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Only Natural Pet Opens First Retail Store!

Jerry Knows Petco Cheese Treat is Bad for DogsI’m so happy to hear that Only Natural Pet Store just opened their first retail store in Boulder, CO.

I’m glad because we’re spending the summer in Colorado and maybe I’ll get to visit this new super pet store that sells only natural dog and cat products. But I’m especially happy to hear this news, because society needs more stores like this. Hopefully it’s the first of many to come!

This news reminds me of how upset I get about the mass market crap pushed on unsuspecting pet owners by the leading pet store chains. One time we received a free gift from one of the major “pet marts” but I would have nothing to do with it. The list of ingredients on this “treat” reminded my people of the tainted pet food recall tragedy.

all natural pet products

Unlike the more well known pet store chains, Only Natural Pet Store carries only products or brands that make use of natural, organic, hemp and free-range resources. They also support fair-trade and cruelty-free practices. Everything offered by Only Natural Pet Store is completely safe and non-toxic. You won’t find Muttz-RRR-Ella Sticks there! RRR indeed …

Muzzarella Cheese Treat Bad for DogsOnly Natural Pet Store offers natural dog and cat products of the highest quality consistent with a holistic approach to pet health. They believe that animal companions benefit from natural living in the same way that humans do. And I believe that’s a good corporate mantra.

It’s probably why they have grown to be come the leading online natural pet care company with over 125 top brands, including their own line of natural and holistic pet products. And now they have their first retail store. Let’s hope they open more and others catch on.

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And the best thing is that you can save on natural pet products while supporting! Shop for all natural diet supplements, raw dog foods, holistic remedies and all natural flea and tick control. Then use the coupon code CJ75 to save 5% on any order over $75.00! They even have some of my favorite treats – Mother Nature Natural Dog Biscuits. So stock up on all your natural pet care needs today!

The Only Natural Pet Store website says their goal is to greatly improve the health, happiness, and longevity of our pets lives. And I can live with that. All of the products they offer are of the highest quality and made of natural ingredients. They do not offer products that contain substances that could be considered dangerous, carcinogenic, unhealthy, or harmful. Did somebody say Muttz-RRR-Ella?

But they don’t just care about your furry friends. Only Natural Pet Store takes our environment into account in everything they do too. The company is 100% powered by wind energy. They aim to reduce waste with their packaging, conserve valuable resources, and benefit the environment. They are working to become a Zero Waste company, which means they strive to prevent waste, and reuse, recycle and compost as much as possible.

They also seek out manufacturing partners who share these values. Only Natural Pet Store even calculates and tracks their carbon pawprint, which measures the impact activities have on the environment in the amount of green house gases produced. Their always reviewing this pawprint to help determine ways they can further reduce carbon emissions.

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