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There Are No Right Answers

Every Tripawd member arrives here with different experiences, opinions and beliefs, but one thing we all share in common is a profound love and appreciation for our animal companions.

Roop says goodbye to Dodger in SingaporeWhen a new member arrives, it’s easy to remember how we were once in their situation; frantic, scared, alone, and desperately seeking some kind of direction that will lead us to the “right” choice for our animal.

During those dark times, we just want someone to figure out our dilemma and tell us “you should do this . . . ”

But ironically, perhaps the greatest lesson that we have learned since founding Tripawds in 2006 is,

There are no “right” answers!

Every situation is so unique, that we cannot legitimately say to someone:

“you should . . . amputate /not amputate / do chemo / go holistic / do nothing.”

This is why a good vet will never say those words to a client. Because what is right for one person’s animal is not right for another. We all come from such a variety of backgrounds that one answer, one treatment choice, one path, is not right for everyone.

Coco BearThe best anyone of us can do is share our experiences, answer questions as honestly as possible and support pawrents as they make choices during their Tripawd journey.

This is one of our biggest goals with Tripawds: to welcome everyone with open arms and respect their treatment choices regardless of whether or not we agree with how they proceed. New members eventually learn that the only “right” answer, is the one that works best for their pack.

Ultimately, the purpose of this pawesome community is to help Tripawds live the best life they possibly can within the parameters of their circumstances.

Thanks to everyone for making the world better for animals! And for your support, friendship and kindness to strangers across the globe. This is a really special community, don’t you agree?

11 thoughts on “There Are No Right Answers”

  1. My black lab was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her back left hip. We are having her leg amputated this Thursday! I am worried about what recovery will be like. The dr says since she hasn’t used her leg since April she should have no issues with the recovery. Any advice would be so helpful!!

    • Hi Molly, we are sorry about your pup’s diagnosis. Stay hopeful and pawsitive though, many dogs DO beat those odds and go on to live healthy hoppy lives. If your vet thinks she is a good candidate, then that’s terrific! We highly recommend joining our discussion forums and talking to others, as well as checking out our ebook, “Three Legs & a Spare” for a complete guide about what to expect. Keep us posted!

  2. I think “right” is so much easier to find when the stars all align. Unfortunately, much of the time we hear that finances is one of the stars that just won’t line up. Funny how money really does seem to run the world. But once the stars line up, the benefit from Tripawds is that there is always someone around to answer questions and give support. When someone replies and says “calm down, that happened to me, too, and it was ok,” things get better right away.


  3. While the ‘right’ answer might ultimately be evasive, having the support of this wonderful community helps more than I can say. Thank you so much for creating Tripawds and thank you to all the members who have helped me feel confident about my decision.

  4. Our beautiful, sweet 7 year old Flat Coated Retriever was diagnosed with osteosarcoma yesterday. We’ve made the decision to have her leg amputated next week. My heart is breaking. And I’m just so grateful that this community exists. For me. For Ursa. For all the tripawd families out there.

    • I just had my 12 yr old’s max’s leg taken off due to tumor’s on Wed. It was the hardest decision iv’e ever had to make but knowing i have more time with him gives me comfort. This is a great place to come and chat about how your feeling when other’s don’t understand…. Hang in there and know that we are in the same boat right there with you

  5. TOTALLY AGREE!!! And it really shows through in each and every post from everyone that what is right for one, doesn’t mean it’s right for your dog. You have to choose, for yourself, what is right. The support from this group is second to NONE!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom


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