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Happy Triday from Peggy Sue

We are very happy to be able to share Peg’s amazing story!

Three Legged Rescue Malamute PegMy name is Peggy Sue (Peg for short). For about 6 years, I lived with about 180 of my furfriends tied to trees in the woods, and one man who “owned” us. We were hungry, thirsty and cold most of the time. Some of my friends just eventually stopped moving and he took them away. One day some people showed up and took us all away to the shelter and started feeding us and taking good care of us. They noticed that my right foot was missing, and that I was in pain when I tried to step on it.

I went to sleep one day, and when I woke up, I was out of balance because now the rest of my leg was missing! Then a few days later, some nice people showed up and took me to live with them and my furry brother, Max. They have steps in their house, so it took me a little while to figure them out, but now I run up the steps, but I am more careful when I come down so I don’t slip. I have a big yard, a nice soft bed, lots of good food and treats, and a truck and an RV that I love to go in. I love to run around the yard but especially to be with my big brother. He has taught me so much that now I don’t even miss my leg!

This is my story.

Peggy Sue (as narrated to her mom)

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