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So many miles… So many happy faces…

Recumbent Roadside ReunionWe’ve now got over 6,000 miles behind us on our full-time RVing adventure. But we’re not walking! We’re driving. Well, OK, my people are doing the driving. I just get to sit back and enjoy the ride from my big comfy bed in the back seat of our Dodge Ram truck. But I sure do enjoy meeting all the new people along the way. They always seem so happy to see me too. This is a good thing, considering I’m such a Happy Dog!

Take these nice guys we met at a roadside park along Highway 2 on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for instance. We had passed Don riding his recumbent bicycle in the bike lane a few miles back. While we stopped to stretch our legs and have some lunch, he pulled into the rest stop and circled by the RV a couple times to read the side which includes my website and tagline, It’s better to hop on three legs than to limp on four.

I went to the door wagging my tail and we all went out to greet him. It turns out he was with the other nice gentleman who had pulled in just before him in a white van. Michael was driving as support while Don bicycled his way from Madison, WI to Toronto, Ontario. Don gave me a treat and lots of love. They both seemed really excited to hear my story, and offered my people lots of support for their sabbatical.

Hopefully they’ll drop by the blog here and let me know how the rest of the ride went! Rene used to talk about putting me in a little bicycle trailer and pulling me around, but I don’t think I’d care much for that. I sure prefer my 24′ Arctic Fox fifth wheel!

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3 thoughts on “So many miles… So many happy faces…”

  1. Did you get the names of the characters on Highway US2…

    Don the cyclist and his partner Michael are a couple of great characters indeed. “The Dog’s” name is Jerry by the way.

  2. Very interesting article. The dog is unbelievable. Did you get the names of the characters on Highway US2 in the U.P. of Michigan btw? Wishing you and the dog many more enjoyable adventures!


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