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Say hello to my new friend Madison!

Madison from SacramentoMy people just received an email from another new tripawd owner who found this site helpful. That always makes them feel good… and I always like hearing from fellow three-legged friends.

Madison is sure a Cutie, and she had her surgery at the same great hospital where I had mine! Here is what her person had to say:

My sister just sent me a link to your website, how wonderful a find!!! Two days ago I adopted my very own tripawd from the SPCA in Sacramento, CA. Her name is Madison, “Maddie” for short”, and she was surrendered by a very neglectful owner who never had her treated for a leg fracture when she was younger. The volunteers at the SPCA saw how much pain she was in and fretted over what to do. Finally, she was sent to the UC Davis Veterinary School where the amputation was performed. It’s been three weeks since her surgery and she is adapting beautifully. In the short time I’ve known her, its already obvious just how sweet a dog she is: mellow, friendly, and ready to run again soon.

I’m sure Maddie will be running again soon for sure. And I highly recommend the UC Davis Veterinary Hospital for anyone in California who might be going through the difficult decision of amputation for their four legged friend. If you know of any great hospitals or resources in your area, please share them with others by commenting below.

And keep those letters coming! We always like to hear stories of triumphant tripawds and share them with others.

Sharing is Caring!

3 thoughts on “Say hello to my new friend Madison!”

  1. Linda: just take a look around this website, and be sure to forward it to your neighbor. Jerry’s blog and the discussion forums include numerous stories of canine amputees. You will quickly see that dogs can and do live a happy life on three legs!

    While we are not vets, and all dog’s situations are different, we strongly advocate amputation as the preferred solution for extending life for canine cancer survivors. Thanks for asking!

  2. Hello my neighbor has a 11 year old rottie and it also has cancer and the doctor today told her to have her leg amputated. Did you have your dogs leg amputated? How did she do ?

  3. I need advice. My 10 1/2 year old female unspayed Rottie’s right front paw is riddled with squamous cell cancer and intractable bacterial infection, and amputation appears to be the only realistic option. One surgeon insists that everything must be removed including the shoulder. I don’t understand – why the shoulder? And can’t they leave a place where she can be grasped to help her in and out of the car? Please advise.

    Richard Rosichan


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