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Lalla’s Holiday Shopping Recommendations for Tripawds

lalla.jpgOur roving correspondent, Lalla, would like to educate humans about what tripawds really want for the holidays.

Bedding – your Tripawd deserves special consideration here, because there are special orthopedic concerns and Tripawds need to rest quite a bit. Avoid baskets and bassinets, as your Tripawd does need to stretch out a lot and the curves could cause muscle strain. Your best bet is a simple pad which is not too thick and not too thin. A dog trainer friend recommends buying a baby cot mattress (or a small child size one if you’re a biggie) coated in latex; it’s also very easy to clean with a quick wipe down. Invest in a couple of flannel stretch sheets which you can wash and change alternately – and voila! For warmth, use a TV fleece blanket.

dogbowlriser.jpgFeeding Bowls – no plastic please! Stainless steel only – our teeth tend to scratch the bottoms of a plastic bowl, and bacteria can accumulate in the ridges. As the immune systems of Tripawds are a bit weaker than most dogs, it’s very important we don’t pick up any infections. Some animal professionals recommend using bowls on stands – and others object as an animal by nature picks up its food from the ground. Ask your vet for advice.

Food and Treats – rules are meant to be broken, especially at Christmas, but avoid giving any foods containing chocolate, raisins and alcohol – very toxic. Here’s one I bet you didn’t know – avoid giving your doggie friend kosher meat as it has added salt.

fidofootball.jpgToys – I think the best toy you can give a Tripawd is a Fido Football (or basketball) which has specially designed grooves; it’s easy for us to pick up and play with. You can find one in our Amazon store.

Beauty Accessories – this may not be my favorite part as it involves the dreaded bath word. My human thinks the selection of dog shampoos must have reached an all time high when a range came out according to hair color. These “premium commercial” shampoos are mostly human-designed and with a very high pH, which could actually cause your dog’s skin to dry and cause a lot of irritation. Look for a very mild pH shampoo – even a human one is fine. I use Johnson’s head-to-toe baby wash which is an ultra-mild soap-free, dye-free, hypoallergenic and allergy- and dermatologist-tested liquid wash – if you can get me into the bath tub that is.

So, what’s our favorite thing about the holidays? We get to spend more time with you!



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