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The Tripawds Tribute Banner Policy

Are you wondering what the official “pawlicy” is for the Tripawds Tribute Banners at the top of every page? You’re not alone, so we’ve come up with one.

During Tripawds’ early days, we used this banner area to liven things up with photos of Spirit Jerry, our founder. Later, some members like Nova the Queen, were given a banner to add variety. Our only policy was to pick a good photo that showed Tripawds loving life on three legs.

Afterwards we realized the banner area is a good place to honor the souls of Tripawds who have earned their wings. We agonized over who would go up there because we feel that all Tripawds members who pawsitively impact the lives of others should be honored. So we came up with an informal policy.

The Tripawds Banner Policy

First, we want to be clear that Tripawds banners cannot be purchased with certain financial contribution levels. Doing so wouldn’t be fair to someone who has provided a tremendous amount of help to others in the Forums, but hasn’t been able to financially support Tripawds on the same level that others can. On the other hand, some members who seldom post in the Forums are able to contribute financially, so we would like to acknowledge their support too.

Therefore, all future Tripawds Tribute Banners will be reserved for
those members who:

Have clearly shared helpful support, resources and encouragement
to others in the Forums on an ongoing basis. Or, have contributed behind the scenes
with ongoing financial support to help keep Tripawds online.

That’s it. We think it’s fair but we are always open to your ideas about making it better.

If we ever accidentally overlook a member who you think should be in a banner, we hope you’ll understand it wasn’t intentional. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “The Tripawds Tribute Banner Policy”

  1. Hi!
    I was just wondering if Charley had a banner. I know his story and blog has helped inspire so many to fight bone cancer. He beat bone cancer 2x over 4 years and 7 months until hemangiosarcoma took him suddenly and unexpectedly. Charley was diagnosed with OS at age 2-1/2 and we were given a gift of another 1,680 days with him….that was a lot of ampuversaries, birthdays, and holidays to celebrate!

    Thanks! xoxo

    • Hi Ellen. Thanks for stopping by!

      We created Charlie’s banner on June 6, 2015, shortly after receiving the news of his passing. The banners only appear on the Chat Room page and in the Forums. There are nearly 100 Tripawd Heroes and Angels in the random rotation, so active members who visit this site more often are likely to see their banners more frequently.

  2. For the Record: Going forward, Tripawds headers shall be reserved for members’ dogs and cats who have passed, keeping in mind the same considerations above.


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