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Tripawd Tuesday: Golden Grady’s Glorious Recovery

If you’re new to the Tripawd journey and facing recovery challenges, we hope that this edition of Tripawd Tuesday will brighten your day. Everyone, meet Grady!


Grady lost his leg to cancer. Here are excerpts from Grady’s story, as told by his people. You can read lots more about his journey in this Tripawds Discussion Forums post.

“Grady is a Golden, and he’ll be 11 on Nov.18th.

His amputation was on a Friday. On Sunday afternoon, I had left his side for all of four minutes…and when I came back, he was on the couch. We did hit that slump in between weeks 1 and 2, when his energy dropped, he seemed depressed, and we thought he may have been sicker than we thought. He also popped a few stitches after 1 week, and got a few external stitches to close the wound back up.


So, at 3 weeks post-amp, he happily hopped back to the vet to have his stitches removed, ANOTHER chest xray, and CBC. The vet was truly stunned at his mobility and perkiness, and all bloodwork was 100% perfect!

We asked when we should bring him back, and he said…they’re taught to never use the word “cured” when dealing with cancer, but I should read between the lines: we’ll see you in March, for his annual well-check!

My son now uses Grady on weekends, with Wounded Warriors, and Grady also spends time at an adult daycare facility, for handicapped adults, and elderly patients. He still catches air, all 3 legs off the ground, and has learned to scratch at the back door (he’s a front leg amp!). I have a heart attack when he does stairs, but he does them better than he did prior to his surgery. He chases balls, chickens, kids…it rewound time for him.

I love all of my pets (3 dogs, 2 cats, and 6 chickens), but there’s just something so inspiring and downright admirable about a dog that goes through an amputation that’s oddly calming. My perspective, not just on my dog, but on LIFE, had been profoundly affected!


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3 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Golden Grady’s Glorious Recovery”

  1. Your golden is such a handsome guy. I’m so glad things are going well for him. My Jake (also a golden) just had bisn2nd dose of chemo yesterday. 3 more to go…. So far so good and labs have been good so keeping my fingers crossed for you as well!

  2. LOL, he is SO much more handsome when I see him through someone else’s eyes! He looks like a celebrity…I won’t show him this. He doesn’t need the ego 😉

  3. LOVING THIS!! Grinning ear to ear over here!!

    ‘Benn following this sweet boy on the Forums and just tickled pink to see him here today!


    And the pictures!! OMD!! Such a handsome, hapy boy!!

    I love how you say “rewound time” That’s what it does for us! It gives us that “extra” te to make sure we don’t miss out on a thing!

    GLORIOUS UPLIFTING POST! Thank you so much!

    Love and hugs to you and Grady! Keep on touching lives Grady! You were born to inspire!!

    Sally and Happy Hannah


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