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Tripawd Tuesday: Manni Thrives After Bone Cancer Amputation

Animals generally thrive after amputation. But most of us didn’t know that when the vet said our own dog or cat’s leg had to come off. If you considered euthanizing your animal rather than proceeding with surgery, you’re not alone. Manni’s mom did too. And as this Tripawd Tuesday feature shows, she one pet parent who is so glad she listened to her heart. 

Tripawd Tuesday: “What is the right decision for the dog and not the owner?”

tripawd tuesday, bone cancer, osteosarcoma, amputation, recovery
Manni is glad recovery is behind him!

Tina and Manni live in Germany. When faced with the agonizing decision of whether or not to proceed with amputation, Tina wrote in Manni’s Tripawd blog:

Give Manni a fighting chance on three legs, with risking a lot more pain, falls and possible trauma? Putting him down at the peak of his life but sparing him from further pain?

What is the right decision for the dog and not the owner??
To me, and to this day, it comes down to this question.

I decided to give it a try. Because you can only put an animal down once, can’t you?

She explains that although she went ahead with amputation, it wasn’t easy. This is the part of the journey that all of us here try to be honest and upfront about when new members join. Tina shares part of Manni’s tough amputation recovery by writing:

Tripawd dog stroller

And it was close, to be honest. The first 2 weeks were horrible. If I had known that before, well… but what really made all the difference was getting him motivated again. In Manni’s case motivation came in the form of his big doggy love Lilly, our neighbor’s dog. The poor man had to bring his dog over three times a day so mine would go outside. From then on, improvement was constant, except for the phantom pains that stayed with us for 6 months before slowly disappearing. Physical therapy and training made for additional improvement, balance and power.

Thankfully, she and Manni stuck it out. And now, this dynamic duo is celebrating two big milestones: Manni’s tenth birthday on January 28, and a ONE YEAR ampuversary after his osteosarcoma diagnosis!

He will turn ten on January 28 and I wasn’t sure if we would even get that far. Yesterday, however, marked our 1 year ampuversary. 12 months, no signs of mets yet, going strong!! I didn’t dare let myself believe and I am so thankful to still have him around. I love him to pieces, he is my greatest pride and our bond is even stronger after this endeavor.

Join us in wishing Tina and Manni a big congratulations. Their story is proof that the Tripawd journey can be filled with good times and lifelong pawsitive memories! 

bone cancer, osteosarcoma, dog, recovery

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4 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Manni Thrives After Bone Cancer Amputation”

  1. Manni’s story gives me hope! And I loved the video of him enjoying a romp through the forest. Thank you for sharing your story 🙂

    Jeanette & Boone

  2. This was a great read as someone who is only on day 9 of amputation recovery with our girl. It is tough, and the future is scary too, but this brightened my day!

    Congratulations Manni and Mom!!

  3. Oh Manni!! You absolutely melt my heart! I could look at photos of you all day long!! 🙂

    And because your human had the courage to listen to her inner voice, you now CELEBRATING A MIRACULOUS ONE YEAR AMPUVERSARY …and WAIT…there’s more! We get to celebrate a HAPPY TEN YEAR BIRTHDAY!!!

    Manni and his Mom stayed the course through a rough recovery, including a long bout with phantom limb pain!

    Thank you so much for sharing all of the thought processes you went through to go forward with the amputation and the hurdles you faced during recovery.

    And the best part of this post is seeing hiw incredibly happy Manni is and how much he continues to live life ro the fullest!! Manni sure know how to BE MORE DOG!!

    You are a ROCK STAR!! 🙂


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

    PS can’t wait to see more photos in his blog! Such a handsome boy! 🙂


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