged chicken Una

“Just in the last few days, Una has made the following achievements:

  • Much better stability. She no longer feels the need to lean against the wall/my leg as much and will venture off on her own or with Gloria during our “field trips” outside. She also doesn’t have to be as careful -for example, she can climb onto my lap and jump back to the ground without “crash landing.”
  • Greater stamina. I think the leaning has also decreased because she doesn’t get tired as quickly, and she sits a lot less. She stands almost as much as Gloria, in fact.
  • More control. I’ve seen some people on this site saying their tripawds had an easier time going fast than going slow; that’s been true for Una as well, but she’s gotten much better at small, neat hops. More like “steps.” In fact, during her best stretches someone watching from above might not even be able to tell she’s one-legged! She’s gotten better at straight lines as well.

Una’s mom continued amazing us with her inspiring stories of how Una’s learned to adapt. She’s doing great!

Here’s our lovely Una. She tends to droop her wing a little more on that side, and uses it for balance. . . Una has turned into a CUDDLE MONSTER.”

one-legged chicken Una
Una the one-legged cuddle monster chicken!

Read Una’s entire story. You too can learn all about the life of a one-legged chicken and learn so much!

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2 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Una the One-Legged Chicken Proves ’em Wrong”

  1. I just loved following the story of Una and all jer “pack”! And it just lights up my world to see how caring her human is and how committed she is to Una’s wellbeing!

    And, we are learning so much about the world pf the delightful chicken and all the ways they are such special individuals. Sich a fascinating journey on so many levels!

    Thank you for highlighting Una and her lovely human!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!


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