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Hoppy 2-Year Ampuversary, Almost

jerry dog day before amputation surgeryCheck out these original blog posts from  2 years ago when I had my amputation surgery and the happiest Thanksgiving ever.

Please join my spirit in celebrating nearly two years as a happy tripawd, by remembering that it is better to hop on three legs than to limp on four. Tell a friend.

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8 thoughts on “Hoppy 2-Year Ampuversary, Almost”

  1. Happy 2 yr ampuversary Spirit Dog Jerry! and many more. Although a very tough one for my pawrents this year, they are thankful for 11 wonderful years, for your pawrents, you and the Tripawd families. You are the inspiration behind this site and as long as your spirit is with us, we will go on. We are soooo thankful for having found you and there are no words that can really express the gratitude and comfort my pawrents feel thanks to you, Jim, Rene and all the families we have met through my journey as a tripawd almost 8 months ago. I can only say that Lalla, Zeus and so many of us are now running free at the beach with our best pal ever, our beloved Jer…..God Bless us all!

  2. Spirit Jerry, this Thanksgiving we are so very thankful for you and your pawrents and all the wonderful things they do on this site. Each day I am amazed at the amount of information on here, and the support and advice we have received. As I have said before, Jerry is our inspiration and I tell everyone I meet about this site.

    Sue and Nova the Great Dane Tripawd

  3. Hi Spirit Jerry! Mom is still working on going back from the beginning of your blogs and vows to read everyone of them. There are some snags she’s had in accomplishing this feat, but she will get it done. She’s been really enjoying reading so much on this site and the more she learns, the better she feels. Hoppy Turkey Day at the Bridge, Jerry!

    Love, Blazer, Kitty Kimber & Mom (Vicki)

  4. My blessings are bountiful this year and my feelings of gratitude and appreciation are so incredibly deep that words never quite seem to appropriately express how I am feeling since starting this journey with Zeus and all the loved ones here on tripawds…almost 8 months ago now.

    Jerry, I think about you each day and feel so honored to have you in our lives. You, your mom and dad and all the pawrents here on tripawds have taught me so much about living one day at a time and making the most of it.

    Happy Ampuversary handsome boy – thank you for always watching over my baby Spirit Dog…we feel you around us.

    We love you sooooo much!
    Mom, Zeus and Buddy too.

  5. Quite a milestone, Jerry–Your 2 year ampuversary—-And, you are living on in the great work you are doing and the important information and education you are sharing with others in need. I continue to tell everyone about you and your site, especially vets and other dog owners. As we approach Thanksgiving, I am thankful to have encountered you, Jerry, and your wonderful pawrents, during the journey I took with my “Luna”.


    Sandra Thomas
    Burghard Shepherds

  6. Happy two year ampuversay dear spirit Jerry and happy six weeks in heaven. Tell my Abbey hi for me and have a fun run together, ok? We miss you both~ love, di

  7. Happy 2 yr ampuversary ,spirit, Jerry & Happy Thanksgiving! This year, at our table, we’ll be making a toast in honor of you. Buster wants to thank you too, for showing his Mom, how to live life to the fullest. Also, that having 3 legs can’t keep a good dog down!! Rene & Jim, thank you for sharing your love of Jerry.. and for adopting a cute little shepard puppy from a shelter, some 10 years ago. Who would of known then, what a legacy & hero he would of became from his story as canine cancer survivor! xoxo


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