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Tripawd Tuesday: Six Years and Counting, Scout Still Shines

Recently we received this happy update from one of our earliest Tripawds members, Scout.


He is a senior dog and six-year survivor of synovial cell sarcoma cancer and he writes;

“Hi guys, Scout the wonderdog here. You and Jerry helped me with the amputation almost 6 years ago! My mom wrote a blog about us both going through cancer and we thought you and your readers would enjoy it. I am 13 now, and still going strong!”

When you read this post on his Momma Lauren’s blog, you better have some tissues ready.  We know you’ll find his latest news as unforgettable as we did.

Scout the Wonder Dog

Read this entire post at Scout the Wonder Dog


“I have come to understand that it’s not about what is gone, but what remains. That is really all it’s about despite how complex we want to make it; that the cancer is gone and your leg doesn’t hurt anymore. We don’t have to be whole to be whole, and sometimes, despite our very human emotional stuff, we are more whole when we get rid of the part of us that hurts. This big beautiful joyful side of us emerges when the pain is gone; one that is even better than before. We don’t have to wait for it to come.

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4 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Six Years and Counting, Scout Still Shines”

  1. Get out the tissues is right!! OMD

    This is so heartfelt and so beautifully articluated!

    This soul, this beatiful dog soul……and your soul, this beautiful human soul…clesrly have a connection carved out by an all knowing Universe that is ot of this world! But yo already get that, don’t you?

    Mu comuter/tavlet is giving me fits right now, so I’m going to stop before it crashes.

    Your heart and higher self truly guided every word yo wrote. Thank you and Scout for allowing us to to step into your light and esperience your eloquent grace..

    Love and light,

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. We are so connected, in a very magical and spiritual way. But you know, everybody loves scout, he has that effect on everyone 🙂

      lauren & scout

  2. Scout and his momma are tributes, are heroes, are inspirations, are LUCKY. WOW, Scout, you handsome guy! 13 years young! Amazing. Thanks for coming back and sharing your marvelous update. I’m thankful you were today’s Tripawd Tuesday. Congrats!
    ~ Katy & Jackson


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