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Tripawds Fundraising Appeals Policy

All Tripawds members know about the emotional and financial toll of high vet bills. Which is why a recent surge of personal “Go Fund Me” fundraising appeals by new members has prompted us to implement this official fundraising request policy here, and on our Facebook page.

“The Tripawds Blogs community along with the Tripawds Facebook Page welcomes questions, advice, photos, videos and progress reports from all three legged animals and their people. However, personal fundraising requests for purposes or organizations not endorsed by the Tripawds community will be removed without notice. Such pleas for help distract from our mission, which is to inform & educate while providing a platform of emotional support for all members.”

Why are we implementing this policy? Because Tripawds must remain a safe, welcoming, guilt-free haven for all members and guests. Nothing should ever intrude on this space, and we can’t play favorites by allowing some members to solicit financial help when others have refrained from doing so despite their own hardships. Others have indicated they feel these solicitations are inappropriate.

Such pleas for help will be reserved to support causes for the greater good – like keeping Tripawds online, and supporting the efforts of other animal welfare organizations.

Where to Turn to For Help

If members need financial assistance, there are several resources where financially distressed individuals can apply for. Please see:

We hope the following clarifies our position on various types of fundraising appeals:

Tripawds Blogs’ Personal Fundraising Appeals

Tripawds prohibits Chip-In widgets, PayPal buttons and other fundraising devices to be installed directly on Tripawds three legged dog blogs. Should members choose to conduct their own personal fundraising campaigns, we suggest doing so via, a Facebook page or personal website. Announcements and links to fundraising pages may be included in posts on Tripawds Blogs, as long as funds are not received via the blog interface.

Official Tripawds Causes & Fundraising Appeals

Tripawds often supports organizations we believe in (and receive no financial compensation in return), such as Morris Animal Foundation and PuppyUp Foundation. We will continue to periodically select organizations like these that promote animal health and will occasionally conduct short fundraising campaigns on behalf of these groups.

If a member wants to help another great pet cancer cause and tell the Tripawds community about their fundraising efforts, please contact Admin or Jerry first to ensure that the campaign fits within our mission statement.

Appeals for Fun, Games and Miscellaneous Pet-Related Organizations

If you’re participating in a “Make my Cat or Dog a Star!” type of promotional contest and you want to ask Tripawds members to vote for your pup, that’s fine as long as it’s not request for money. If the contest will generate funds for an animal cause (such as Puppy Up’s calendar contest), please be sure to indicate such, providing details about how the funds will be used.’s Annual Fundraising Campaign Appeals

To keep this community online, Tripawds conducts an annual fundraising campaign to help defray hosting and maintenance costs. Without these campaigns, Tripawds would not exist as you know it now.

Until such a time when Supporter subscriptions, product sales and affiliate commissions compensate for our endless volunteer hours and out-of-pocket expenses, Tripawds will continue promoting this campaign on an annual basis. We promise, however, to clearly indicate where funding goes, keep solicitations to a minimum, and never solicit or spam members for contributions.

If you have any comments or concerns about this policy, please let us know. We thank you for being understanding about this and sincerely appreciate your support!


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