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With Thanks

Tripawds pawrents, there is no way we can say it enough; the gratitude we feel for the kindness, the love, the compassion that you show in this community is greater than any words we can think of.

Each and every day, you help make this world a better place because you take time out of your busy life to come here and support strangers around the globe during very difficult times. With each act of kindness, whether in the Forums, on our Facebook page or behind the scenes in a private message, you are making the world a better place — and turning strangers into friends.

Sometimes it’s not easy to be here and there is no judgement when you can’t be. When a beloved Tripawd earns a pair of wings, when life suddenly takes a terrible turn, we understand the difficulty in reliving your own heartache and loss. Please never feel badly when you need to take care of your own emotional needs first. For if you can’t get strong again, you can’t make a difference later on. The world needs you but only when you’re ready.

On this Thanksgiving Holiday, we send our most heartfelt thanks and appreciation for everything YOU have done to help this community. Every act and gesture is a treasure.

May you have a beautiful Thanksgiving and a holiday season filled with love.

With deepest appreciation now and always,

Rene, Jim, Wyatt Ray, Spirit Jerry and the Tripawds Nation

Thank you for your support!

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5 thoughts on “With Thanks”

  1. There is no other place like Tripawds! Never is there a harsh word, ever. Only love & comfort. It truly is a special place here. It’s hard to explain to someone else … it’s more than a support group, it’s family.
    <3 Donna & Murphy

  2. Ditto! Ditto!

    Thank you for a forum where that’s safe to be whomever we need to be at at any given moment to get through this journey…..and to feel loved while doing it….and to be able to give love.back.

    You are our light that illuminates our path and keeps us out of the darkness. Thank you.

    With gratitude,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  3. Well, I know without The Tripawds site, Jim, Rene, Spirit Jerry & Wyatt I wouldn’t be where I am and wouldn’t have probably made it through Sassy’s journey as I did. Each and everyone on this site makes it more bearable and tolerable. No one judged or said it should be one way or another about amputation, chemo or when we have to make that decision to let our baby go. I thank everyone here for making me a better person and being on Sassy & my journey.

    Thank you. I agree wonderfully said

    Michelle & Angel Sassy


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