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A Breezebaby Tribute

Three Legged Breezebaby Irish Wolfhoud with OsteosarcomaWe were just contacted by Brezebaby’s people who wanted us to share her story … Breeze was a beautiful six year old Irish Wolfhound who lost her battle to osteosarcom after more than five happy months as a tripawd.

While her passing is indeed sad, we commend her people for their decision to amputate and provide chemotherapy treatments for Breeze. You can read all about Breezebaby’s osteosarcoma diagnosis and treatment on her three-legged Irish Wolfhound blog. From the sounds of things, Breeze had a happy life on three legs, as most of us do. When her time came, she passed quickly in the loving arms of her person. Rest in peace baby …

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6 thoughts on “A Breezebaby Tribute”

  1. Baby Breeze Rest In Peace over “The Rainbow Bridge” with my “Princess” and Aunt Carolyn’s Otie … Harley & Dallas I. xoxo Auntie Em

  2. I was a friend of Breeze and her Mommy Andie and she did indeed have some wonderful months before she passes. She played and swam and traveled ! We will miss her.

  3. Don’t know if my last comment(s) got published – so here it goes again – do know that Breeze couldn’t have been loved more by any person then her special one.

  4. I knew Breeze and know her person. Though I was sad when Breeze left, I know that because of her person she had a great happy life.

  5. Aw…..what memories. I feel sad looking at the picture and reading that. I am not good with losses and sudden ones especially. You know I was rooting for Breeze because I loved Breeze and because of Breeze’s size. My heart went out to Breeze. Not being that close to the ground and then having to miss a leg. I will always remember Breeze. This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


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