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Wordless Wednesday: Tripawd Tribute

A Tripawd Tribute to Gunner.
His Mom Kim writes:

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I share that Gunner earned his wings today. 9 months post amputation. What a great 9 months we had with him. Thank you so much to the tripawd family for the information, love and support you all shared with us. We will treasure it and Gunner always.

Gunner Post Op

Gunner Halloween


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9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Tripawd Tribute”

  1. Gunner, I sure can tell you were o e hapy pup while you were here n your “earth clothes”. Even if your momma dressed you up as a leg leg pirate! Clearly the two of you have a sense of humor! You’re a golden…of course you do!

    Kim, I’m so very, very sorry for your loss. Anyone who has been “owned” by a tripwad ows whst special, so very special souls they are. Ad then to be a “hapoy-go-lucky Golden” on top of that…..yeah, you have a very very special boy there!

    I know your grief is immense and you feel like it will never end. I don’t think it “ends” per se, but it doeas get pushed further and further away as the joyous memories you and Gunner shared together start coming back to you.

    I’m sre he had the very best time being your soul ate and he will take yor eternal love with him.
    And ne will leave is eternal .love nestled safely in your heart.

    The whole tripawd community is here for you if you feel like sharing more stories aout your heroic and magnificent boy. His pictures can’t help but mae you smile and we would love to seee more

    He kows he was loved a d he kows you did everything possible for him. If you can take a mo e t to be n a still and quiet place…very quiet…I think you’ll hear him say, “Thanks Mom! I had THE best time!”.

    Surrou ding you with Gunner’s etenall love and comforting grace .

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. I’m very sorry for your sad news. What a beautiful furry child he was. You’ve been blessed to have each other, even for these 9 months post amp that you will forever cherish.

  3. So very sorry to learn the sad news. How wonderful it was that you had those 9 months with him and that at end he had the priviledge of living it happily with you. No better way to live than know one was loved. May the happy memories of time spent together happily sustain you.

    • Apologies – just re-read this post today and I realize he had his amputation 9 months ago – not that you had him 9 months. He reminds me very much of my big sheltie/aussie mix brother Weasel. I can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through. So very sorry.


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