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Tripawd Tuesday: Kasey Bounces Back from a Broken Toe

Today on Tripawd Tuesday you’ll see how even a senior Tripawd dog can overcome more than just amputation, but a broken toe to boot!


Read on to see how Kasey the Senior Tripawd Beagle overcame not just amputation because of a mast cell cancer tumor, but a fractured toe a few months later. You’ll learn how her Momma Danell faced this scary situation and how they continue to overcome this latest challenge with spirit and pawsitivity. Danell writes:

Kasey, my 12-year-old Beagle had her front right leg and shoulder amputated in February 2014. She had a mass cell tumor and the only way to remove the tumor was amputation. Kasey adjusted fine to life on three legs and has had no issues. The tumor was rated at a high stage one/low stage two so hopefully the cancer was caught in time. Well about a week ago, I took Kasey on a walk and we were on our way back to the house and she stumbled. She tried to keep walking but it was almost like she froze and then fell to the ground. I looked and her paw on her left front leg and she cried.


I called the vet and I took her in. The vet working was not Kasey’s normal vet and she said the toe appeared to be broke. The X-ray machine was not working so I would have to bring her back. The vet said that there was a possibility that the toe would need to be amputated. Fear immediately hit me and I thought you have got to be kidding me. How could I put her through another amputation? I limited Kasey’s movement all weekend and called the vet on Monday. The X-ray machine was in the process of being fixed and I made an appointment to take her in on Tuesday.

Would Tripawd Kasey Lose a Toe?

I dropped her off on my way to work Tuesday morning and before I could get to work the vet called. He said her toe was definitely broke. The bone was broke right in two. He said that he did not see amputation as being necessary right now, but it could be a possibility later down the road. I go into the vet’s office after work and the vet was very detailed with me. He showed me the X-ray and sure enough there was a clean break right in two. The vet explained to me that they had put a splint on the toe and there was a bandage. He had done a laser treatment that gets down under the skin, generates blood flow, and kind of generates cell repair around the toe. I would have to do this once a week for the next six weeks and then see where we stood.


I felt that this was my best choice. Kasey was acting fine, putting weight on the toe, jumping around and the vet was just as confused as I was. He feels that with her acting like she was, hopefully the laser treatment will be the answer.

Four weeks later …

Last week Kasey developed a yeast infection in the foot with the broken toe. Her splint fell off on Wednesday morning before I left for work. I was opening the back door for her to go outside and she flung up her foot and the splint went flying. When she came back inside I noticed a sore on her foot. I immediately worried, called work told them I would be in late and took her to the vet. I left her there for the day and when I picked her up the vet said she had a yeast infection in the foot. Since dogs sweat through their pads the splint got moist and she started to lick it which created more moisture. She developed the sore and yeast started to build up. The vet has kept the splint off and I have a topical solution to put on her foot. The swelling and redness has went down since Wednesday, but I can see that it’s still bothering her.


On a positive note, the vet did an x-ray and the toe seems to be healing well. There are calcium deposits that are building around the toe and making it better. The blood flow in the toe is doing fine as well. The vet said she seems to be doing pretty good and amputation of the toe does not seem necessary. She will go back in on Tuesday for another laser treatment on the toe and then two more treatments after this one. My fingers remained crossed! My other two dogs seem to know that Kasey is not her normal self and they help her too!

Kasey Doesn’t Skip a Beat

It has really been an adventure. I worry about the possibility of amputating the toe, but I know right now I need to focus on Kasey and doing what I can to make amputation not happen. She continues to walk around, go up and down the stairs, and jumps on the couch. I try to carry her as much as I can, but she gets aggravated and wants to be with the other two dogs.

I am truly amazed at how well she has adapted to everything. She had a full amputation on her front right leg seven months ago and now breaks a toe on her only remaining front leg. Even though she has gone through so much, she hasn’t skipped a beat. I think this entire process has been harder on me! This group has truly helped me through a lot of this process. I’m just crossing my fingers that the treatment helps to heal her toe!

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2 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Kasey Bounces Back from a Broken Toe”

  1. Thanks! I am so proud of her and her determination! I took her back to the vet today for her 5th laser treatment and the vet said the toe feels good. She will go back next week for her 6th laser treatment. The yeast infection is clearing up too!
    Danell and Kasey

  2. Could not read through this fast enough…every sentence left me breathless and wanting to see where the next entry w o uld lead!

    What an amazing dog AND amazing human advocates!!! Such devotionz determination and strength…on everybody’s part!

    Cannot tell you how hard I’m cheering for Kasey right now! An incredible little soul with sooooo much spunk!! Standing ovation little Beagle!!!!!!!

    Thank yo j so much for this empowering story….AND….great pictures!!!

    Extra treats tonight….maybe even a scoop of ice cream!!!!

    Sending lots of love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!


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