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Tripawd Tuesday Featuring Iris

Welcome to another edition of Tripawd Tuesday! Today we bring you the story of Iris, Tripawd to Jessica Frishman and family.

“This is Iris we adopted her last year at 11years young, with heartworms and minus a front leg. Oh, did we mention she’s a hairless mix and her tongue dangles just adding to her charm.

We celebrated her 1st Gotcha Day March 16th. In our first year together she battled a mast cell tumor and kicked cancer’s arse! She is our second tripawd, adopting her shortly after our three legged lab mix passed last January when 8 years missing a front leg had taken its toll.

A home just isn’t home without a tripawd! Tripawds Rule!”

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4 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday Featuring Iris”

  1. Aww! Benny55 we adopted iris because she had three legs and because we felt no one would want a senior dog tripawd, plus not many people are aware of the slow kill heartworm treatment vs. the harsh treatment. She was actually very shy and reserved when we first brought her home. That lasted about 3 weeks. Lol. But she does have uncanny personality traits to our Tripawd lab mix, Kodi. If she were still around I believe she and Iris would be partners in crime. My husband and I have discussed the similarities, but I think both of us would feel crazy if we suggested…. And we have certainly never discussed it with anyone else for fear of being committed. Lol. But we were not ready for another dog, but a crazy looking hairless Tripawd presented herself when we were hurting the most. I am not sure what our families thoughts are on spirituality as a whole… But I do believe in fate, and fate gave us a boisterous, outgoing, comical character to feel the emptiness and silence of our home.

  2. I was Iris’ foster mom and I have to say, she is THE most amazing dog I ever fostered. I am so glad Jessica’s stayed in touch with us and I get to see all of Iris’ amazing adventures in her life. I’m especially thrilled that she’s therapy-dog certified and she takes her joy to others on a regular basis. She is a gift.

  3. Agreed. What a lucky girl to have found such a loving family who are committed to giving her every opportunity to enjoy a wonderful life in her senior years.

  4. Such a heartwarming story and so uplifting. Iris you are BEAUTIFUL and clearly loved by a very special family. So glad you are all together. I think you lab/mix angel had a paw in this!

    Enjoy basking in the sunlight and thanks for putting the sunshine in our day.

    Sally and Happy Hannah


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