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Tripawd Tuesday Applauds Pokey the Pittie

Welcome to another edition of Tripawd Tuesday. In this weekly celebration we spotlight the life of one of our special Tripawd community members. Read on to find out how your Tripawd cat or dog can be a Tripawd Tuesday star, but meanwhile we hope you enjoy Pokey’s story as told to us by  her Momma, by Jessica Lang

This is Pokey, our sweet full blood Pit Bull who will be turning 15 years old this October. I have had her since she was 6 weeks old so she is more like a child to me than a pet.


About 18 months ago I found a small marble size nodule on her right back leg and within a few weeks it had grown to the size of an orange. She was diagnosed with hemangiopericytoma and we had the tumor removed. This was a very stressful time for our family. Due to the area and depth of the tumor her leg had to be completely “skinned”. I had to change her dressings every three days. I can not even imagine the pain this must have caused Pokey. Five weeks post-op, we were changing her bandages as usual when I saw an abnormality starting to form. My heart sunk as I realized it was the tumor growing back.

We were now faced with the tremendous task of making the hardest decision we ever had to make concerning Pokey. We prayed and cried, then prayed some more and eventually came to the conclusion that an amputation was the best choice for her.

The night of her operation was the most heart wrenching night I have ever lived through. Pokey was in so much pain. She cried, wailed, moaned, and at times, what sounded like to me, screamed. I began to question my decision to have the leg removed. I just couldn’t bare to see her in so much pain. The next few weeks were difficult and it seemed like Pokey would never have a quality life with just three legs. But, she toughed it out and despite her age and arthritis in her remaining back leg she began to adjust to her new body.

She continues to surprise and amaze me with her strength and adaptability. Today marks one year since the surgery and Pokey still has days when she can hardly walk and sometimes forgets there isn’t a leg there anymore and falls trying to put weight on it. But there are more good days than bad, and she is enjoying life.

As hard as this whole experience has been on Pokey and our family, looking back, we would not change one thing. Without the amputation we would not have had this past year with our sweet girl, and for that I am eternally grateful!

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2 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday Applauds Pokey the Pittie”

  1. Ohhhhh WOW! I know…..really do know… you agonized over your decision and then how you felt like you made the worst decision ever during her seeminfly forever recovery!!

    But NOW! YES! Best decision ever!!

    FIFTEEN YEARS YOUNG!!! Tht’s amazing! Hedk yeah—three legs or four—–I’m sure she does have some days where it’s a little harder getting around!! It’s called FIFTEEN!

    You are ncredible pawparents and she is blessed to have yo by her side as you are to have Pokey by your side! What a special girl she is!

    Your pictures are wonderful! I love h!er coloring. Ner face is so sweet…so prety….she has a beautiful “bone structure”… jaw line e……the ,knd of structure models go through plastic surgery to get!!

    Thank you for sharing our heart warming journey with s! Talk about an nspiration…a beacon of hope…an example of determination, devotion and love….WOW!

    Special hugs to that lovely Pokey from the entire tripawd commjnity! And wrap yourself up in ne of our hugs to! You both deserve It!!

    Standing ovation going on over here!! Goodness graxious, the applause is so loud I can hardly hear the “hip…….hip……hooooo raaaaaaay”!


    Sally and Happy Hannah

    • Thank you soo very much Sally and Hannah!! Yes, it has been quite a journey but I know it is one that many others have had to embark on as well!! I am just so thankful for the wonderful support the Tripawds community gives, not just to our family, but the numerous others that are faced with this life changing experience as well! Tripawds is truly one of a kind! When we began this process I scoured the web for support groups and surprisingly this is the only one I found. But I am so thankful that I did. What a refreshing and comforting feeling to know that Pokey and our family were not the only ones having to go through this. Thank you so much again for your words of encouragement and praise!! They mean more than you know!! <3


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