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Frankie’s In Flight in Florida

frankie4.jpgWe just heard from Frankie in Naples, Florida. Frankie is a six year old Dachshund / Schnauzer dog who joined the Tripawd club just three weeks ago. Frankie, you get the honor of being the smallest dog to be in the club. Small in stature but not in heart!

Here is the story that Frankie’s Mom Melissa told us:

My Frankie boy just had his left front leg amputated due to a mast cell tumor. It is 3 weeks later and he is amazing me everyday! He has already mastered our 3 flights of stairs at our condo, and just 4 days after I brought him home he jumped through my sisters doggie door. Life is good!

frankie2.jpgFrankie had a mast cell tumor removed in August, and within 4 months it was already back. The only other option was to remove his leg. I took one look at him and knew that if he could tell me what he wanted me to do, he would say he wanted to live.

Those first few days after surgery were rough, there is no denying that, but with his heart and my dedicated TLC, we made a good team, and nurtured each other through it. Now, we don’t look back we just embrace the future!

frankie3.jpgI tell everyone that this is a triumph, and that if anyone has to go through this they can make it into a positive, and watch the inspiring moments take flight.


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27 thoughts on “Frankie’s In Flight in Florida”

  1. I was glad to find this. I am adopting a little 6 year old tripawd. She just had her surgery on Friday. I really don’t know what to expect. She is very small, 4.9 pounds with her leg gone. I know she needs some exercise and groceries, she was in a kennel for over two months. Oh she is a dachshund, I am not sure a cart will benefit her, the rescue says they are getting her one. I really need some input!

    Your little guy is precious!

  2. It’s always good news to hear how resilent dachshunds are. Our Odie ruptured his disk and lost the use of his rear legs. With surgery he can now walk and run up the stairs like Frankie.

  3. I just went to youtube to watch little Frankie in action. He is so cute! Then I saw a reply from another handsome fellar. The beautiful German Shepherd who was singing along with Frankie. What a combo and what a beautiful voice he has.

  4. Wow, what a beautiful coat this little doggie has, and what a lesson on spirit and what is really important in life!

    Love you guys!

  5. what a great website. a lil love from others who have gone through the same thing probably helps you. frank looks great i love yall jen

  6. Debbie, Cindy & Sherrie,
    So good to hear from all of you! Yes Debbie, Frankie does still sing…you can set your watch by it when that song comes on, it’s hilarious! Ask his grandma! Thanks for the inspiring notes of encouragement, they truly warm my heart!
    Love you all,

  7. Leslie,
    I did have a lot of help from Frankie’s grandma and grandpa nursing him back to health. That is one of the biggest reasons why I chose to have the surgery done in Texas instead of Florida. I couldn’t have done it without them!

  8. Minna,
    If anyone could love an animal back to good health it would be you. I have been around you all your life and animals is your specialty. I’m not surprised he is doing so well.

    Love you!!!

  9. I am the proud grandma of little Frankie Jolene and I must say he is a special little guy. He is one of the smartest pups around and if you ever meet him, he will definitely capture your heart especially when he sings to the song “Sweet Escape”, by Gwen Stefani! He’s my little man!

  10. Ohhhh, Minna!!!!
    Frankie is so cute,and I’m glad he is doing so well. I know how you love your Frankie. Best wishes to your family.

    Take care,


  11. Hi, I am one of your mom’s oldest friends. I had a cat that was born with 3 legs and led quite a long life and had several litters of kittens. Her name was tripod.
    I wish Frankie well.

  12. Was there any grandparents involved in the loving of this little guy back to health? It looks like he had a special grandma giving him the TLC also!!


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